Planning the marketing for 300 bedded corporate hospital


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Planning the marketing for 300 bedded corporate hospital

  2. 2. What is Marketing of a Hospital Satisfy patients Develop new services Identify Patients needs
  3. 3. Patient Expectations• Good Medical Care • Cleanliness• Good Nursing Care • Good Coordination• Less Waiting Time • Cooperation among• Excellent the Staff Hospitality • Discipline• Personal Attention • Communication &• Courteous Behavior Information• Affordable Charges • Transparency in charges and procedures
  4. 4. Marketing change at various stagesof growth of a hospital• When a hospital is new, it markets itself for bed occupancy.• When it has attained a stage wherein it has reached reasonably good patient flow, marketing will then change focus to enhancing visibility, quality of service and brand building.
  5. 5. Role Of Marketer in HealthcareIndustryVariables include Patient The Physicians The employer The conflicting role of Physicians Lack of knowledge of the relationship between many healthcare services and their personal needs Present Era Secret Build Relationship
  6. 6. Promotion of a hospital Marketing Quality of treatment  Medical tourism Word of mouth  Major surgeries Medical camps  Social networking
  7. 7. 7 Core Concepts of Marketing of hospitalNeeds, wants Utility, Value & Products demands Satisfaction Marketing & Exchange, Transaction Hospitals Marketers Relationships
  8. 8. 8 External Marketing EnvironmentExternal Environment is not controllable Social Ever-Changing Change Marketplace Demographics Economic Product Physical / Natural Conditions Distribution Promotion PUBLIC Price of A hospital Competition Target Market Political & Legal Factors Technology Environmental Scanning
  9. 9. Effective Marketing Techniques Public speech and Demonstration Relations Marketing Techniques Advertisement of Media interview onHospital equipments hospital andand Doctor‟s profile healthcare
  10. 10. DemonstrationMajestic view of Hospital to public Newspaper, Advertisement, Mindset of people for the hospital Television, Cardboard printing and Radio, Internet circulation, mode of publicity pamphlet printing and circulation Notice distribution,Poster display and affixing ect. Hospital for what popularity
  11. 11. Public speech and relations• This can be done through the expert committee consisting of the doctor‟s team or the team trained to explain the various updates• This process would enhance the relationship between the doctors, hospitals and the patients
  12. 12. Advertisement of the hospital Doctor’s profileequipments• It is important to explain the • Only in the Medical profession public or make them aware the name and the fame of the that your hospital is equipped doctors profile is considered as with modern equipments and equivalency of the God‟s grace technologies in order to ensure that they are better than competitors and or par with the International standards and quality consciousness.
  13. 13. Media interview on Hospitaland Healthcare• These are primary concern about the marketing system and techniques of corporate hospital• It involves large no. of people watching all over the world & clarifying their doubts.
  14. 14. Building a health facilityMarketing an hospital starts from the structure of the building housing the facility. The architectural drawings must take cognizance of the nature of hospital and hospital business. The design must take note of important features like:• 1)car park• 2 )Ambulance point• 3) Emergency management• 4)security posts• 5) Reception area• 6) Medical records unit• 7) Consulting rooms• 8) Laboratory and other diagnosis centre• 9) Wards accounting to sizes• 10) Isolation wards• 11) Theaters and Labor rooms• 12) Administration and accounts offices• 13)Conveniences for male and female visitors and patients.• 14)Rest rooms for Nurses and Doctors• 15) provision for other Services.• 16)Location of incinerator
  15. 15. Corporate Planning  Evaluate & Analyze existing tariff of the hospitals with respect to IPD, OPD & Diagnostic facility to be offered to corporate.  Understand and workout what maximum discount to be offered to the corporate.  Develop Policy for Terms of payments.  Customize packages as per the need of the corporate.  Finalize the proposal format for the corporate  Appoint corporate coordinator for one point of contact for hospital  Develop corporate communication  Relationship building with the corporate as retention strategy  Organize corporate events
  16. 16. TRADE▫ Define the catchment area of the hospital▫ Implement the referral policy▫ Develop the General Practitioner database▫ Follow-up schedules by the sales .▫ Need gap analysis for GP‟s Clientele▫ Organize CME‟s periodically
  17. 17. BRAND COMMUNICATION & INTEGRATEDMARKETING COMMUNICATION• Establish Brand Communication & Integrated Marketing Communication for the Hospital in designing of ▫ Service Booklet ▫ Information Leaflet ▫ Doctors Profile ▫ Logo Design ▫ Letter Head ▫ All marketing Collaterals-Banners etc.. ▫ Visiting Cards ▫ Reports / Envelopes ▫ Doctors letter / prescription pads ▫ Signage of the Hospital
  18. 18. WEBSITE DESIGNINGWebsite Development & Maintenance for the Hospital ▫ Designing of the website ▫ Hosting of the website ▫ Domain Registration ▫ Flash / Graphical representation ▫ Content Development ▫ Layout designing ▫ Maintenance of website ▫ Interactive web content ▫ Networking website ▫ Social Media and marketing
  19. 19. TELEMARKETING & CALL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM• Establish Telemarketing • MIS support: and Call Centre support: ▫ Manage call centre on day to ▫ Service wise Monthly day basis ▫ Educate and train the entire reports staff on the various service ▫ Marketing reports mix ▫ Activity reports ▫ Establish strong information dissemination centralize ▫ Analysis of the trends centre ▫ Marketing Strategies ▫ Develop database marketing ▫ Direct Mailer and ▫ Implementation & Audit promotional campaign report ▫ Allocating Budget
  20. 20. Local Market International Market• A. Contracted patients. • It starts by Research to study the culture ,• B. Local insurance population commonest companies. diseases , the available healthcare services and the needs• C. Out-of-pocket patients. • Stress on : 1. Affiliation with clinic 2. JCI Accreditation 3. Tertiary care services 4. Multinational nursing team 5. International services
  21. 21. Activities of the MarketingDepartmentPhase One• Facilitate corporate tie‐ups for both inpatient and outpatient,• Health check‐up tie‐ups and• Credit client servicePhase two• maintaining the existing tie‐ups and• renewing contracts,• maintaining communication channels.
