How ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE helped Raise over US$ 13 MILLION in Donations


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How a small act of pouring Ice Water over one's head helped raise awareness and US$ 13 Million in donations for ALS Cure!

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How ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE helped Raise over US$ 13 MILLION in Donations

  1. 1. HOW DID ALS (or, LOU GEHRIG’s DISEASE) ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE HELP RAISE A LITTLE OVER US$ 13 MILLION IN JUST 3 WEEKS? Well, it got massive publicity from some amazing people such as... Background Photo: Lou Gehrig, a world class baseball player who died of ALS in 1941 at age of 37
  2. 2. Bill Gates Co-Founder – Microsoft, Co-chair, Gates Foundation
  3. 3. Elon Musk Co-founder - SpaceX, Tesla Motors, Paypal, Zip2 and Solar City
  4. 4. Jeff Bezos Founder & CEO,
  5. 5. Justin Timberlake Actor, Singer, Producer & Businessman
  6. 6. Mark Zuckerberg Co-founder & CEO –
  7. 7. Larry Page & Sergey Brin Co-founders, Google
  8. 8. John Legere CEO, T-Mobile
  9. 9. Melinda Gates Co-chair, Gates Foundation
  10. 10. Sheryl Sandberg COO, Facebook
  11. 11. Robert Downie Jr. Actor, Filmmaker, Musician
  12. 12. Satya Nadella CEO - Microsoft
  13. 13. Robb Riggle (Actor, Comedian), Horatio Sanz (Actor, Comedian), Steve Higgins (Producer & Actor), The Roots (Band) & Jimmy Fallon (Host, The Tonight Show)
  14. 14. Tim Cook CEO, Apple Inc.
  15. 15. Steve Ballmer Former CEO, Microsoft
  16. 16. Stephen Amell Actor
  17. 17. Taylor Swift (Singer, Actress) & Jaime King (Model, Actress)
  18. 18. Evan Spiegel, Co-founder & CEO - Snapchat
  19. 19. Darren Fletcher Football Player, Scotland & Manchester United
  20. 20. Gary Neville Former Football Player & Current Coach (England)
  21. 21. Paul Bissonnette NFL Free Agent
  22. 22. Martha Stewart Founder, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia & Former Model
  23. 23. Boston City Counsellor Tito Jackson with 200 Bostonians
  24. 24. Matt Lauer Journalist & Host, The Today’s Show
  25. 25. NFL Team New York Jets
  26. 26. And, lastly THE REAL STAR: Pete Frates Former Boston College Baseball Captain who has ALS and is fighting for his life to see his child’s birth. His Story
  27. 27. In case, you too wish to donate for this noble cause and help find a cure for ALS, you can click the link below: THANK YOU!