Semiotics Sexual Print Ads


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  • Ad by Gold Star – Israel . TG - MaleText- Thank God you are a manCode- ComicStereotypes- Women ‘fancy’, ‘superfluous’ and beat around the bush Men are ‘straight to the point’, ‘no- nonsense’Signifiers- Icons representing Male and Female paradigms - large number of clothes, accessories shown to signify unessential, unnecessary lifestyle -the way the choices for the women keep increasing as the chart progresses -signifies the ‘trouble’ of being a woman. The fact that more and more choices lead in an ever ending cycle. -Very important signifier are the signs used to conotate various alcohol drinks consumed by women. They are all extravagant, fancy, cocktail drinks. And none of them is a Goldstar beer. -By its absence it signifies that it is a drink only for the men, and that too no non-sense, straight forward men, who like their beer simple. This reinforces the stereotype of the men -The text at the bottom, right next to a glass of beer makes the connection to the message It seeks to denigrate women and poke fun at them (stereotype) It also signifies the kind of beer that GoldStar is and also the kind of person who would drink it.
  • Her the man is depicted to be a bellboy in a Hotel. He must have accompanied her from the reception to the room, during which she has fallen for himThe bed is in the background and she has her head tilted towards the right to show her approvalCommon insight from the campaignThe male counterparts are shown doing jobs which relates to serving The places in the ads are where there is ambience and privacy e.g. pub, Hotel room, private apartment.Places in the background relate to places of action e.g. Bar table, Bed, Sofa.
  • Ad- Skyy VodkaCode- Dominating, PowerSignifiers- Woman, lying, voluptuous, conforming to the modern standards of beauty, her adjusting her shades signifies her knowledge of being dominated and being ok with it. Her feet are close together – sexual overtones, orgasmThe man is standing, wearing black, expensive suit, wearing a signet ring, signifying a man of taste and power. He is standing over the woman signifying total and complete domination. He is straddling her which signifies sexual overtones. The man holds a bottle in his right hand and two glasses in his left. The two glasses signify the power of the man to have a drink with the woman irrespective of her inclination.The man’s face is not shown. This is an important signal to the viewer who can then imagine the man or the ‘protagonist’ to be whomsoever he wants. This ensures a level of familiarity with the brand as anyone can be the ‘man’ with this kind of power over women.
  • Semiotics Sexual Print Ads

    1. 1. Semiotic Analysis<br />
    2. 2. Introduction<br />Ad selection on a basis of a common theme<br />Products use interaction between the sexes, generally on a sexual level as product benefit<br />Purpose – To identify an underlying structure if any exists – the ‘langue’ that governs such communication<br />Ads across categories<br />TG – Both the sexes<br />
    3. 3. Various aspects covered<br />Depiction of both the sexes<br />The attractor vs. the attracted<br />The basic storyline – Various paradigms & ‘signification’<br />Visual elements in the surrounding <br />Lighting cues<br />Shots, Camera Angles and Focus<br />
    4. 4. Paradigmatic Axis<br />Syntaggmat ic<br /> Axi s<br />
    5. 5. Ibrew Coopers<br />
    6. 6. Extra – diegetic gaze<br />Intra – diegetic gaze<br />Light directing shadow towards woman<br />
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Camera focus<br />Male body posture<br />Lady’s body language<br />Bed<br />Room decor<br />
    9. 9. Whiteness<br />
    10. 10.
    11. 11. An attempt at the Langue<br />Ambience conducive for sexual activity<br />Story paradigms<br />Gaze & posture – an important tool<br />Progression in relationship <br />Product usage rarely depicted<br />Use of anonymity<br />View of an onlooker – peeping tom<br />
    12. 12. Thank You<br />Akhilesh Nath<br />Amit Monteiro<br />Anuja Maheshka<br />Karandeep Singh<br />Melanie<br />Neha Israni<br />Yogesh Gajria<br />