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Effective poster advertising guidelines


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Poster advertising has been around for centuries. It’s one of the traditional advertising mediums. It has turned out as more attractive with advanced printing techniques and colorful graphics.

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Effective poster advertising guidelines

  1. 1. Effective Poster Advertising GuidelinesPoster advertising has been around for centuries. It’s one of thetraditional advertising mediums. It has turned out as more attractivewith advanced printing techniques and colorful graphics. It attractsmore potential customers and makes your brand stand out in themarketplace. Prisma Banners is one of the leading online posterprinting companies that provide poster printing solutions.Here are some tips while you design posters for advertising campaigns.Less is more. When it comes to poster designs, don’t load up yourposters with too many elements like text, graphics and logos. It will notbe seen clear from far and may result into reduced visibility.Simple is the best. Carry a simple design with call to action on it. Use bigfonts to enhance visibility from faraway.One message per poster. Make sure your poster conveys one messageat one time. If you try to deliver too much information at a time, it canconfuse your customers. Website: Email:
  2. 2. Effective Poster Advertising GuidelinesVariety is the spice. Try out different designs and variety of themes inyour posters, don’t stick to same design throughout the campaign,viewers may find it tedious.Small is big. Try out different poster sizes. A3 and A4 are considered tobe the most popular poster sizes. Small posters are best as these can bemounted anywhere easily.Offer incentives. Offer attractive features of your products in posteradvertising. Let your customers know uniqueness of the goods yourcompany offers.Be generous. Be nice while you promote your brand through posters.Respect your competitors and don’t use attacking language in postertext.“Buy Me”. Make sure your poster carries “Buy Me” element in it. Postershould encourage customers to buy your products and services. Makesure your poster influences viewer’s purchase behavior and leaves apositive impact on customers.Colors improve mood. Use energetic colors to make poster design moreattractive and outstanding. Contrast colors are preferably best for bothbackground and foreground. Use bright colors for text to make it morevisible. Website: Email:
  3. 3. Effective Poster Advertising GuidelinesComplexity is the enemy. Also, avoid using complex and small fonts. Itmay reduce visibility of posters. Use simple and readable fonts andstyles.Posters are cost-effective medium of both indoor and outdooradvertising. With Prisma Banners you can print customized postersusing your designs and text. You can upload PDF, PSD, AI, JPEG files toprint posters. It also allows you to design posters online, where PrismaBanners takes you to a designing software program. In addition, youcan submit a design request where you can hire an expert designer tofulfill all your requirements. For more information on poster printing,please visit more info about Effective Poster Advertising Guidelines visit here Website: Email: