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Html5 form attributes

  1. 1. TRANSLATE Search Search HOME HTML C SS XML JAVASC RIPT ASP PHP SQL MORE... R EFER ENC ES | EXAMPLES | FO R UM | ABO UT HTML5 Form AttributesHTML5 Tutorial WEB HOSTINGHTML5 Home Best Web HostingHTML5 Introduction PHP MySQL HostingHTML5 New Elements « Previous Next Chapter »HTML5 Video Best Hosting C ouponsHTML5 AudioHTML5 Canvas HTML5 New Form Attributes UK Reseller HostingHTML5 Web Storage C loud Hosting This chapter covers some of the new attributes for <form> and <input>. Top Web HostingHTML5 Forms New form attributes: $7.95/mo SEO HostingHTML5 Input TypesHTML5 Form Elements autocomplete WEB BUILDINGHTML5 Form Attributes novalidate Download XML EditorHTML5 Reference New input attributes: FREE Website BUILDERHTML5 Tags autocomplete Free Website TemplatesHTML5 Attributes autofocus Free WordPress ThemesHTML5 Events form form overrides (formaction, formenctype, formmethod, formnovalidate, formtarget) W3SCHOOLS EXAMSHTML5 Tags height and width Get C ertified in:<!--> list HTML, C SS, JavaScript,<!DOCTYPE> min, max and step XML, PHP, and ASP<a> multiple<abbr> pattern (regexp) W3SCHOOLS BOOKS<acronym> placeholder New Books:<address> required HTML, C SS<applet> JavaScript, and Ajax<area><article> Browser Support STATISTICS<aside> Browser Statistics<audio> Attribute IE Firefox Opera Chrome Safari Browser OS<b> Browser Display autocomplete 8.0 3.5 9.5 3.0 4.0<base><basefont> autofocus No 4.0 10.0 3.0 4.0 SHARE THIS PAGE<bdo> form No 4.0 9.5 10.0 No Share with »<big><blockquote> form overrides No 4.0 10.5 10.0 No<body><br> height and width 8.0 3.5 9.5 3.0 4.0<button> list No 4.0 9.5 No No<canvas><caption> min, max and step No No 9.5 3.0 No<center> multiple No 3.5 11.0 3.0 4.0<cite><code> novalidate No 4.0 11.0 10.0 No<col> pattern No 4.0 9.5 3.0 No<colgroup><command> placeholder No 4.0 11.0 3.0 3.0<datalist> required No 4.0 9.5 3.0 No<dd><del><details><dfn><dir> autocomplete Attribute<div> The autocomplete attribute specifies that the form or input field should have an autocomplete<dl> function.<dt><em> Note: The autocomplete attribute works with <form>, and the following <input> types: text, search,<embed> url, telephone, email, password, datepickers, range, and color.<fieldset><figcaption> When the user starts to type in an autocomplete field, the browser should display options to fill in<figure> the field:<font><footer><form> Example<frame><frameset> <form action="demo_form.asp" method="get" autocomplete="on"><h1> - <h6> First name: <input type="text" name="fname" /><br /><head> Last name: <input type="text" name="lname" /><br /><header> E-mail: <input type="email" name="email" autocomplete="off" /><br /><hgroup><hr> <input type="submit" /><html> </form><i><iframe> Try it yourself »<img><input><ins> Note: In some browsers you may need to activate the autocomplete function for this to work.<keygen><kbd><label><legend> autofocus Attribute<li> The autofocus attribute specifies that a field should automatically get focus when a page is loaded.<link><map> Note: The autofocus attribute works with all <input> types.<mark>
  2. 2. <menu> Example<meta><meter><nav> User name: <input type="text" name="user_name" autofocus="autofocus" /><noframes><noscript> Try it yourself »<object><ol><optgroup><option><output> form Attribute<p><param> The form attribute specifies one or more forms the input field belongs to.<pre><progress> Note: The form attribute works with all <input> types.<q><rp> The form attribute must refer to the id of the form it belongs to:<rt><ruby> Example<s><samp><script> <form action="demo_form.asp" method="get" id="user_form"><section> First name:<input type="text" name="fname" /><select> <input type="submit" /><small> </form><source> Last name: <input type="text" name="lname" form="user_form" /><span><strike><strong> Try it yourself »<style><sub><summary> Note: To refer to more than one form, use a space-separated list.<sup><table><tbody> Form Override Attributes<td><textarea> The form override attributes allow you to override some of the attributes set for the form element.<tfoot><th> The form override attributes are:<thead> formaction - Overrides the form action attribute<time> formenctype - Overrides the form enctype attribute<title> formmethod - Overrides the form method attribute<tr><tt> formnovalidate - Overrides the form novalidate attribute<u> formtarget - Overrides the form target attribute<ul> Note: The form override attributes works with the following <input> types: submit and image.<var><video><wbr> Example<xmp> <form action="demo_form.asp" method="get" id="user_form"> E-mail: <input type="email" name="userid" /><br /> <input type="submit" value="Submit" /> <br /> <input type="submit" formaction="demo_admin.asp" value="Submit as admin" /> <br /> <input type="submit" formnovalidate="true" value="Submit without validation" /> <br /> </form> Try it yourself » Note: These attributes are helpful for creating different submit buttons. height and width Attributes The height and width attributes specifies the height and width of the image used for the input type image. Note: The height and width attributes only works with <input> type: image. Example <input type="image" src="img_submit.gif" width="24" height="24" /> Try it yourself » list Attribute The list attribute specifies a datalist for an input field. A datalist is a list of options for an input field. Note: The list attribute works with the following <input> types: text, search, url, telephone, email, date pickers, number, range, and color. Example Webpage: <input type="url" list="url_list" name="link" /> <datalist id="url_list"> <option label="W3Schools" value="" /> <option label="Google" value="" /> <option label="Microsoft" value="" /> </datalist>
