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  1. 1. HOME WELCOME VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM GET MONEY Subscribe to RSSWHY I CAN’T WAIT TO BE “ALL IN”by Priscilla Dea | on October 9, 2012 1 TweetI CAN’T WAIT!No one can simply make real money just by signing up with a network marketing program. Youhave to be a part of the program. Paying a monthly fee is just the beginning, it only gets yourfoot in the door. Here at Empower Network you have to follow through by not only listening butfollowing the instructions to the letter. I never knew you could make money blogging. I didn’t.This blogging program is the beginning of making money in your business. It is essential that weblog every day and I mean every single day, seven days of the week. On some days I write twoblogs just to keep ahead of the game. Blogging puts you out there for everyone to see. I lookat blogging as my buisness card so to speak. Why, because blogging can bring you leads whichbecome customers who buy your products, which brings you comissions. Being an affiliate upsyour game. Selling the products will bring you comissions that will change your life and your lifestyle quickly. Here at Empower Network You will make 100% comissions. How many companiespay 100%. comissions? This is the best blogging platform and the easiest I have ever seen orused. Along with blogging you will learn how to bring traffic (customers) to your blog. BE IN THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED The most important decision you have to make is to “BE IN”. That’s all there is to it. What does ’BE IN” actually mean for you and me? It means you purchase all the products. Why? If you haven’t bought them how can you expect your customers to buy them from you. You have to set an example for them. Show them how it’s done. H0w can you give information on the products to your customers, if you don’t know the information your self. You want to know whatSam’s favorite shirt to your’re talking about. What the products are, how they work to helpcover his stiches. Poor them grow their business. You’ll be able to tell them “yes” truthfully.Baby. He’s all better now. When you tell your customers “Yes I do have all these products”they will be more inclined to buy them from you. (A quote from the 2Davids) And here comesthe kicker. You will make the100% COMMISIONS from each one the sales of those products. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. Your Products Are your InvestmentsYou have to look at your purchase as an investment not a deficit. YOUR PRODUCT IS YOURINVESTEMENT IN YOUR BUSINESS and will be reflected in the increasingly steady deposits madeto your bank account. Having the information not only makes your money grow in leaps andbounds it will make you a much better business person. Everybody loves a winner and will followone.BE ALL IN TO “BE IN”You are much better off being and affilliate (if that is your choice) making between $100.00-$3000.00o per sale rather than just $25.00. Why leave all that georgous money on the table. Ittakes money to make money. You really do have to BE ALL IN TO “BE IN”. Yesterday afterwatching the videos I said to myself: I’m going to Be In I’ve got to get in but I didn’t have themoney. At this moment I have no money and I mean no money. I wouldn’t have any until nextmonth and it still woudn’t be enough to Be IN. I couldn’t wait one more day let alone 30 days.So, I began racking my brain, wondering where in the world could I get the $1,600.00? And ithit me. I have my 2003 Honda Element that has been paid for since the day I bought her forSam. So, I called my bank today and took out a loan against my car. Now understand, I hate acar note with everthing that’s in me. I haven’t had one in over 14 years, but it’s a small bill and asmall price to pay for my financial freedom. I figure with the money I’m going to make I can payit back in no time. I will have my money in two days. I’m so excited I can hardly breath. I will BEIN. Just knowing that makes me feel like a winner, makes me feel sucessful. It makes me feel thatI am gaining control over my life. You are what you think.BABY STEP IT IF YOU HAVE TOOSo you have the $25.00 to get in but not to ”BE IN” at this very moment “Baby Step It” if youhave to. Plan it. Make a budget for your new business. Stay focused.One product at a time ifthat’s all you can do, but do something. There’s no shame in being broke. You just don’t wantto stay broke. Eventually you will have all the tools you need to become successful in yourbusiness. In the mean time use all the freebies you can find. “IF YOU DON’T KNOW BETTER YOU CAN’T DO BETTER” Will Smith“You can’t do better if you don’t know better” I heard Will Smith say that once. What I havelearned over the past four years of trying to have a business of my own is with out the intensivetraining, you have nothing. Without top notch products that people actually want to buy youhave nothing. You and your customers have to see the benefit in the products you offer. But tome without drive, hard work, and dedication at your back while you’re dreaming your way tothe top you’re beat before you even get started. With all of those qualities and our dynamic,energized leadership you’ll have every thing you need to become successful. “If you don’t knowbetter you can’t do better”? Well now you know better. Make it happen because EmpowerNetwork will Teach you, Train you and guide you all the way to the bank.BE BRAVE, TAKE YOUR NEXT STEPHow would you like to share your stories and get paid. Well let me tell you a little bit of what I do.I post blogs about any thing I want to blog about on any given day. Then I share them onsocial media. People read them and if they click any of the banners I get paid if they decide tojoin my team. I’m actually teaching people how to do this so if you’re interested click any ofthese banners. You can write your story in this blog format and get paid. You’ve got to do it on Empower network blogging format because it ranks well and it already has all the money built in.It takes all of the hard part away and all you do is plug and play and blog. You just write anarticle on the subject of your choice that says look buy this blogging system writing articles.Here are the blogs I’ve written so far. Click HERE. I specifically love my Empower NetworkSoftware program because it is so easy to use. You can write articles and profit from them justlike me. ReallyPRISCILLA DEA’PS: For those of you spending your precious time reading my blog I thank you. I reallyappreciate it. Share it with your family and friends. You never know, they might want to joinyour team. Come on click here. Type in your email address. Watch the video, Sign up andincrease your income! You won’t regret it. If I can do this, you can do you can do this too.JOIN A WINING TEAMBe blessed and Prosper, Priscilla converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  3. 3. Really, seriously (CLICK HERE): TAKE YOUR SHOT!This entry was posted in Empower NetworkTags: affilliate marketing, empower network, making money from home, quick ways tomake money« Previous Post Next Post » About The Author: Priscilla Dea I have alw ays w anted my ow n business. A business that gave me the freedom to live my life on my terms. Thats hard to do w hen youre punching someone elses clock. Along the w ay I w ant to encourage and help others fulfill their dream of being an entrepruer. The secrete is to know exactly w hat you w ant and hanging in there to w atch it grow , w atch your bank account grow and still be happy. W ho says money cant bring you happiness. Now that I have the perfect vehicle theres no stopping me. The skys the limit.Related PostsWHAT IF YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FROM HOME?0 comments Sign in 2 people listening + Follow Post comment as...Sort: Newest | Oldest Powered by Livefyre Company: Products: Support: converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  4. 4. The Vision, The Corporate Team World class training, from people who Got Issues? Contact us. You can Badass Compensation walk their talk, real people getting put in a support ticket here, and we’ll Want to work for us? results in their marketing, now, and answer your questions, live : Get Money Here. you can click here for proof. Simply Call: 1-888-262-1934Copyright © 2010-2012 Empower Network. Income Disclaimer | Terms & Conditions | Refund | Privacy | Contact Us | Support Desk | Member Login ShareIf you have any billing questions please contact our billing support team. Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm (EST) at: 1-888-262-1934 converted by Web2PDFConvert.com