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Bucketlist travel app

Made at Sabre travel hackathon, August 2, 2014 in 20 hours

Life is short. We would all like to travel more than we do. But travel planning while it is fun to do, is not easy.

- Your travel planning is not customized to your likes/dislike
- Travel ads are extremely generic, and take you to the start of the planning workfow. Not extremely actionable.

We want to make travel planning extremely easy and integrated with your life. You are on a website with a pic of a really beautiful beach on Bora Bora. We want to tell you, hey there is an amazing real (not click bait, not time share presentation) deal. And you could go there in the upcoming weeks.

You could be be reading a magazine, and see an amazing travel destination. You snap a pic of the QR code, with our app (futire work) and not only can you see how affordable it is to get there, but also gets saved for posterity.

Affordable travel and bucket list travel should not be 2 separate things. That's what the bucket list app wants to do. To make your bucket list travel destinations a reality

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Bucketlist travel app

  1. 1. Sai Shenoy Priyanka Godbole August 02, 2014
  2. 2. Life is short.
  3. 3. API Challenge API Alchemist
  4. 4. Architecture MongoLab bucketlist-cache.best_fares (for all pairs) Worker box AIR API sabre_dev_studio-flight gem Wunderground, kayak, SITA1, hotwire (did not integrate)Newsstand like push service
  5. 5. Some interesting technical problems… •  Feed of best places to visit, not necessarily curated based on airports nearby. •  Scrape kayak’s hidden api to get nearest airport.
  6. 6. Problems cont’d •  But not all airport pairs have fare data. •  Out of 98 initial airports –  Only 18 pairs had data with SFO as origin
  7. 7. Problems / Solutions cont’d •  get all the country iso codes (ruby gem) •  then get all countries that air api has (sabre api) •  then get all cities for country •  then get all airports for the cities
  8. 8. I don’t know what to write here, cont’d •  For airports not in the list, find the nearest airport in the list and show the fare •  This is where the “awesome” SITA1 api came into play. Pass in IATA codes and voila you have distances. •  Some kind of graph algorithm here could have optimized this. •  Brute force (it’s a hackathon) took ~ 2 hours in background while ios dev happened
  9. 9. Get fares, make shiny app, peace out •  Once you have serviceable airports –  Then get fares (sabre) •  Also get weather info (wunderground) •  Write to mongolab collections •  iOS app queries mongolab (mongolab api)
  10. 10. Future work