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OGX recruitment training

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  1. 1. OGX Recruitment Training AIESEC PUERTO RICO 12.13
  2. 2. OGX Cycle
  3. 3. The gist of today’s session Elevator speech revamp Social Media recruitment Target recruitment Using Campus resources How to keep track of recruitment Follow through with recruitment GCPs
  4. 4. Elevator Speech Revamp All of OGX needs to know what to say in an elevator speech They must be concise, intriguing, and effective Each OGX can decide what they think is most important.  What AIESEC is  Why we do what we do  What we offer  Types of internships  Regions
  5. 5. My Elevator Speech “AIESEC is the world’s largest student run-non-for-profit and we provide international internships for university students. In our 64 years of experience, we have worked to bridge the gap that separates different cultures, ethnicities, religions, and countries in order to break down the barriers that prevent acceptance and cross-cultural understanding. We believe the best way to understand another culture is to experience it first hand. AIESEC offers internships in 107 countries across all 6 inhabited continents. Our internships are in practically every sector except the medical field and can have you doing anything from teaching about sustainability in Brazil to working for Dell in Panama. We provide an affordable international program that will develop your personal and professional skills in a diverse setting. Through us you will not only gain an global perspective but also the skills that will place you ahead of your competition in the job market.”
  6. 6. Social Media in Recruitment Social Media (facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.) can be used to our advantage since EVERYONE USES THEM. How to use them right though?  Put interesting things on them!!! Not just changing your profile picture, but posting videos & people’s personal stories.  AIESEC Man  EP video blogs  EP blogs  Cultural entries
  7. 7. AIESECMAN AIESEC Chapel Hill had a “week of AIESEC” – made 5 videos of AIESECman  Info Session Prep: ryUYck  Strength of body and mind:  What a good citizen:  Good times:  Social Skills:
  8. 8. Why AIESECman worked? Localized AIESEC  Familiar locations  Inside campus jokes  It’s not some far away thing- its right here Branding  If anything, it get’s AIESEC’s name out there  If you saw a random dude in a blue body suit and a cape running around campus, wouldn’t you wonder who they are? Facebook stalking  People facebook stalk like it’s a disease- most people have hundreds of friends- facebook is an easy way to get our name out without annoying people with spam messages
  9. 9. How to do it on your campus Pick a week where you can focus on AIESEC recruitment (multiple info sessions, targeted recruitment, classroom announcements) Find an “interesting” costume that can be used to promote AIESEC in a VISUAL WAY Find iconic locations on campus Work with COMM team to get video camera, to film the video. In the subject box under the video, write a blurb about AIESEC At the end of the video, put the info session dates/times/location Localize it- figure out what your school will recognize, what they’ll laugh over, what they’ll actually watch Post a video each day on FB/Twitter Include encouraging thoughts in the box with it- i.e. “Need something to do this summer? Why not spend two months in Uganda teaching about HIV/AIDS? Or teach English for 7 weeks in China? See what AIESEC can do for you!”
  10. 10. EP Video Blogs Contacted 3 EPs who were willing to be filmed talking about their experiences Show these at info sessions, put on FB, post on INDIVIDUAL twitters,  This is 9 minutes  this is 5 minutes
  11. 11. Why EP Video Blogs Work? May know them- “Hey that dude is in my English class!”  This is important because if they could recognize EPs as people they identify with, it makes the whole thing seem more legitimate. Stories from people just like them  People like to hear stories of people who are not exactly associated with AIESEC. Of course AIESECer’s support AIESEC- what about the people who actually go abroad through us? It helps with “Why go through us?”  When they talk about what AIESEC provided them that so few other programs could- that is what sells us
  12. 12. How to do it for your LC How to do it:  Get an OC if possible- collaboration between OGX members and COMM members. COMM will know visually what is best, OGX will know what questions are important  Call your past EPs, explain what you want. **works best if strong EP manager-EP relationship (talk about this later)  Put the EPs in different locations  LET THEM TALK!!! Most important parts:  What they did  Why they did it  What AIESEC gave them  Favorite memories****  “I am an AIESECer”
  13. 13. EP Blogs Two EP blogs:  Hannah Floyd, Germany:  Joe Duval, Hungary:  “One of the best things about working through AIESEC is getting to know people from all over the world. In a span of 15 minutes, I had met interns from Brazil, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Russia, Finland, Poland, Turkey and Iraq (AIESEC plug not intended, but true).”
