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Franchise Master


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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Franchise Master

  2. 2. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Master Franchising is a method that has been employed by most franchise systems. A Master franchise is a person or entity that provides services to franchisees. A master franchise allows the company holding the franchising permit to benefit from management talent and more and more accessible capital. A master franchisor will grant the master franchisee, or sub franchisor, the right to third-party operations within a defined territory
  3. 3. The system mainly has two actors associated with it:AdministratorfranchiseeACTOR ROLE CAN PERFORM ADMINISTRATOR ADMINISTRATE Franchisee Addition View Registration View Request Notice to franchise View messages FRANCHISEE FRANCHISEE View Notices Request to Admin Send Message
  4. 4. LOGIN PAGE In this we havedifferent login foradmin(Franchise master )and user(franchise). Both comprisesdifferent user names andpasswords. Here we can select theuser type from Combobox.
  5. 5. Administrative ViewAdministrator of the sitehas authority to maintainentire site he has toperform various onlinetasks such as: Change password Addition of newfranchises Send notices to allfranchises View registration View requests
  6. 6. Franchise AdditionNew franchise is addedinto database table usingthis module.If new record is added,then the message,”Recordssaved successfully” isdisplayed.
  7. 7. View Registration In this we can view registrations details of all franchises. We can also view registrations details for particular franchise.
  8. 8. Registrations details for Registrations details of allparticular franchise. franchises.
  9. 9. VIEW REQUESTSIn this we can view all requests that are sent by the franchisees.
  10. 10. Here,we can view all requests. We can also reply for a request
  11. 11. CONTACT MESSAGESIn it we can view messages which are Here is also an option that the adminsent by unauthorized users can delete the messages
  12. 12. FRANCHISE VIEW In this, after logging,the registeration no will be enteredby the user.
  13. 13. USER HOME PAGEThe user(Franchise)has the followingrights:Send request toadminCan see the replyfrom adminView noticesSend message toadmin
  14. 14. REQUEST TO THE ADMINHere,the user cansend the requests tothe admin.The user can moveback to the homepage,by clicking onthe back button.
  15. 15. REPLY FROM ADMIN Here,we can view the view the reply that is given by the adminafter clicking on the “Click to View reply” button .
  16. 16. COMPOSE MESSAGESFranchise can compose the Franchise can also delete all themessages to be given to the admin. messages which are sent by the admin.
  17. 17. CONCLUSION This project that we undertook was truly very rewarding experience for me in more than one way. This Project can be benefitial for the Franchisee companies. It can be compared with the social networking sites. It has given a big thrust to my technical knowledge as prospective Software professional. And I feel extremely satisfied by the fact that I have managed to develop the project of course with equal contribution from our team members. I think I have exploited the opportunity that came my way to the fullest extent by increasing my technical knowledge and also gaining the valuable work experience apart from studying the other subjects in our curriculum.
  18. 18. REFERENCES Core Java-An Integrated Approach Head First „kathy sierra & Bert Bates‟O‟reilley Publications Java Complete Reference‟ Herbert Schildt(2000) „ Tata McGrow Hill Java 2 Programming-Black Book „Steve Holner‟Dreamtech Publications Java using Swings Herbert Schildt Tata McGrow Hill Online Resources:
  19. 19. Thank you