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Internet of Things


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A nice overview of the internet of things

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Internet of Things

  1. 1. The Internet of Things: Opportunities & Challenges
  2. 2. What is the IoT ? 2 How is IoT different than M2M? • M2M focused on connecting machines – mainly proprietary closed systems • IoT is about harmonizing the way humans and machines connect using common public services PeopleThings Cloud Services Things, people and cloud services getting connected via the Internet to enable new use cases and business models
  3. 3. What is driving the IoT ? 3 Users • Streamline experiences • Increase convenience • Better lifestyle • Reduce expenses Businesses • Sell more products • Sell new services • Reduce expenses • With lower barriers
  4. 4. Why now ? 4 • More products are adding intelligence with MCUs to support more sophisticated control • Adding connectivity is getting easier & cheaper • Low-power semiconductors allow for more battery-powered applications • Wi-Fi and internet access broadly available • Tablets, PCs and Smartphones broadly available – can be leveraged as a gateway • Connectivity brings control, sensing & ability to update system software over the internet We are at the IoT inflection point
  5. 5. TI’s IoT strategy 5 • Large and diverse set of applications/customers • Breadth of products – and standard product approach • Programmable platforms allowing customer differentiation • Ease of use to enable broad adoption and engagement scale • Large salesforce and distribution channels • Strong university and online presence
  6. 6. IoT is an enabling technology – not a market 6 Health Care • Remote monitoring • Ambulance telemetry • Drugs tracking • Hospital asset tracking • Access control • Predictive maintenance Smart Manufacturing • Flow optimization • Real time inventory • Asset tracking • Employee safety • Predictive maintenance • Firmware updates Automotive • Infotainment • Wire replacement • Telemetry • Predictive maintenance • C2C and C2I Wearables • Entertainment • Fitness • Smart watch • Location and tracking Smart Cities • Residential E-meters • Smart street lights • Pipeline leak detection • Traffic control • Surveillance cameras • Centralized and integrated system control Building & Home Automation • Access control • Light & temp control • Energy optimization • Predictive maintenance • Connected appliances
  7. 7. Only TI has all the IoT building blocks ProcessorsMCU Wired & Wireless Connectivity Sensing Analog Signal Chain Power Management Nodes MCUs Processors Wired & Wireless Connectivity Multicore Processors Analog Signal Chain Power Management Analog Signal Chain Power Management Cloud Gateway, Bridge or Router
  8. 8. IoT example end equipments Cloud Gateway, Bridge or Router Hybrid gateway Wi-Fi Sitara Processor Sub-1GHz Power Management Keystone Multicore Purpose-built server Keystone Multicore Processor Power Management Analog Signal Chain MSP430 MCU Sub-1GHz Sensing Analog Signal Chain Power Management Flow meter
  9. 9. But there are challenges 9 Sensing a complex environment Multiple connectivity options Security is a must Power is critical The IoT is complex Connecting to the cloud
  10. 10. Sensing technology is a must CHALLENGE WHAT IS NEEDED Sensing a complex environment Innovative ways to sense and deliver information TI DELIVERS Biosensing Chemical Current / power Light Humidity Gas Material composition Occupancy Position / motion Pressure Proximity Temperature Sensing technologies that address a wide variety of applications
  11. 11. No one connectivity standard will win in the IoT CHALLENGE WHAT IS NEEDED Connectivity: One size doesn’t fit all Broad variety of wired or wireless standards TI DELIVERS • Low power mesh network • Smart metering & lighting • Moving into home automation • Fast, low latency Ethernet • Real-time industrial control • Information technology • Fast – 10Mbps++ • Direct Internet connection • Home & enterprise apps • Data over power lines (OFDM) • Developed for smart grid • Lighting, solar, appliances • Lowest power BLE • Connect to tablet/phone • Moving to industrial, automotive • Low power & long range • Native IP-based network • Home gateways and security 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 IEEE P1901.2
  12. 12. System-level approach to power is required CHALLENGE WHAT IS NEEDED Power is critical The lowest power solutions for any application TI DELIVERS Harvesting power and stretching battery life Thermal RFLight Vibration Days to years of battery operation or harvested-powered devices Power management & precision analog ICs Low-power microcontrollers MSP430™ MCU Tiva™-C MCU Low-power wireless connectivity Wi-Fi Bluetooth ZigBee Sub-1 GHz Wi-Fi-based sensors running on 2xAA batteries over 1 year ZigBee/6LoWPAN-based light switch running on coin cell battery for 10 years
  13. 13. Security is vital at all layers CHALLENGE WHAT IS NEEDED Security is a must Built-in hardware security technology TI DELIVERS Security solutions to prevent, detect and respond to unintended or malicious behavior Protecting manufacturers’ and consumers’ devices, solutions and services Hardware ConnectivitySoftware Symmetric cryptography IP protection Authentication & anti-cloning Tamper protection
  14. 14. The IoT must be easy CHALLENGE WHAT IS NEEDED Complexity IoT solutions for everyone, not just experts TI DELIVERS Solutions that are making the IoT easy for system designers Our customers get ease of set up and use TI and our Ecosystem Encapsulated wireless connectivity: • Modules and reference designs eliminating need for RF expertise • On-chip Internet connectivity SW stack and comprehensive development environment Example designs and all the building blocks Make anything wireless in minutes
  15. 15. Making it Easier to Connect to the Cloud CHALLENGE WHAT IS NEEDED Connecting end-to-end and enabling applications Ecosystem of cloud partners to enable easy integration TI DELIVERS New open ecosystem of IoT cloud service providers Faster time to market of new devices and services based on TI’s IoT silicon solutions. Meets individual needs of manufacturers.
  16. 16. Typical IoT cloud servicesThings Scripting Notifications Web dashboardDatabase Analytics Applications APIs OTA Manager Device Configuration Protocols Device & User Registration Cloud Cloud Agent / API Sensors & Actuators • Store data • Present data on a web site • Analyze data and create reports • Create email & text notifications • Create cloud applications • Interface with other business applications • Manage device firmware updated • Configure devices properties • Device communication • Manage user and device access Cloud service communicate with devices to collect sensor data and control them Collaboration between TI and cloud partners enables customers to develop IoT applications quickly
  17. 17. Making the IoT of 2020 happen Challenges What is needed Connectivity: One size doesn’t fit all Broad variety of wired or wireless standards Power is critical The lowest power solutions for any application Security is a must Built-in hardware security technology Complexity IoT solutions for everyone, not just experts Connecting to the cloud Ecosystem of cloud partners to enable seamless integration Sensing is vital Innovative sensing technology