  14. 14. Why EP blogs work? Same reason as video Easier for OGX team  EPs often ask to talk to someone who went on a similar internship- this allows you to give them that without hassling the previous EP  Allows you to keep track of EPs while abroad, see how their experience is going (often hard to sit down with them once they return, this gives you a way around that). Identify with them  They get to see ALL of what that EP experienced- the good and the bad.  Gets rid of false expectations  Hear about every aspect of their internship, not just a 4 minute clip of it
  15. 15. How to do it for your EPs? Suggest a site   Weebly  REQUIRE IT IN THE INTERVIEW  Let them know when you are interviewing them that this is something that is mandatory  Tell them WHY it is mandatory  Let them know future EPs may be looking at it
  16. 16. Cultural Entries Cultural Entries = something many people don’t know, or would be flabbergasted/awed/ashamed to know.  60% of Indian citizens can’t read or write. Why not go and help fix that? Intern in India this summer, teaching English to 10-12 year olds and help make a difference.  1.5 millions Kenyans have HIV/AIDS. 1.2 million children have been orphaned because of AIDS. Spend 8 weeks in Kenya, educating the community about HIV/AIDS prevention and hold support groups for those infected. Your impact could save the lives of many.
  17. 17. Why cultural entries work? People like statistics People are drawn to misfortune and also a chance to make a difference The shame factor can be influential: “11/12 Puerto Ricans can’t find Oman on a map” AIESEC is first and foremost a cultural organization, “founded on diversity.” Play into that- don’t forget to stress that
  18. 18. How to do them FACEBOOK/TWITTER  Put these cultural entries as each LC member’s status- definitely OGX’s. Do this any time you have an info session or event coming up  Make it into a video team up with a cultural organization on campus, and have them talk about whatever statistic you found. Make a 2 minute clip. It could be very impactful.
  19. 19. Target Recruitment Target Recruitment  targeting a specific group for a specific kind of internship  Advertising 1 particular internship  Advertising a program: i.e. Andes Way  Marketing a TN type to a concentrated group: i.e. finding several TTs that have to do with website construction, market to Graphic Design school Target recruitment jackpots, varies by school  Teaching Fellows  ETs  Conversational Groups  ETs, DTs  Computer Sci Department  TTs  Business school, finance/marketing/econ major  MT  Service groups on campus  DTs  Tutor programs  ETs
  20. 20. Why it works Already have invested interest  If they’ve joined a club, they probably have dues they must pay and meetings they must attend  If they are in that track for their major, they should know internships in their given field look better on a resume than GPA. Benefits their interests  i.e. Service Programs  could have a set number of hours they must complete each semester.  A DT internship has an average of 30 work hours per week- that is a minimum of 180 hours and a maximum of 360 hours for a 6-12 week internship
  21. 21. Promise less than you can deliver
  22. 22. What NOT to do for target recruitment Advertise internships WITHOUT checking with the TN manager  This will bite you in the ass  Need to know it is available, need to talk with the TN manager about recruiting specifically for that TN  Talk with TN manager about traits that aren’t listed on TN form page  Talk with TN manager about matching process Don’t get involved with wish-washy clubs  Clubs that have less than 60% attendance rate  Clubs that have little purpose
  23. 23. How to do it on your campus Create draft email  Blurb about HISTORY of AIESEC  Section on an aspect that pertains to that club  Explain why you’re contacting them Find 4-8 groups on campus that you think are worthwhile Get in contact with president of that organization (VP, LCP, or OGX member) Set up a time to present to the organization, if you can’t present for a while, get president to send out email about AIESEC, with VP OGX’s email at bottom Make a presentation specifically for that group- prezi or ppt. Hone in on a type of internship, why it would benefit that group, explain the process the TN manager told you about etc.