  3. 3. Try it yourself »min, max and step AttributesThe min, max and step attributes are used to specify restrictions for input types containing numbersor dates.The max attribute specifies the maximum value allowed for the input field.The min attribute specifies the minimum value allowed for the input field.The step attribute specifies the legal number intervals for the input field (if step="3", legal numberscould be -3,0,3,6, etc).Note: The min, max, and step attributes works with the following <input> types: date pickers,number, and range.The example below shows a numeric field that accepts values between 0 and 10, with a step of 3(legal numbers are 0, 3, 6 and 9): Example Points: <input type="number" name="points" min="0" max="10" step="3" /> Try it yourself »multiple AttributeThe multiple attribute specifies that multiple values can be selected for an input field.Note: The multiple attribute works with the following <input> types: email, and file. Example Select images: <input type="file" name="img" multiple="multiple" /> Try it yourself »novalidate AttributeThe novalidate attribute specifies that the form or input field should not be validated whensubmitted.If this attribute is present the form will not validate form input.Note: The novalidate attribute works with: <form> and the following <input> types: text, search,url, telephone, email, password, date pickers, range, and color. Example <form action="demo_form.asp" novalidate="novalidate"> E-mail: <input type="email" name="user_email" /> <input type="submit" /> </form> Try it yourself »pattern AttributeThe pattern attribute specifies a pattern used to validate an input field.The pattern is a regular expression. You can read about this in our JavaScript tutorial.Note: The pattern attribute works with the following <input> types: text, search, url, telephone,email, and passwordThe example below shows a text field that can only contain three letters (no numbers or specialcharacters): Example Country code: <input type="text" name="country_code" pattern="[A-z]{3}" title="Three letter country code" /> Try it yourself »placeholder AttributeThe placeholder attribute provides a hint that describes the expected value of an input field.Note: The placeholder attribute works with the following <input> types: text, search, url, telephone,email, and passwordThe hint is displayed in the input field when it is empty, and disappears when the field gets focus:
  4. 4. Example <input type="search" name="user_search" placeholder="Search W3Schools" /> Try it yourself »required AttributeThe required attribute specifies that an input field must be filled out before submitting.Note: The required attribute works with the following <input> types: text, search, url, telephone,email, password, date pickers, number, checkbox, radio, and file. Example Name: <input type="text" name="usr_name" required="required" /> Try it yourself »« Previous Next Chapter »Free Online Website Builder - No Downloading NeededCreate a free Flash website with our simple, online web design editing platform. Stunning templatesand user-friendly tools make website building easy and fun.Start Creating your free website now!Stylus Studio® XML Development EnvironmentStylus Studio® 2011 XML Enterprise Suite raises the bar for productivity in XML development tools.Millions of XML developers and data integration specialists turn to Stylus Studios comprehensiveand intuitive XML toolset to tackle todays advanced XML data transformation and aggregationchallenges. XML Pipeline Editor, Debugger and Code Generator DataDirect XML Converters XQuery Mapper, Editor, Debugger, and Profiler XSLT Mapper, Editor, Debugger, Designer, and Profiler Java and C# for .Net Code Generation XML Schema Designer With Documentation Generator XML Editor With Full XPath Integration Download a free trial now W3Schools Online Certification The perfect solution for professionals who need to balance work, family, and career building. More than 6000 certificates already issued! Get Your Certificate »The HTML Certificate documents your knowledge of HTML.The CSS Certificate documents your knowledge of advanced CSS.The JavaScript Certificate documents your knowledge of JavaScript and HTML DOM.The jQuery Certificate documents your knowledge of jQuery.The XML Certificate documents your knowledge of XML, XML DOM and XSLT.The ASP Certificate documents your knowledge of ASP, SQL, and ADO.
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