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Manager as coach

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Manager as coach

  1. 1. Manager as a Coach Possible options (for exploration) Think Talent Services Pvt Ltd Sole India Licensee NEWS® Coaching 2013, NCR, India
  2. 2. How a coaching culture enhances Strategic Performance Management People Strategy Culture Strategic Performance Management Strategic performance management makes the connection between the strategy and the culture of an organization and its ability to manage employees’ performance to better impact on business performance Creating a coaching culture supports this by helping managers understand this and gain basic skills to manage this linkage on a day to day basis with employees. It also enables a culture of sharing, learning and openness, improving employee engagement. Think Talent Services Confidential
  3. 3. We use a Coaching Framework -which applies to each manager and his team members.. HOW? How do you plan? How do you execute? WHY? What motivates you? What are your drivers? WHERE TO? Where are you going? What is your direction? What is your strategy? WHY NOT? What are your limiting beliefs, stoppers and difficulties? Think Talent Services Confidential 3
  4. 4. ..and deals with practical issues managers face on a daily basis Compass Direction North West South East Mind set Leading for success It is part of my role as a manager to help my team members succeed and contribute to the organization according to their potential and greatness. Managing for high performance It is my responsibility as a manager to coach my team members for a better performance Leading beyond limits It is part of my role as a manager to assist my team members to overcome difficulties and mental limits Motivating and driving It is part of my role as a manager to keep my team members motivated and driven Examples of Organizational Situations 1. A team member with an unclear direction of career development or a situation which requires major decision making 2. On-boarding of a new team member 3. A team member who is not clear about desired results 1. A team member who lacks required skills 2. A team member who has challenges in planning and execution 3. A team member with time management and productivity issues 1. A team member who complains regularly 2. A team member who does not expand his/her responsibility 3. A team member with difficulties in accepting changes 1. A team member with low motivation 2. A team member with derailing behavior 3. A team member who does not work according to team’s values Pull- Push Ratio 3 Vectors of Questioning Effective Listening CO.M.P.ACT Model Coaching Skill-set Role play & Feedback
  5. 5. Implementation Options • Four options are being suggested, with 1A and 1B being marginal variants. (please see next few slides for options) • All options would be preceded by a short organization diagnosis through interviews with select leaders, managers and employees. • All options would also be supported by an effectiveness check after 6 months, in collaboration with internal HR. • While options have been provided, adjustments could be made for further customization if required. Some customization would happen post the diagnosis. • Resources for delivery would be allocated based on final design and implementation dates. Think Talent Services Confidential 5
  6. 6. Implementation Option 1A: Standard 2 day Corridor Coaching workshop in batches of 12-15 “Corridor Coaching” is a process of coaching both formal and informal that a manager can offer to his team members. It can be a short process offered in casual settings such as in the corridor or in the cafeteria or as a pre-arranged organized process in the office or the meeting room. It provides an opportunity for managers to empower and support their team members, on a daily basis (not necessarily a full coaching process) to improve performance, achieve results, overcome “stuck situations”, unleash their talent, and express their greatness Workshop Benefits:  Managing others with coaching attitude and techniques, on a routine daily basis  Managing performance coaching sessions more effectively  Getting new perspectives on management and leadership  Assisting the development and growth of managers and employees in their organization  Acquiring updated tools and knowledge, approaches, skills and practice in organizational coaching Think Talent Services Confidential 6
  7. 7. Implementation Option 1B Modified coaching workshop with in-camera feedback- 3days Think Talent Services Confidential 7 Corridor Coaching (Complete Option 1A) Coaching with video playback on specific themes, to enhance learn by practice techniques. This would be followed by feedback from self, peers and coach. It uses the principles and methodologies of Group Coaching Workshop Benefits:  All benefits of Corridor Coaching  Enhanced self awareness with respect to coaching & feedback and rigorous real time practice The additional elements in this workshop ensure significantly enhanced learning. However, this is conducted in smaller groups (8-10) and requires prior preparation of coaching cases, with involvement of HR/ Line managers prior to the program.
  8. 8. Implementation option 2 Building in-house facilitation skills for corridor coaching Think Talent Services Confidential 8 Certify in-house resources for conducting coaching skills workshops for managers ( 2+ 3 days Train the Trainer) Handhold and audit implementation for first couple of workshops Benefits:  All benefits of Corridor Coaching through in-house resources  Future scalability This option is a good option if there are in- house resources who can train managers on an ongoing basis. Dependence on external resources becomes limited (only training material needs to be procured). However, this requires prior facilitation experience for the internal resources and brings limited width of external experience for managers.
  9. 9. Implementation option 3 Use learning styles as ongoing methodology for managers Think Talent Services Confidential 9 Assess all managers on ‘learning styles inventory’ and get an ‘organization and team profile’ + teach managers how to use learning styles for their subordinates in coaching. Run corridor coaching for all managers with one additional day on using learning styles (total 3 days workshop) Benefits:  All benefits of Corridor Coaching but managers can use in a much more focussed way for individuals Creates cultural shift around learning elements in the organisation. This option is a good option if there is a focus on creating an ongoing learning organization. The learning styles assessments can also help in other developmental processes and help managers and employees to plan own learning better. However, this requires at- least one internal resource to be certified on learning styles inventory for ongoing support to managers. The organization develops a common language around learning and can track it’s overall and team profiles on an ongoing basis.
  10. 10. NCR Think Talent Services Pvt Ltd 619, 6th Floor, ILD Trade Centre Sector-47, Sohna Road, Gurgaon - 122001 Phone: +91-124-4106325,+91-124- 4055375 Our Coordinates Bangalore Think Talent Services Pvt Ltd 1568, 1st Sector, Outer Ring Road, HSR Layout, Bangalore – 560 102 Phone: +91 80 64006888 Hyderabad Think Talent Services Pvt Ltd 301, 2nd Floor, Vaishno Kuteer, Puppalguda, Manikonda Hyderabad Phone: +91 90400 84006 Our Website - Write to us- Pune Think Talent Services Pvt Ltd 102,Quartz,Niyati Empire , Kharadi , Pune Phone: +91 9999025525, +917774009961,+91-202-7003079