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A Photo Story through the Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan


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Take a visual tour through the Hawa Mahal of Jaipur. I had a gala time there listening to the audio guide and imagining the lives there, trying to share the same with you....

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A Photo Story through the Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan

  1. 1. Hawa Mahal – A Photo Story thru the Palace! #MapRoute
  2. 2. There is lots to come…. Intrigue, safety, love, honour and more….
  3. 3. The CHANDRAPOL or Chand Darwaja…… Moon Door Entrance to the Hawa Mahal!
  4. 4. The Moon Goddess hence the Moon Door or CHANDRA POL….. Take her blessings before entering!
  7. 7. Don’t forget to notice the Doors!
  8. 8. The Intricately carved top floor roofs…. You can hear the music playing, women whispering and bursting into peals of laughter and just the general buzz of a Palace of the Royal Ladies
  9. 9. A hall for music, dance, mingling and fun. No need for a purdah or veil as outside men aren’t allowed in this Palace – only for the Royal ladies, their maids and eunuchs and the king! Light shines out from the multi-colored glass giving everything a surreal feel…
  10. 10. The turrets and balustrades…
  11. 11. Multi-colored windows giving a light touch to the dining room! You can almost smell the aroma of delicious feasts being prepared ……oh yes, you are in the Bhojan Bhavan (Food Room)
  12. 12. The Light filtered in…..
  13. 13. The King’s Rooms….
  14. 14. No the birds haven’t been forgotten…. Water Pots for them in the courtyard
  15. 15. Notice that peacock that watches all the intrigue …..
  16. 16. Tis all a maze filled with Colorful bandhni dupattas, royal decrees and some hope!
  17. 17. Simple colored glass windows just giving so much ambience to the palace rooms! Its here that dance instructions, programs happened….
  18. 18. CHARMING in the DARK….
  19. 19. View from the Window…. Watching the commoners go by, processions with all their fanfare and the silent nights
  20. 20. Small windows & peepholes ensure that the world cannot peep in… allowing the women to roam freely without pardah…
  22. 22. All of Jaipur is in front of you….don’t miss the domes of the city palace to your left and the triangular Brihat Samrat Yantra on your right…..
  23. 23. If you are planning to visit those other wonders then just know – they all close by 5pm! So hurry! ;)
  24. 24. On your way down don’t forget to just meander along the various corriders and rooms. The Mahal is a lot bigger than it looks… with hidden staircases, dark, unlit rooms and surprise terraces! The picture to the right was one such chamber I just came across while roaming around.