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  1. 1. • Birth -Colonus in Attica -496 B.C.• Father -Sophillus SOPHOCLES
  2. 2. Family• Wife: Nicostrate Son: Iophon, writer of tragedy• Mistress: Theoris of Sicyon Son: Agathon, another writer
  3. 3. •Education -Lamprus, his music teacher -well educated in all of the arts
  4. 4. ACHIEVEMENTS of Sophocles
  5. 5. • 16 y/o -chosen to lead a choir of boys for the victory of Salamis• 28 y/o -was ready to compete in the City of Dionysia
  6. 6. City of Dionysia- a festival heldevery year at theTheatre ofDionysus in whichnew plays were
  7. 7. • First Competition: -won first prize• More than 120 plays• Won 18 first prizes• Never failed to take at least second
  8. 8. FirstCompetition
  10. 10. Aeschylus -first of the threeancient Greektragedians -works havesurvived -”Father of Tragedy”
  11. 11. • First Competition: -won first prize• More than 120 plays• Won 18 first prizes• Never failed to take at least second
  12. 12. Differentprofessions ofSophocles
  13. 13. The juggling act fascinated the audience and it wasthe talk of Athens for many years.
  14. 14. Gave up his acting career -because of his weakvoice -to pursue otherventures.
  16. 16. • served as an ordained priest inservice of two local heroes Alcon and Asclepius
  17. 17. Alcon, askillful archer Asclepius,the god ofMedicine Asclepius
  18. 18. •served on the Board of Generals, dealt with civil and military affairs in Athens
  19. 19. Director of the Treasury•controls the funds of the association of states known as the Delian Confederacy
  20. 20. WORKS OF SOPHOCLES 120 7
  21. 21. OEDIPUS THE KING• greatest work of Sophocles• explores the depths of modern psycho analysis as Oedipus unwittingly kills his father and marries his mother in an attempt to avoid the very prophecy he ultimately fulfills.
  22. 22. Antigone• the first surviving plays to have been written• story of a passionate young woman who refuses to submit to earthly authority• illustrating the rival claims of the state and individual conscience.
  23. 23. Women of Trachis• Sophocles presents another well rounded female character• this drama does offer a powerful and touching story of a jealous woman.• Sophocles’ greatest character drama.
  24. 24. Other works of Sophocles1.Oedipus at Colonus2.Electra3.Ajax4.Philoctetes
  25. 25. Sophocles• he was the first to add a third actor.• he also abolished the trilogic form. Aeschylus, for example, had used three tragedies to tell a single story. Sophocles choose to make each tragedy a complete entity in itself.
  26. 26. • invention of scene-painting and periaktoi (painted prisms).• Periaktoi -ancient device still used forstage scene changes.
  27. 27. • Death -after the production of Oedipus at Colonus in 405 -joined Aeschylus and Euripides in the underworld.Thus the first great age of tragedy