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Private Internet Access Review

Private Internet Access offers great features and secure services.

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Private Internet Access Review

  1. 1. Private Internet Access Review
  2. 2. Latest research results shows that there are more than one million viruses and malware that can attack and corrupt computer files and systems. The common medium through which these malware are conveyed is internet which is a basic component for any modern individual. Securing the web access devices and online operations from hackers and crackers is exceptionally vital as slight loopholes may bring about severe losses including ID theft.
  3. 3. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) offer an ideal approach to protect internet access and limit the chances of data tapping. One company that has achieved credible success in giving VPN services is PIA (Private Internet Access).
  4. 4. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) offer an ideal approach to protect internet access and limit the chances of data tapping. One company that has achieved credible success in giving VPN services is PIA (Private Internet Access). Here is a complete Private Internet Access Review including service description, benefits, concerns and general rating;
  5. 5. PIA Services and Benefits This Private Internet Access Review expressed that since its start in 2009, PIA has happened to turn into the most favored VPN service provider. This clarifies the fast development in the amount of servers from 260 to 920 in a span of just 10 months. The fundamen- tal features that recognize Private Internet Access VPN services contain the following;
  6. 6. • Servers – PIA has over 900 servers in ten separate nations including UK, US, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Romania, Germany and Hong Kong. • Encryption – the most essential feature of VPN services is encryption which ought to be solid enough to avoid cracking. PIA has AES 128-bit, BF 128-bit and AES 256-bit encryption ciphers for data. The handshake encryption features RSA-2048 3072 and 4096, and also the unique Elliptic Curves (ECC-256k1, 256r1 and ECC-521). Data authentication encryption featuresSHA1 160-bit and SHA 256-bit. In the latest additions, PIA permits customers to utilize different anonymous payment methods including various gift cards.
  7. 7. • IP Cloak – This is the top selling point for most VPN providers and Private Internet Access extends its benefits. IP cloak is utilized to hide web users IP addresses when they access the internet. This keeps hackers and different sites from tracking your activities, searches and also geographic location. PIA permits three simultaneous connections utilizing a single VPN account which makes it simple for family communications. It likewise incorporates a proxy service within the subscription.
  8. 8. • VPN programming – PIA offers their OpenVPNclient which is designed with users own username and password in the sent activation email. Different features incorporate a VPN Kill Switch that deletes IP internet gateways when the VPN disconnects to avoid IP leakage. There is additionally a DNS leak protection that removes the default DNS server to replace it with the PIA assigned DNS and an IPv6 leak protection that further limits IP leakage. • Pricing – PIA provides VPN services at exceptionally reasonable costs of $6.95 per month or $39.95 per year. They acknowledge payments through PayPal, Google wallets, OKPay, Bitcoin, CashU, Liberty Reserve and several gift cards. They likewise give a 7 day refund option which is guaranteed.
  9. 9. Concerns This Private Internet Access Review shows that there is no great concern about PIA services apart from the fact that they have developed to turn into an expansive provider. Their incorporation in the US raises fear that NSA may target them and crack down activities, though PIA assures to move oversees in case they become a target.
  10. 10. Conclusion In general rating PIA offers secure services at incredibly inexpensive fees and they have been developing their servers to different nations. They are a positive A- rated company and that is my Private Internet Access Review rating.