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compo 13


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compo 13

  1. 1. In my opinion theseare some of te bestinventions
  2. 2. Click on the name of the invention that you want to seePapel toilet Cell phone Internet Beer Tv
  3. 3. • in my opinion this is a very important invention because it is very useful and practical and is essential in our daily lives. Fun fact: Although there is some evidence that use mentioned in the history of mankind and in the sixth century. C. In the ninth century, people used to wipe with lettuce leaves and water.papel toilet
  4. 4. • The mobile phone history goes back to the beginnings of World War II, which already saw that communication was necessary distance from one place to another, which is why the company created a team called Motorola Talkie Handie H12-16.• in my opinion this invention is as essential as toilet paper because it is the way to be always communicated. cell phone
  5. 5. • with this invention definitely took a 10 is great and very useful thanks to it you can do the homework easily and find everything there.Internet
  6. 6. • This invention maybe for some people is not the best in the world but for me it is. Beer is delicious and it is more if prepared with tamarind, clamato, gumdrops (the famous gomichela) and others.Beer
  7. 7. • This is an invention of the scientist Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena undoubtedly is the best because it is one of the best media and through the TV a entertainment we have in our homes.Tv