  24. 24. Using Campus Resources Understanding how and when your campus operates will give you a leg up in recruitment  Know when the busiest times at the dining hall are  Know when the most people walk through the main part of campus  Know what groups are the most dedicated and produce the most quality people  Know how to get in contact with major people on campus: student body president, department advisors etc. Each campus works differently, but each campus has similar resources we can tap into  Department advisors  Campus centers  mass emailing  Registrar
  25. 25. Campus resources cont. Department Advisors  don’t talk to department heads, they don’t talk to students. Work with the advisors. (Academic advisors work too)  Advisors are the ones that have influence over the students  Sell the program to them to sell to their students Campus Centers  where on your campus do most people pass/hang out?  Pit- giant pit in the middle of campus, many organizations are there, everyone passes it- prime location for handouts  Mass emailing  find out how to access the mass server for your college  Allows you to reach the entire student body Registrar  Some LCs went to the registrar and asked for the complete list of seniors who are graduating in May.  BOA representative signed the papers, LC’s are given senior’s emails and majors.  Target mass emailing…
  26. 26. Why it works By focusing on what your campus can provide you, you are able to:  1) reach a lot of people in an easy way (campus wide mass email)  2) centralize recruitment (registrar)  3) put yourself in the heart of the action- increase your chances of meeting people interested (campus center)  4) establish working relationships with people with prestige- people who students will trust (advisors)
  27. 27. How to tap into campus resources on your campus Department Advisors   find a department that is worth while (i.e. Chinese)  Look them up on Chinese dept. website  Tell them you want to meet to discuss internship opportunities in China (history of AIESEC, why it’s important for the students, how the Chinese dept. can benefit)  Meet with advisor- give them promotional material, convince them to send out a blurb, post the material around building, or come in and speak with classes (advisor sets it up with teachers)
  28. 28. How to tap into campus resources on your campus Campus Centers  Get promotional material (quarter page flyers work nicely)- make it look interesting, i.e. neon paper  Find a way to bring attention to yourself – i.e. dress up in cultural garb, wear AIESEC t-shirts, blare cultural music  Figure out when the center of campus is the busiest- set up camp!  Make sure there is REASON you’re out there- either info session, event, cultural movie screening, promoting specific internships (I wouldn’t recommend this).
  29. 29. How to tap into campus resources on your campus Utilize campus media  Research to see if there are any costs involved with advertising a specific TN or two on the campus media, such as the newspaper or radio.  If costs are low or free, discuss with your team a strategy of selling AIESEC via news/radio  Have something to tell; a TN, an info session with a time, place, and your LC’s website.  Again, promise less than you deliver. Do not sell an TN with a limit amount to positions available
  30. 30. How to tap into campus resources on your campus Mass Emailing  Allows you to reach the whole campus effortlessly  If anything, it helps with branding  Don’t abuse this- use it only on specific occasions (last wave of recruitment is a good one)  Create catchy subject lines: need something to do this summer? Intern abroad through AIESEC!  Make the email flashy- but professional. Don’t make it black thick paragraphs- make people want to read it  Introduce AIESEC with a cultural fact, or a sample internship  2nd paragraph needs to be WHY they should keep reading  3rd paragraph, blurb about AIESEC’s history, mission, and opportunities  4th paragraph- reason for reading (info session)
  31. 31. How to tap into campus resources on your campus Registrar  Talk with one of your BOA (may need LCP influence here)  Let them know why you are doing this, how many times you will send out an email, what you hope to achieve, and what you need from them  Go to the registrar, make sure you can do it (some campuses may be more strict that mine), fill out forms  In subject heading- make sure you target the group you are emailing (i.e. seniors: Need a job after graduation? Work internationally through AIESEC!)  Again- have a purpose for the email- info session date/time, make sure to include VP OGX’s contact info if they can’t attend
  32. 32. Keeping track of recruitment Why this is important  Increases legitimacy  Brands you as a professional organization on campus  Ensures you do not lose someone through the cracks  Organizes your team, gives them a set job description, gives them stability and structure  Allows for everything to run smoothly  Provides data for the next VP or OGX team  Helps you see what worked, what didn’t work
