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Working with a Private Equity Recruiter


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Overview of the benefits of working with a PE recruiter, the different methods of recruiting, as well as tips for working effectively with recruiters.

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Working with a Private Equity Recruiter

  1. 1. Working with a Private Equity Recruiter © Copyright Job Search Digest
  2. 2. Recruiters = Matchmakers • PE executive recruiters are visible & highly valued – Affect careers & profitability of firms • Learn to work effectively with headhunters – Service offers many benefits • Their interest is making sure the hire & transition period go smoothly© Copyright Job Search Digest
  3. 3. Establish a Solid RelationshipBenefits of working with a private equityrecruiter:• Greater exposure • Increased – Existing contacts efficiency – New firms – Master networkers• Career consulting • Confidentiality – Right fit based on – Minimize exposure current market, your risk to current firm background, desires • Personalized PR© Copyright Job Search Digest
  4. 4. Align Your Interests • Get the attention of the right recruiter • May pre-screen for openings – Candidates not on short list may make “future” list • Request appraisal of your fit with current position – Level of interest for future positions • Invest time with recruiters who want to work with you© Copyright Job Search Digest
  5. 5. What’s Your Sign? • Retained vs. contingency – How recruiter is compensated for finding the candidate hired by a firm • Retained – Paid in advance – Tend to work on higher level positions • Contingency – Paid once referred candidate is hired© Copyright Job Search Digest
  6. 6. Understand the Difference • Retained: Higher likelihood of placement if they feel you are good fit • Multiple contingent recruiters work on a single opening – Recruiter’s odds of placing candidate are increased by submitting multiple resumes – You are simply one of many© Copyright Job Search Digest
  7. 7. Respect Recruiter’s Time • Recruiters can earn large fees – Placement fees range from 20% of hire’s first year’s compensation to as much as 35% • With their paycheck, and likely many month’s work on the line, recruiters may be impatient – Unresponsive candidates likely will not get a call back© Copyright Job Search Digest
  8. 8. Follow Some Common Sense Rules Check: Is there a good fit with the recruiter before committing? Discuss: Timing: when will Allegiance: Communication: Compatibility Honesty you be ready to Confidentiality exclusive or not how and when make a move Remember: Private Equity Recruiters do not work miracles, but they can guide you through the job search process© Copyright Job Search Digest
  9. 9. Thank You Visit for more information © Copyright Job Search DigestImages used with permission from Microsoft