Crt tanaka healthcare branding sucess story


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Crt tanaka healthcare branding sucess story

  1. 1. a m e r i c a n m a r k e t i n g a s s o c i at i o n m a r k e t i n g p ow e r . c o m pulse CheCkMarketing health care marketershealth services discuss their defining moments s u m m e r 2 011 Painting the town red Md anderson rebrands to “Make Cancer history” Gps for the social Media superhighway Traffic moves fast, so make sure you’ve got a strategic road map prognosis: Convenience Vanderbilt transforms a mall to enhance patient experience
  2. 2. or agenda tied to their recommendations.” When a patient leaves the exam room,for example, it’s important to provide Rehabilitation at Worksomething positive to remember, such as A brand-building campaign strengthensa remarkable experience to talk about. the image of physical therapistsStart demanding that every employee—notonly the physician—who is involved in By Emilio Rouco and Deborah Myersthe patient’s experience understands thisgolden rule. In his book “Social Intelligence: TheNew Science of Human relationships”(Bantam Books, 2007), Daniel Golemanshares that, in exit interviews with patientsleaving a health plan, 25 percent attri-bute their departure to a doctor’s bedsidemanner, saying, “I didn’t like the way myphysician communicated with me.” Fostering positive Wom is the respon-sibility of everyone connected to the healthcare organization. From the C-suite to themailroom, everyone should understand theimportance and necessity of providing anexceptional patient experience. Cafferky advises marketers not to forgetthat nurses are still considered some ofthe most important Wom carriers about ahealth care organization. Creating positive experiences alsohappens outside the walls of the healthcare facility. When physicians and staffparticipate in health fairs, charity walks orhealth screenings, they’re building informalWom for your organization.A Final WordThose who dismiss the power of Womare missing a huge opportunity to create E D u C AT I O N I N M O T I O N :lifelong customers. The American Physical Therapy Association launched The continuing demise of traditional a brand campaign to, in part, expose consumers to themarketing methods combined with the benefits of physical therapy. Through a series of brandrise of new digital marketing options helps images and videos, shown here and on page 6, APTA established a strong voice and social media presence.Wom remain a surefire advertising tacticfor health care marketers. Inexpensive and Aeffective, it could be a marketing profes-sional’s dream. s increased opportunities for consumers to directly access health care Dr. Wright’s tactic for achieving success providers continue, clinicians and their professional associations arein today’s challenging market is simple: progressively utilizing marketing and communications to showcaseProvide a positive health care experience their capabilities and relevance. In 2007, the American Physicalworth talking about. mhs Therapy Association—which represents more than 77,000 member physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and students—embarked on a✒ daniel fredrickS is manager of multi-year initiative to elevate the profession. APTA partnered with public relationsclinical marketing at the Dean Clinic-riverview and marketing firm CRT/tanaka to conduct a comprehensive study to determinein Janesville, Wis. He may be reached how patients and prospective patients view physical therapists, and to develop and implement a new branding strategy. su m m e r 2 011 | M a r k e t i n g p ow e r . co M | 5
  3. 3. C ombined results strived to become the WebMD from focus groups of physical therapy. The content and quantitative strategy for the site is consumer- research revealed driven, and the site’s “Ask a PT”a common attitude about section received upward of 500physical therapists: 90 percent questions within six months.of consumers surveyed view Through Ask a PT, physicalphysical therapists positively, but therapists address a wide rangethey limited the role of physi- of health issues outside of reha-cal therapists to rehabilitation. bilitation and the database nowRespondents also reported that includes more than 95 answersthey would be more likely to from physical therapists. The sitesee a physical therapist if they addresses specific conditions andknew he could improve mobility, shares targeted prevention tipsprovide an alternative to surgery with cyclists, gardeners, office-and manage or eliminate pain dwellers and other audienceswithout medication. with specific movement needs, With these attitudes revealed, as well.CrT/tanaka worked with APTA To further enhance contentto develop a brand campaign and become a go-to resource,to educate consumers on the the site has a video feature.benefits of physical therapy and Video captures the message of aincrease the relevance of the physical therapist like no otherprofession. The new brand was medium; seeing a physicalbased on ownership of one’s