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Speaking At Pk 101


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Speaking At Pk 101

  1. 1. Pecha Kucha Night 05 Text Cape Town
  2. 2. Thank you for taking interest in speaking at our next installment of PK on the 26th March
  3. 3. Right now you are probably wondering what you should speak about, as Pat probably told you its not about punting yourself or your business...
  4. 4. ...its more about telling us why you do what you do, sharing your inspiration and rather giving the behind the scenes to the audience!
  5. 5. So here are some best practice examples that rocked the crowd at previous PK nights...
  6. 6. Brett Rubin showed ten images from his favorite photographers that inspire him and then showed ten of his own and spoke about where the idea came from...he then went on to discuss that photographers are always looking to capture the moment, however that it is not possible if he/she is not in the moment themselves...he read a japanese ‘zen’ poem talking about being in the moment and taking in everything with all your senses.
  7. 7. Heath Nash came up and started speaking about his experience at the international design entrepreneur of the year, he showed the audience photos of his tour to Europe meeting all his favorite designers and proceeded to hand out entry forms in into the crowd urging them on to follow their dream and think big about not just designing in a local arena but about taking initiative and getting exposure
  8. 8. Andy Horn who is an architect spoke about a project that he is involved that is helping out communities in rural and township areas. They teach communities to build houses out of natural ingredients to promote sustainable and eco friendly building as well as offering a skill that allows them to help themselves out rather than wait on government grants and relying on expensive building materials,.
  9. 9. Charles Lee Thorp is a multi-media lecturer at Vega school, he got up there and discussed his very geeky hobby OTAKU, namely building toy robots...nothing about what he does professionally during the day
  10. 10. Phillip Schmidt and academic from UCT spoke about the internet and the rise of the collaboration economy...he spoke about that in these days its not only smart to share ideas but imperative to tap into the collective consciousness...
  11. 11. ...I hope you have found some inspiration in the previous slides. The trick is as little writing as possible, as little punting as possible and as much inspiring as you can! For more presentations check out or search on
  12. 12. Your presentation can be submitted in: Keynote Powerpoint 20 images labeled 1-20 To ensure your images look as good as they possibly can try format them to 1024x768
  13. 13. Remember you have 20 seconds a slide to speak, the presentations will be on an automatic timer( no clicking yourself). If you would like to add animations, sounds or movies please liaise with us and we will be sure to assist you. Call 021-4257355 ( ask for the Pecha Kucha team)