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Profile of Mr. Kashick M 2012

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Kaushick m profile aug'12

  1. 1. KAUSHICK M Profile Trainer Facilitator Executive Coach Mentor Counselor Consultant Motivational Speakerhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/kaushickm
  2. 2. 25 years experience spanning Sales & Marketing, Product Development in Industrial Products, SystemPackaging, FMCG, Liaison / PR & Facility OperationsFounder of Karmakshetra –a movement committed tovalue- based excellence & holistic transformation at the workplace Over 10 years experiencein Training and Counseling
  3. 3. 1500+ HoursOf Specialized Interventions Through Workplace Small Groups
  4. 4. Facilitated EmployeeCounseling, Workplace Small GroupsFormation, Corporate Values etc on a long term basis, in several organizations such as Force One Group, Tent Software,Vital Bio Systems, Kairali Group of Restaurants, FlowthermEngineers, Alexander Properties, MLS Business Centres, Net O2
  5. 5. Motivational Speaker – focused on Transformational Leadership Specialized insensitizing Small Group dynamics in the Corporate arena Consultant - FacilitatorLearning & Development
  6. 6. Corporate Trainer Institutional Trainer
  7. 7. Designed & Developed metamorf ttmTransformational Training Modules
  8. 8. 1000+ HoursOf Corporate Training
  9. 9. Associated as a Consultant CorporateTrainer & Facilitator with a leading TrainingOrganization in unique value based Training Programs in the Corporate Arena
  10. 10. Open Training Workshopsparticipated by a wide range of Companies
  11. 11. Conducted several workshops across the corporate arena on Sales & Marketing, Retailing, customersupport etc through in-house training as well as open programs
  12. 12. Specialized in applying behavioral science in enhancing skills in the areas of Sales and Marketing, Customer Service Retail Sales , Developing Effective Customer Relationship/Customer Care, Communications & Interpersonal Skills using principles of EI, MI ,Transactional Analysis etc with particular emphasis on Transformational Retail Selling
  13. 13. Clients Served Pepsico India C-Dot Alcatel Technip India Siemens FCEC Emerson Oracle (I-Flex) Royal Sundaram CMC Systems Visteon CIM Net O2 Technologies Amara Raja Group HCL Sasken (Amaron Batteries) World Vision Tent Software Time Rich Blue Star MLS Business Saipem Eicher Trucks & Centers Elsevier Buses Flowtherm EnggWolverine Worldwide Inc. Cholamandalam Kairali Restaurants SPEL Semiconductors Madura Micro Force 1 Group TAFE Ltd Finance Ltd Renault Nissan Nokia Compassion Nissan Motors Melss Automations Ltd India L & T ECC Carborandum Universal Focus Infotec Chola MS Risk TN Petro Products Ltd Deloitte
  14. 14. 1000+ HoursOf Leadership Development
  15. 15. Intensive LeadershipDevelopment Executive CoachingMentoring & Counseling
  16. 16. Associated in the areas of Leadership Development, Consultin g and Counseling, Networking alongside several national & international movements such asWorld Vision,HBI, ReachInternational, RZIM, Alph a , Chennai Transformation Network, Chennai Corporate Fellowship,Global IT, Executive & Professional Fellowship
  17. 17. Consultant – Learning & Development Net O2 Technologies , Chennai Vital Bio Systems , ChennaiConsultant –Behavioral & Organizational Skills Aashita Consultancy & Counseling Services
  18. 18. M M Transformational Training ModulesA I FORC Corporates C NGOs Societies & Trusts Small & Medium BusinessR Insurance Banking & Govt Depts R Institutions Colleges & Schools Professionals & Self EmployedO Families & Homemakers O Youth & Students Individuals
  19. 19. metamorf is derived from the Greek word “metamorphosis” which means Transformation The process that a caterpillar undergoes to be transformed into a beautiful butterfly
  20. 20. MacroOne Off Training ProgramThe Large Picture
  21. 21. Life / Behaviour / Soft /Management / Organizational Skills MacroTransformational Training ModulesDuration : Half Day, OneDay & Two Days INHOUSE & OUTBOUND Custom Designed Highly Interactive & Participative Creative Audio Visuals Value – BasedInspirational & Motivational Activities & Games
  22. 22. MicroOngoing Long Term Training ProgramThe Detailed Picture
  23. 23. Micro Small Group Format Long Term Intensive Program Transformational Highly Interactive & Training Participative Creative Audio-Visual Modules Presentations Incorporates Cognitive, Psychomotor & Affective Frequency : Weekly dynamics of learningDuration : 60 – 90 mins Tremendous Interpersonal Bonding Excellence & Values Facilitates Holistic Transformation Counseling, Care & Mutual Accountability Life / Behavioral / Soft / Management / Organizational Skills
  24. 24. TRAINING THEMES Time Management Change Management Interpersonal Skills Effective Communication Emotional Intelligence Multiple IntelligenceTransformational People Management Advanced Managerial SkillsCustomer Service to Customer Delight Transforming Retailing Innovation & Creativity Work-Life Balance Success Dynamics Winning Attitudes Effective Planning Excellence Cruise Transformational Leadership Personal Effectiveness Team Building Conflict Management Personality Development Stress Management High Impact Decision Making Rewiring The Brain
  25. 25. For further details please contact : Kaushick M Consultant (L&D)Freelance Corporate Trainer 45/70, Priyadarshini Apts 89, Beracah Road, Chennai 600 012 Tel : 9144- 26453099 Mobile : +919884266113e-mail: kaushickm@gmail.com