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Ngo presentation


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Ngo presentation

  2. 2. Dark Life• 29363 villages remained unelectrified .It is inferred that 300 million population of the country mostly in rural areas have no access to electricity.• There are hundreds of villages in India which are deprived of electricity and some do not have grid connectivity and the villager use kerosene oil for lighting purpose and wood for cooking purposes.• These villages are into dense forests, life plunge into darkness as sunsets. People have never seen electricity and the only protection at night from wild animals is fir e which sometimes cause accidents.• Education is one of the main problems in unelectrified Zones. 63% of all rural households in India do not have electricity and use kerosene for lighting. Only 22% of households in the northern region have electricity, and 77% use kerosene lamps as their primary source of lighting.
  3. 3. Unelectrified India
  4. 4. NGO SUPPORT• Increasingly, NGOs are recognized as important players in the formulation, design, and application of development strategies, to emphasize local knowledge and participatory development of the society.• NGOs are reliable to work and access to the interior and untapped segments will be easily and efficiently possible so that we can reach the unprivileged ones….• Non-government organizations with their advantage of non-rigid, locality specific, felt need-based, beneficiary oriented and committed nature of service have established multitude of roles which can effect rural development.• NGO’s are the catalyst of Society , that helps in the upliftment of the deprived & unprivileged society.
  5. 5. Grand Lodge of India, New Delhi & Srujan, Pandharkawda-The NGO’s• Grand Lodge of India, Head Office at New Delhi had its origin in England in 1717 and came to India in 1729 at Calcutta. By then and as of date, there are 360 lodges in 142 locations all over the country.• It is a worldwide organization committed to its universal motto of “Brotherly love, Relief & Truth”.• It has contributed its financial assistance and supported us in moving ahead.• Srujan – NGO located at Pandharkawda. A small place near Yavatmal District, has marked its incredible support in discovering villages like Makodapod & Warpod.• These electricity deprived villages are ill-famed for farmer suicide zone and are 185 kms away from Nagpur.
  6. 6. PURTI SOLAR SYSTEMS PVT LTD The decentralized power supply is the best option.• At Purti Solar Systems Pvt Ltd, we are committed to a cause to take the modern Technology to the last element of the society at an affordable price.• Purti Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. which is working into the solar sector, have already electrified villages on Solar Power with support of Grand Lodge of India & Srujan – Warpod, Makodapod and Raksha, ill-famed for farmer suicide zone are 185 kms away from Nagpur and the results have been quite encouraging and fruitful.• There are hundreds of villages in India which are deprived of electricity and some do not have grid connectivity.• We have come up with better option of standalone system for each house.
  7. 7. The per capita consumption of the village people residing in such areas is far less as compared to those living in the cities, so a small power can suffice the need of the people living in such places .
  8. 8. Join Hands with PurtiIn our journey to happiness…