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  • Learning theorticial constructHow can it be applied in XYZcontext2-3 core action steps that can be take
  • Framework

    1. 1. HR Manager Leadership Effectiveness Gurgaon Think Talent Services Pvt. Ltd. Sole India Licensee NEWS® Coaching
    2. 2. Our Understanding • MSIL is the leader in the Indian car industry in terms of its market share and presence. • The company has planned to increase its presence in India in the coming years which will lead to growth and expansion in multiple regional locations. • One of the key levers to support and sustain the envisaged growth is strong and effective HR leadership across organizational levels. • The first phase of it was accomplished by taking the HR top leadership team through a structured 4 months intervention including assessment, workshops & personal coaching. • The HR leadership team wants to percolate the learning(s) to the larger function and create a culture of accountability, collaboration and change. • In order to build behavioral and functional skills in the area of HR, Think Talent Services proposes a leadership intervention for Level 11-14 MSIL HR employees. 2
    3. 3. Our Offering : Design Snapshot Think Talent Services Confidential 3 Diagnosis Report mailed to the HR Leadership team Understand org. aspirations and challenges, role expectations/ key deliverables from the participants’ managers Understand org. aspirations and challenges, role expectations/ key deliverables from the participants 1. Diagnosis DW 2 PB 2 Presentation in groups to HR leadership team and TT facilitator A B DW 3 PB 3 DW 1 PB 1 *W:- 3 Development Workshops *PB- Perspective Building sessions – 3 critical HR topics *D- IDP discussion with respective managers 2 Days 1 Day 2 Days 1/2 Day 1/2 Day 1/2 Day 2. Development Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 3. Assessment (After W1 participants will take an inventory related to interpersonal skills preferably TKI or FIRO-B) C
    4. 4. 1. Diagnosis The process of diagnosis will have three parts  Inputs from the Head of HR departments  Inputs from a sample of participants ranging from Level 11-14  Mailing the inputs to HR leadership team Think Talent Services Confidential 4
    5. 5. 2. Development The process of development has three parts  Three development workshops, two of two days and one of one day each. It will also include one psychometric tool on interpersonal skills. This targets building of behavioral/leadership skills. Ideal quorum for each of these workshops is 16-18 participants  Three half day perspective building sessions on 3 key HR topics e.g. Talent Management, Significance of effective IR practices etc. This targets building of critical HR Functional skills.  Individual development plan discussions with respective managers Think Talent Services Confidential 5
    6. 6. Development Workshops Setting Career Direction The workshop is based on NEWS model which is developed over last 25years of practical application in different sectors, geographies and organizations across the globe. The NEWS framework was used to create an overall MSIL HR team’s future direction in the HR Leadership intervention. Workshop Process: Program Benefit: • Identifying and setting meaningful career direction for next 2-3 years • By the end of the workshop participant will have 1 year as well as monthly tactical plan to achieve their career direction 6 Pre-assessment using web questionnaire, a highly proficient assessment tool in analyzing the individual at personal, interpersonal and organizational levels. According to the results, participants will be able to engage with the model, tools and roadmap in a specific personalized way. Learning the structured, practical and transparent NEWS Model This unique, highly participative, interactive experience is conducted through engaging individual work, practice in small groups, exercises and demos. Preparation Workshop (2 Days)
    7. 7. Development Workshops Interpersonal Skills A one day workshop using inputs from psychometric tools, video clips and exercises to: Think Talent Services Confidential 7 Enhance skills of collaboration Practice dialoguing skills Learn the art of influencing
    8. 8. Development Workshops Customer Centricity & Leadership Behaviors Two days workshop sensitizing the participants to customer centricity and creating a culture of providing and asking for appropriate leadership style Think Talent Services Confidential 8 Customer Centricity Leadership style and behaviors Key concepts and their application within the HR context As a subordinate asking for appropriate leadership style As a leader providing appropriate leadership style
    9. 9. Three Half day perspective building sessions Critical HR topics – HR Functional skills Talent Management Effective IR practices Roles and Compensation Think Talent Services Confidential 9  The three topics will be chosen after taking inputs from the HR leadership team and inputs from the diagnosis process.  Each topic will be addressed in one half day by an industry practioner.  Ideal quorum for such sessions to be interactive is 18-22 participants