mo- therapist in action eliminatestion. “move Forward” became the unknown for consumers.the brand mantra, expressing a Both the site and a YouTuberallying cry for the profession channel are populated with 49and the value proposition for videos highlighting a variety ofconsumers. Through a variety conditions. In total, videos haveof mediums, the Move Forward been viewed more than 60,500campaign educates consumers times and the channel has 202about the benefits of working subscribers.with a physical therapist. After introducing the brand Establishing Presenceto APTA’s members in 2009, and Voicethe Move Forward campaign As a new brand, Move Forwardwas rolled out to consumers in needed to establish itself and2010. The vision was clear: It deliver messages across manywould lead the conversation in channels. moveForwardPT.comtraditional and digital channels serves as home base, with socialto demonstrate the breadth of media and advertising employedphysical therapists’ expertise. to drive traffic back to the site. In 2010 and 2011, televi-Becoming a Hub sion ads were developed andResearch indicates that, when launched across four marketsconsumers seek health informa- throughout the country and ontion, the Internet is second only CNN. radio spots were alsoto a primary care physician. developed to run nationally onWomen, in particular, spend a Sirius/Xm. each employed a fungreat deal of time researching approach that showed peopleconditions and treatments. experiencing challenges with With this in mind, the online everyday activities, such ashub has reaching or bending. The6 | M a r k e t i n g H e a lt H S e r v i c e S | su m m e r 2 011
  4. 4. ReseaRch indicates that, when consumeRs seek health infoRmation, the inteRnet is second only to a pRimaRy caReF O R W A R D T H I N k I N G : APTAs Move Forward campaign included, which physician.was designed to be a hub of connectivity for consumers considering and advocating for physical therapy.message to consumers was that and digital forms, the brand Participants were invited to The Move Forward brandphysical therapy could restore could focus on polishing and bring their questions to a group has been consistent and strongmotion, reducing the need for further developing its website as discussion on Twitter, where in meeting its communicationsurgery or pain medication. a major driver for consumers to they could swap stories with objectives since its inception With ads active nationally, see a physical therapist. others who shared their health and in its ability to createMove Forward launched a social concerns and tap into the ex- synergies among research,media campaign by establish- Connecting with pertise of a physical therapist. branding, and traditionaling relationships with popular, Prospective Patients Each chat boosted site traffic, and digital media.niche online communities that In addition to educating the doubling monthly traffic since The ultimate objective hasinfluence consumers. each community about the role of the website’s launch. been to drive consumers to findcommunity had low awareness physical therapists, the new In 2011, the campaign en- a physical therapist near theirof the role a physical therapist campaign needed to boost hanced the live event concept location on the Move Forwardcould play in a patient’s well- physical therapists’ interactions with a video feed broadcast website. As a campaign, moveness regimen. Within a year with consumers to establish a via as part of Forward increased visits toof the launch, 27 influential reputation for the profession. “Fit for life,” a conversation “Find a PT” by 44 percent overoutlets—including, live events and conversations about maintaining health and the previous year and is reach-USA Today, and via Twitter called “tweetchats” fitness as people age. The event ing consumers and—covered con- were an ideal platform for this featured a panel of physical physical therapists more acces-tent from the website. interaction. therapists available to answer sible than ever to the patients In addition, influentials such In partnership with well- consumer questions. who need them. mhsas Aol’s That’s Fit website, respected websites and blog- This audiovisual, the Hollyrod gers, physical therapists allowed physical therapists to ✒ eMilio rouco is the directorFoundation, provided their expertise in demonstrate exercises, pitfalls of public relations at the Americanand blogger Talli van Sunder real time during the one-hour and proper technique. The Physical Therapy Association andpartnered with the Move Forward live tweetchats. In 2010, these physical therapists also added deboraH MyerS is executive vicecampaign, legitimizing it in the events covered the topics of perspective as to when and president of CrT/tanaka. They may besocial media world. With an es- pregnancy, obesity, children why a person should consider reached at andtablished presence in traditional with disabilities and running. seeing a physical therapist., respectively. su m m e r 2 011 | M a r k e t i n g p ow e r . co M | 7