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Copyright act


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Copyright act

  1. 1. Copyright Act j
  2. 2. What is copyright Act?Copyright is a set ofexclusive rights granted to theauthor or creator of anoriginal work, including theright to copy, distribute andadapt the work.
  3. 3. Need of Copyright Act !! Right to be credited for the work. To determine who may adapt the work. Who may financially benefit from it.
  4. 4. What can be copyright?Literary WorksMusical WorksDramatic WorksChoreographic WorkPictorial, Graphic, andSculptural WorksMotion Pictures and AVSound RecordingsArchitectural WorksComputer workWork on the WebBusiness work
  5. 5. Copyright is AutomaticThere is no need to include acopyright notice. (©, 2012).However, it is a good idea todo so due to ignorance.The copyright is in forcewhen the work is “fixed”which includes saving to diskor writing it on paper.
  6. 6. Indian Copyright Act First Act in 1914, followedby the Copyright Act 1957.1957 Act: adopted manyEnglish provisions, introducednew ideas and concepts.
  7. 7. Copyright Act 1957 – Main FeaturesValid from 21 January 1958Created Copyright Office and Copyright BoardIntroduced civil and criminal remedies against infringement Definition of categories in which copyright actually subsists International copyright
  8. 8. Summary of Case-Study
  9. 9. Thank You