  33. 33. How to keep track of EP recruitment EP Tracking  Create a Google excel document – “EP database”  Arrange it however your team thinks is best, but make it comprehensive  Train your EP Managers how to use this document and make sure they edit it with each stage change to keep it up to date.  This is just for OGX’s sake- to keep track of each stage of each EP- all their information on this one document  Personal Excel documents for each TL, each EP manager  You don’t have to require these, but they have proved helpful for my TLs.  It is a way for TLs to keep track of their EP manager’s progress or EP managers to make sure they don’t forget about one of their EPs
  34. 34. How to keep track of recruitment TLs & EP managers are vital assets when keeping track of EP recruitment  Once you get into large numbers, VP can’t possibly keep track of everything. You keep track of TLs and general activity, TLs keep track of EP managers, EP Managers keep track of their EPs  EP managers need to be proactive with their EPs to ensure a high conversion rate Comprehensive, organized, color-coded spreadsheet to keep track of all EPs…ever. Quality Evaluations  tells you what your team is slacking on, gives you perspective on what could be added, makes the EPs feel like you actually do care.
  35. 35. Keeping track of EP recruitment: EP managers EP Tracking: EP Manager  EP manager needs a set JD  If they are told what to expect and what is expected of them, they will perform much better  VP OGX needs to enforce responsibility of EP Manager  When newbies arrive: ( I uploaded my spring training ppt)  intense training on what @ is, what their responsibilities are, how to raise an EP, how to navigate the website, what to do while they’re abroad, what to do after they’re back  They are the “heart and soul” – VP can’t handle each and every EP, VP handles the mass but EP managers are working in micromanaging and need to be good at it. Their success brings about the whole success for OGX  Same EP manager through EP’s XP   makes sure no one is lost/forgotten,  allows EP & manager to establish a working relationship built on trust,  increases the likelihood of EP matching and staying in contact while abroad  increases chances of EP filling out quality surveys  If EP manager slacks, then the EP doesn’t feel like they’re given high-quality service and we lose them
  36. 36. Keeping track of EP recruitment: TLs Team Leaders  Team leaders need to ensure their team is doing what the VP asks  They are in charge of keeping track of the EP manager’s progress  Training for TLs:  Set JD  Understanding that sometimes your word is final, but it is important that there is flexibility for them to develop their leadership potential, make their role their own, and actually lead their team rather than just follow orders  Weekly TL & VP OGX meeting:  similar to a EB meeting- allows VP to check in with each team, offer suggestions/aid when needed, develop new strategies with the TLs, make sure everyone is on the same page  Ideal if before LCM, so TLs can run LCM rather than you.
  37. 37. Keeping track of EP recruitment: VP OGX Your role is as overseer  Manager the database- make sure it aligns properly with what and say  Manage any problems you see arise  maybe people forget to delete the users from the previous stage they were on, so you have overlapping EPs. Your job to keep track of that  Add any people that email you to the EP database, and specify where they come from: (info session) (email) (student union)  Go-to question person  Mandate any surveys or things that need to be said to EPs that week  Keep the tracking tools up to date  Make sure every EP manager is clear on their JD and what they are supposed to be doing  Handle any problems with TLs- they cannot slack off at all  Keep LCP informed about OGX progression- finance too (the money we get back)
  38. 38. How to keep track of recruitment Recruitment Tracking  Discuss with OGX team different techniques to try (people support what they help create), steps on how to achieve them, and when “goal” time is. Put them in a word doc/googledoc.  List all of the techniques OGX tried in the same document under a different heading  Under each technique, describe what you did, what the results were, if it could be improved, if it needs to be tossed all together, if its just right  Make this document available to the OGX team and VP COMM too  Upload the document to the LC wiki, or do a googledoc folder, or onto a flashdrive that passes down from each VP to VP
  39. 39. Following Through with Recruitment So you’ve held an info session, peaked the EP’s interests, gotten their contact info. What now? Conversion rate is one of the hardest things we have to deal with in OGX- so many people are interested because being interested doesn’t mean you have to pay anything. Being committed means you pay.