    10. 10. 3. Presentation to the HR leadership team  Group presentation in batches of six participants  One TT facilitator and members of HR leadership team  Presentation will focus on application and contextualization of learning(s) from the intervention Think Talent Services Confidential 10
    11. 11. Commercials – 3 batches with a batch size of maximum 24 participants covering a total of 70 participants Step Detail Cost (in Rs.) Remark Step 1 Diagnosis findings and mailing of report 110,000 Half day of Bimal and one day of Principal Consultant Step 2 Setting Career Direction (3 batches) – Workshop 1 Delivery 7,80,000 6 days of 2 Principal Consultants, 6 days of 1 consultant Setting Career Direction (3 batches)- Workshop 1 1,75,000 questionnaires and workbooks for 70 participants (questionnaire@ 1000/person and workbooks@1500/participant) one Psychometric inventory 1,05,000 1500@70 Design of workshop 2 50,000 one day of Principal Consultant Delivery of workshop 2 (3 batches) 3,90,000 3 days of 2 Principal Consultants, 3 days of 1 consultant Design of workshop 3 100,000 2 days of 1 Principal Consultant Delivery of workshop 3 (3 batches) 7,80,000 6 days of 2 Principal Consultants, 6 days of 1 consultant Design and delivery of 3 perspective building sessions of half day (3 batches) 285000 4.5 days of seasoned industry practioners in delivery (50000@4.5) + design (20000@3) Material cost for workshop 2 & 3 50,000 Step 3 Presentation by teams in groups to HR Leadership team 1,00,000 2 days of Principal consultant Total 2925000 cost/participant 41,786 Think Talent Services Confidential 11  All the commercials are excluding taxes  On signing of the contract, an initial mobilization fee of INR 3 lacs is payable
    12. 12. About us Think Talent Services Confidential Repertoire of Intellectual property ranging from our own in-house developed frameworks to globally renowned models. Continuous endeavor and ability to customize our solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. Focus on Simplicity and practicality in all our solutions. Co-creating solutions with the customer. Team that comprises of practitioners from the industry with rich domain and leadership experience. 12
    13. 13. Think Talent Services Confidential 13 Our Values OUR VALUES DEFINITIONS SYMBOLS Customer Centricity Delivering value to our stakeholders following principles of co-creation and simplicity Trust Generating and sustaining trust by being transparent in our actions, and fostering a culture of sharing and fairness Solution Orientation Providing exceptional service by being focused in our offerings and partnering in ideation as well as implementation of solutions Sense of Community Creating, nurturing and leveraging networks to make a positive and meaningful contribution for Think Talent community
    14. 14. Think Talent Services Confidential 14 Solution Components HR Capability Development Leadership Development Talent Management Culture Transformation Assessments Individual & Group Coaching Structures & Governance People Policies & Practices Culture &HR Audits Customized Group Learning Intervention
    15. 15. Some Think Talent Resources and Trusted Advisors Think Talent Services Confidential 15 • Focuses on Leadership Behaviors • Supports in building leadership teams • Worked with large Indian conglomerates and global MNCs as senior HR lead Bimal Rath • Certified SHL assessor with OD experience in global Healthcare & IT companies • Expertise in creating leadership bench-strength in organizations • A Leadership Development professional with expertise in facilitation and talent strategy • Worked with Indian and global outfits in IT, ITES and Travel & Finance Bhabani Mohanty Vivek Tiwari • About 20 years of experience as a life skills counselor with specialized in Organization Development and CEO/Senior Management Coaching.Shilpa Limsay Sanjay Chaturvedi • Expertise in formulating HR Strategies and large scale Change Management • Several years of cross border experience in line function roles Sobby Kurian • Learning and Development professional with over 15 years of experience in IT, Telecom & Banking • Experienced facilitator and a Group Coach
    16. 16. NCR Think Talent Services Private Limited 619, 6th Floor, ILD Trade Centre Sector-47, Sohna Road, Gurgaon - 122001 Phone: +91-124-4106325,+91-124-4055375 Our Coordinates 16 Bangalore Think Talent Services Private Limited 1568, 1st Sector, Outer Ring Road, HSR Layout, Bangalore – 560 102 Phone: +91 80 64006888 Hyderabad Think Talent Services Private Limited 301, 2nd Floor, Vaishno Kuteer, Puppalguda, Manikonda Hyderabad Phone: +91 90400 84006 Think Talent Services is the Sole India Licensee for NEWS Coaching & Training Our Website - Pune Think Talent Services Private Limited 102 Quartz, Niyati Empire, Kharadi Pune - 411014 Phone: +91 777400991