Equity and excellence


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Meeting the challenge of an increasingly open and compeitive market for health care in the UK.

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Equity and excellence

  1. 1. Equity & Excellence:Meeting the challengeof an open market forhealth care
  2. 2. Intelligent Marketing:Understanding the marketplace;articulating your offer;communicating professionally...The Government’s White Paper“Equity and Excellence: liberating theNHS” radically shifts commissioningresponsibilities and kick starts a shiftin the development of an openmarket for health care.The challenge for healthcare providers is tobe first in recognising the opportunities andthreats which this brings, and to developappropriate responses to future serviceplanning, delivery and engagement withcommissioners and patients.Specialist consultancies DTW and PPL bringtogether wide-ranging experience of the NHSand its culture, a thorough understanding ofthe proposed changes and comprehensive Intelligent marketingknowledge of the marketing skills needed tosteer clients through the challenge which lies The DTW-PPL model for the deliveryahead. of an intelligent marketing service toSome of our lead consultants and advisers providers is:have been closely involved in thedevelopment of GP commissioning in Strategic overviewCumbria, which has set the template for the We have developed a model for providers tonew national approach. respond to “Equity and Excellence”. This uses research and intelligence to help clientsOur strategic adviser Paul Corrigan is understand the emerging marketplace andrecognised as the leading authority on articulate their offer, followed by professionalmarket development in the NHS. communications to ensure that key messages and information reach the right audiences in a timely way. Competitor analysis The Government has indicated it will consider “any willing provider” and will not respect
  3. 3. current NHS monopolies on service NHS, education and emergency services.provision. Competition is likely to increase The company provides fully-integratedfrom: existing and newly integrated NHS communications services, including PR,trusts, the private sector social enterprises marketing, advertising, campaigns, directand the third sector. GP practices may also marketing, graphic design, websiteseek to widen their own provision of development, digital communications, eventcommunity services. We analyse and track management, internal communications andcurrent and potential future competition at public consultation.local, regional and national levels. Private Public Ltd (PPL), based in London,Market intelligence is an independent consultancy, formed inOur research & intelligence team undertake 2007 to support the development ofanalysis of statutory and regulatory changes excellence and efficiency in public serviceas well as supply and demand-side drivers, delivery. PPL’s team includes seniorproviding a framework for future planning. practitioners and experienced consultantsThis intelligence is continually reviewed and with direct experience of delivering publicupdated to reflect emerging policies and service improvement and change. Theyapproaches to market development. support all areas of people, process and system development, with a focus on unitingEngagement strategy all three in the most cost effective wayWe review and make recommendations on possible around the delivery of strategicthe development of Customer Relationship change.Management (CRM) and stakeholderengagement programmes. We can also Both organisations combine a long history ofsupport on public and stakeholder working in partnership with the health sectorconsultation. with deep knowledge in their specialist fields. Clients include NHS trusts in Ealing &Marketing communications Harrow, Brent, Cumbria, Lambeth, TowerWe work with your in-house communications Hamlets and Teesside.team to deliver specialist support, includingpress and public relations, marketingcampaigns, digital communications, graphicdesign, direct marketing, event managementand internal communications.Working in partnershipThe partnership betweenmanagement consultancy PrivatePublic Ltd (PPL) and communicationsconsultancy DTW is delivering high-value strategic and operationalchange programmes nationwide forpublic sector clients and partners.DTW, based in North Yorkshire, is a fullservice marketing and PR company whichworks across central and local government,
  4. 4. The DTW-PPL teamThe DTW-PPL team of lead consultants is supported by over 30 specialist support staff, includingresearchers, analysts, consultants, marketing and PR executives, graphic designers and digitalcommunications developers.Pete Whelan MCIPR – Simon Morioka –Chairman, DTW Managing Director, PPLA marketing and PR professional A strategic senior managementwith over 30 years experience, consultant with over 10 yearsPete led the development of experience across a range ofmarketing communications for sectors throughout Europe,NHS Cumbria during the roll-out including as a Senior Managerof GP commissioning during within the NHS in the UK.2008-09. Jon Ellis – Consultant, PPLChris Taylor MCIPR – A senior consultant with extensiveManaging Director, DTW health and public sectorChris specialises in experience and expertise incommunications campaigns for stakeholder engagement, projectpublic and private sector clients management and solution design.working in with difficult public andpolitical issues.Hayley Stewart DipM MCIM Steve Sewell –– Director, DTW Associate, PPLA strategic and tactical marketing A highly experienced specialistspecialist, Hayley has led major NHS consultant with a range ofcampaigns for a wide range of skills in solution design andpublic sector organisations implementation throughout theacross the UK. health sector in the UK, including strategic development work with NHS Cumbria. Contact us For advice and support on your marketing needs in the NHS of tomorrow, contact: Peter Whelan Simon Morioka Chairman Managing Director DTW PPL T: 01287 610404 T: 0207 692 4851 W: www.dtw.co.uk W: www.privatepublic.co.uk Astute thinking – exceptional service