  40. 40. Conversion rate: info session Conduct a thorough info session that is professional  Dress business casual  Have a computer up with a doc for them to put their info in  Station OGX around the room so EPs can go talk to them after the session  Promote the professionalism of AIESEC (EP videos could come in handy here)  Do not leave them with any unanswered basic questions Get their emails & phone numbers at the info session  Email them- if they are unresponsive call them
  41. 41. Conversion rate: post info session Email them THAT VERY NIGHT  Waiting too long between info session and contacting the EPs can be detrimental.  Include:  Next steps  Any office hours & office location in case EPs want to talk a bit more personally about what they want  remind them about the fees & when they are charged  Remind them about the types of internships we have (include DT with management focus if you have a lot of undergrads looking for a MT).  Always always always include info on how to get in contact with VP OGX if they have any questions
  42. 42. Conversion rate: post info session Review Board/ Interview first  Set up Google Doc before each info session with slots available for interview times. If they are interested at the info session, they sign up immediately. This is more effective we have found for getting the ball rolling Make sure they are entered into the EP database  Continuously keep in contact with them throughout the rest of recruitment  You can set deadlines on “shown interest” people, this will help de-clutter the database
  43. 43. Conversion rate: post-recruitment Use a Review Board – Bring different perspectives  Business Person/AIESEC Alum/ BOA Member  Psychologist  AIESECers Assign them an EP manger ASAP. EP manager will encourage them to complete myaiesec account. EP manager and EP set up a time that same week to train on the database Build culture of servicing through events:  Resume building seminar  Interview preparation seminar  AN training  AIESEC 101  Cultural preparation seminar EP manager helps EP fill out AN EP manager is in contact with EP throughout matching process, getting both post-recruitment and post-matching surveys EP matching party  before winter/summer break, hold a party for all EPs EP manager is in contact during traineeship- get post-1-month evaluation EP manager is in contact after traineeship- get post-realization evaluation
  44. 44. Conversion rate: most imp. thing BE ATTENTIVE, NOT SMOTHERING  Make the EP feel like they are being taken care of  Bang-bang-bang from shown interest  recruitment  raised  trained  EP manager gains skills in time management, team management and training  EP manager should not smother the EP- just make sure they know they are there for the EP, check in once-twice a week, provide guidance
  45. 45. Chapel Hill GCPs: OGX team OGX training seminars  Vital for a smooth-running team  Do this after 1st week of getting newbies- do not wait until NIS or they will have no purpose  Give newbies several EPs by NIS, will provide a leg up. They’ll know what they’re talking about, have a better understanding of AIESEC, and feel like they have a purpose. Make them important members of the team from the get-go. This strategy has proven to increase member-retention rate as well.  Remember, AIESEC is about learning by doing.  OGX manual  created this last semester to help EP managers with everything they need to know. TL meetings + mini-team meetings  Both are outside LCM: 1) VP + TLs 2) TL + their team
  46. 46. Chapel Hill GCPs: recruitment Interactive Info Sessions  1st half is Prezi  2nd half- stations set up around the room by regions with OGX members at each station. EPs go and talk to OGX members, look at a TN booklet, see the database (brought up to search TNs), VP OGX business cards, information about each region/types of internships that are best that region etc. EP guide folder  Give the EPs a folder with the EP guide and an intro note about AIESEC- EPs like something tangible. X+L discount  The money the LC would receive from sending an @er abroad, we return to them. We do not profit from them going on an internship. Word of mouth campaign  40% of our EPs are friends with an @ member
  47. 47. QUESTIONS?