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life lessons from bollywood movie rustom


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life lessons from bollywood movie rustom

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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life lessons from bollywood movie rustom

  1. 1. Presented By – Pritika Nuwal Namita Sharma
  2. 2.  Produced by Neeraj Pandey  Written by Vipul K Rawal  Starring : Akshay Kumar , Ileana D’Cruze  Budget : 65 crore  Box office : 217 crore
  3. 3.  The film is based on real life incident of Naval officer K.M. Nanavati & business man Prem Ahuja  It was released on 12th august 2016  The film also performed well internationally, grossing approximately $3 million in its opening weekend.
  4. 4. Be a Person of Principles A person should always take a stand for his principles even when the situation is difficult for him. People who don’t stand on their own principles are mostly not trusted by others. In a life of a person, principles and values are something that play an important role in summing up his character.
  5. 5. Right decision at right time The person should be able to take the right decisions which are important at point of time, that only can lead towards the ultimate life goal. Honor, pride and loyalty Rustom Parvi has shown a side of honor and pride towards his work and these things should be adopted by everyone. Loyalty towards your nation or work can change others way of seeing you as a person and a trust is built towards you.
  6. 6. Habit is the key The famous dialogue “Meri Uniform meri aadat hai…” display a very important hidden message. To become successful in life you have to hustle everyday and make it your habit. And to achieve goals in life habit is the key to do that. Forgiveness Learn to forgive! I know this is something which is not that easy for everyone. Forgiveness makes a person humble and in many life events you have to forgive people who are more valuable than their wrong doing.
  7. 7. Emotional Intelligence The deep insight of the movie shows the important emotions and empathy. Even when the situations are bad and worst right emotions will be strength. The Navy uniform is a display of integrity and pride for an armed personal. Integrity and pride of being an designated officer always has respect from the people. Integrity & Respect
  8. 8. THANK YOU