  22. 22. HOW ?• The hospital organizes For International Market conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, etc • Hospital should provide value- which would include all event added services such as transfers, management activities both hotel reservations and airline within the hospital premises and ticketing, at venues other than the • Presenting a good quality of hospital. service at an a affordable price• Publication, brochures, patient will make these patients the best information material, corporate „sales managers‟ once they film, website , press and media return to their home countries relations, VIP and visitor hospital tour and conduct patient satisfaction evaluation.
  23. 23. The Marketing departmentThe marketing department of an hospital is an ancillary to the core medical services. The Job of the department include:• 1) Identify the services available in the hospital. This will include the specialties and sub specialties.• 2) Identify the customers of the hospital. There are four categories:• a) Private patients• b) Retainer ships• c) Health Insurance Patients• d) Complimentary patients.• 4) Segment patient base from information in their medical records.• 5) Understand the terms of the relationship with each retainer and HMO and ensure compliance by all.• 6) Liaise with all retained organizations:• a) Send timely bills• b) payments• c) Increase attendance from retainers• d) Get feedback from patients• e) deal with inquiries pleasantly and professionally• f) attend to disputes from bills and other complaints• h) get authorization from retainers and HMOs whenever necessary• 7) Package hospital products and market same to the public.• 8) Create a good public image for the hospital• 9) Organize customer forums regularly by bringing your customers to meet specialist Doctors and learn more about the hospital and available services.• 10) Do other assignments from management.
  24. 24. Four Strategies for Improving Eight Rules for Crisis ManagementPatient ExperienceMarketing must take the 1. Develop a crisis lead in patient experience communication plan.• 1.Align promise with 2. Know when to experience. apologize.• 2. Start with first point of 3. Stay true to your values. contact. 4. Tell it first.• 3. Improve staff 5. Tell it all. communication 6. Tell it yourself. 7. Get others to tell it.• 4. Improve the patient 8. Communication doesn’t experience. stop when the crisis has passed.
  25. 25. Healthcare Marketing:Branding Matters!• 1. Strong healthcare brands control their own destinies 
• 2. A clear brand position aligns physicians and staff 
• 3. Brand tools ensure consistent communications 
• 4. Branding supports multichannel and social media initiatives
  26. 26. Healthcare Marketing: 42 Ideas for Building a Better Hospital Brand 1. Research; ask questions; relish data; be totally frank 1. Write welcome letters and call new staff 2. Reinvigorate, engage leaders — be champions of change 2. Encourage staff with signage such as, “through these doors walk greatest staff” 3. Align strategically: Employ, affiliate, partner and 3. Recognize newcomers as “buddies,” and assign integrate physicians them mentors 4. Host networking events and dinners for physicians 4. Develop a robust orientation program for staff and 5. Meld the “personal with professional” families 6. Identify ways to make employees‟ lives easier 5. Create pride cards based on what makes staff proud 7. Collaborate in best-practice medicine 6. Implement an employee of the day award 8. Create “future task forces” in each physician specialty 7. Start a rumor or complaint line for patients and staff 9. Showcase the hospital using multiple media 8. Go on “endless management rounds” 10. Use benchmark data to persuade, not punish physicians 9. Create professional development opportunities for 11. Rethink hospital‟s communication strategy with employees physicians 10. Give out best attendance awards 12. Develop a physician navigator program 11. Create strong family wellness and fitness programs 13. Establish physician e-communities and women MD for staff and their families networks 12. Develop walking challenges and circulate wellness 14. Put on “check the pulse” sessions and open forums with newsletters physicians and employees 13. Offer financial incentives to staff members who 15. Market to physician office staffers, physician who are improve health significant referral sources 14. Assign staff “brand ambassadors” 16. Promote the hospital in physician practice reception 15. Provide GED classes and scholarships for hospital areas and exam rooms staff members 17. Engage referral services; offer same day scheduling 16. Put on “glad you‟re here” one-year events 18. Promote languages, reduce accents and improve speech 17. Open an employee hardship fund 19. Offer free screenings and complimentary physician visits 18. Offer first time homeowner forgivable loans for patients 19. Recruit, retain, market aggressively, promote and 20. For physician integration and alignment, consider elevate physicians options beyond employment 20. Offer endless options for physician retention 21. Produce quality videos that market hospital‟s brand, 21. Connect physicians and their families with mentors keeping physicians and patients at the center of the story
  27. 27. Healthcare Marketing: How toResurrect a Brand• 1. Take responsibility• 2. Never Give Up• 3. Lead Strong• 4. Stay Relevant• 5. Keep Improving• 6. Build Equity• 7. Own Your Distinction
  28. 28. Total Turnover Others 7% Labs & Diagnostics 12% Hospitals & NH Pharma & Supplies 40% 20% Allopathic Doctors 22%
  30. 30. Priorities for Marketing of Hospital• Patient Satisfaction and Service• Physician Engagement and Satisfaction• Quality• Business Performance• Employee Satisfaction
  31. 31. 7 P’s of Marketing of Hospital
  32. 32. THANK YOU