Suffering from technology headaches?


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Key current themes in business technology management and development and some of the support services available to help.

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Suffering from technology headaches?

  1. 1. Suffering fromtechnology headaches?
  2. 2. Problem solved!At PPL we have the people and experienceto guide you through technology challengesWe can;• Make sure technology adds value to Most of all, we work in a way that your business delivers tangible results and great value.• Resolve your technology headaches and make the case for investment We have genuine hands on experience where needed of managing IT in complex• Review your IT to ensure it’s fit for organisations. purpose and delivers what’s important.
  3. 3. Our IT SolutionsIs worrying about your organisation’stechnology keeping you awake at night?CEOs tell us they just want technologyto work in the background, supportingthe business. IT professionals tell ushow they struggle to get approval forinvestment in technology.How can we help?At PPL, we can guide you towards adependable technology set-up whichadds true value to the business.“Of particular note has been theinitiation of a much closerrelationship between the IT and thebusiness, with the function nowbeing seen as innovative and anenabler. IT is now a key contributorto the overall strategy of theorganisation, and has clearstructure, direction and purpose.”Keith WardChief Operating OfficerCity & Guilds Group
  4. 4. Shared ServicesHow do you turn a great idea intocashable savings?Shared services is a big priority formany organisations who are seeking totransform the way services areprovided and realise cashable efficiencysavings.How can we help?At PPL, we have real world experienceof helping organisations to conceive,plan and implement shared serviceswhich have saved on technology spendand delivered improved services toend users.“Private Public has an excellent understanding of the challenges andopportunities facing the public sector, local communities and localpartnerships in the digital age.”Steve PennantConnected London Programme LeadCapital Ambition
  5. 5. Customer RelationshipManagement (CRM)How do you get business value from CRM?At PPL we have experience ofimplementing a range of CRMsolutions. Our approach works with thebusiness to ensure organisations canget value from their investment andimprove services provided to theircustomers.How can we help?We can also develop your technologyarchitecture to provide fullyintegrated solutions.“I am delighted and very grateful that PPL has decided to support us aspart of an ongoing partnership. The desire to involve all PPL staff in theprocess and encouraging wider support and involvement in our work isvery refreshing and welcome. It is PPL’s values in both this approachand its policies on the environment and sustainability that makessuch a good partnership.”Simon MaddrellExecutive DirectorExcellent Development
  6. 6. VirtualisationHow do you secure further investment invirtualisation?Virtualisation is a great way of desktop. Whilst the technology is nowmaximising your computing power. It’s proven, this is a hard sell whenalready been widely adopted. compared to other priorities organisations face.The challenge for many organisationsin 2011 will be to get business value How can we help?from investment made in servervirtualisation. We can assist you in making the business case for virtualisation andMany organisations have virtualised implement it in a way which adds valueparts of their server estate and are now to your organisation.seeking to roll out virtualisation to theBusiness ContinuityWhat’s your organisation’s appetite for risk?Most people agree that IT is critical to How can we help?the running of their organisation.However, it can be challenging to We can support you in initiating aengage with business leaders about meaningful and productive discussionbusiness continuity, given that there in your organisation about the appetiteisn’t always a ‘Plan B’ in the event of a for risk management. We can also helpcatastrophic and prolonged IT systems you develop plans for investment infailure. technology to mitigate risks as part of a wider technical architecture, aligned with the business priorities of your organisation.
  7. 7. Investment Roadmap –Developing a strategy and business caseHow do you get buy-in for your plans?Do you need to develop a coherentroadmap for technology investment at a “PPL are providing me withtime when most attention is focused on strategic support to co-ordinate are-organisation and customer service high profile programme ofpriorities? technology developments throughout the organisation.How can we help? What’s been particularly useful toWe can work with you to develop a us is PPL’s wealth of technologytechnology vision which will help expertise and experience from adeliver the ambitions of your range of sectors including Healthorganisation. By aligning it to and Local Government.”business priorities and working withyou to influence key stakeholders, we’ll Hakan Akozekhelp secure the buy-in and investment Chief Information Officeryou need. Central London Community Healthcare NHS TrustOur experienceWe’ve worked with organisations bothlarge and small, including LondonBoroughs, District Councils andHealth Providers.
  8. 8. About PPLPPL is an independent consultancy, What makes us different?formed in 2007 to support thedevelopment of excellence and At PPL, we think it’s best to engage inefficiency in public service delivery. small packages of work where you canPPL’s team includes senior see immediate results.practitioners and experiencedconsultants with direct experience of We’re different because when we workdeveloping, leading and managing with your organisation, we’ll arriveprogrammes of public service prepared with packaged solutionsimprovement and change. which will be tailored to your particular needs. Our consultants have genuine hands on experience managing IT in large and complex organisations. Simon Morioka Robin Noble Simon Morioka has Robin’s understanding spent much of the past of technical solution decade working either delivery was developed within or alongside during his 14 years at local authorities and Royal Borough of other public sector Kingston, as Head of bodies on IT delivery and transformation. IT Services. His hands-on experience of Simon’s experience includes as an the daily challenges and opportunities executive with Accenture leading facing local authorities provides an international IT programmes, followed by invaluable, pragmatic approach to stints as a CIO in a major local authority analysing current issues and delivering and a global education group, and as a effective solutions. programme director within the NHS. Find out more by calling us on 020 7692 4851