Article writing a step by step guide


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A simple guide to effective article writing.

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Article writing a step by step guide

  1. 1. A Guide to Article Writing By, Priyan DC Managing Partner, Ogilvy PR
  2. 2. What is an article? • • • An article is a written full text document or literary work It may be for a newspaper, magazine, journal or just an informational document In addition, an article in grammar can be either a, an or the, and these are used before a noun
  3. 3. Writing tips • • • • • • • • The Brief – Understand the need for the article, what is the expected outcome, what is the essence, what are the highlights Brainstorm ideas – Engage with teams to discuss and get more ideas for a compelling piece Research – Preparation for the article in terms of background, originality, trends, Core concept, etc Know your audience – Visualise the ultimate audience for the write up, what is the expected impact, how will it relate to the audience and make it interesting Create a structure with flow – Outline the key areas to be covered in the article before you begin to elaborate each heading Build context – Find examples of recent trends and local happening to create relevance Quotes and paraphrasing – Include quotes by well known individuals or opinion leaders to engage the audience and for credibility Proof Read – Finally review the article to ensure it contains everything that you originally visualised, check for grammar and flow
  4. 4. Typical Structure • • • • • • • An article typically contains an introduction, the body and conclusion. The introduction will flow from a suitable title that sets the tone The introduction features a brief note on what the reader can expect and the careful use of language to excite the reader to continue reading The body of the article is its core containing all essential details such as references, examples, quotes The conclusion is where the article is summarized reinforcing what the writer is aiming to communicate with the piece Credits – Especially in well researched pieces make it a point to provide necessary credits. This also adds to the credibility of the piece This method of writing is called "being taken down the garden path" by many professional writers as this neatly explains the process
  5. 5. A good article depends on • • • • • • • A writers skill and experience A writers SEO knowledge and skill The writers good use of grammar Good spelling Research and knowledge of the topic Unique content - Avoid plagiarism A well structured article that grabs the reader's attention and compels him to read on
  6. 6. In summary The key thing to remember is that you’re telling a story to your readers. That means you need a beginning, a middle and an end It also means you need to think about where you’re taking your reader and create a logical path to that end point
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