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  1. 1. HOME WELCOME VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM GET MONEY Subscribe to RSSTYPE’ O’s IN YOUR “BLOG” OH NO!by Priscilla Dea | on November 15, 2012 1 TweetTIME WELL SPENT !I spent this last weekend checking and re-checking the spelling, optimization and look of all 41blogs I’ve created so far. I found so many spelling errors it was ridiculous. Now I see the little ABCcheck box in my word press but for some reason I never used it. Don’t ask me why.Occasionally I will go back and read my blogs to see if I still like them as much as I did the I firstwrote them. And you know what, I didn’t because they looked like “crap” with all the type O’s.Geesh, It took me a forever, but finally, they look and read as they should. THE ROAD LESS TRAVELEDMom, No type O’s this time! converted by
  2. 2. I realize that with our busy lives with family, jobs and social engagements, we some times thinkwe can just whip out our blog, be done with it and get on with our lives. But quite as it’s keptthis is our lives. If we want to quit that other job, spend more time with our families and hangout with our best buds we have to give our blogs 100%. An unreadable, unattractive blog is likeinviting our guest into an unkempt home. I would never do that. You would never do that. Wellmaybe some of you bachelors would. And I can here some of you girls laughing. You sometimes do it tooIt’s sort of embarrassing for me since in one of my blogs spoke on this very subject. Checkingfor errors before I send it public. Well lesson learned. From now on I will check and double checkmy blogs before I click “Publish” I’m doing it right now just to make sure my blog is as perfect asI can make it. You see no type O’s. I feel so much better, and you will too.PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING !It’s true presentation is everything. We all want to look our best. Put our best foot forward. Wewant to shine. Ok, I give. I do. I never want to look like something the cat drug in. Not to say Ihaven’t because I have and it’s so “triflin” as my mother would say. “You better get back inthere and change” She would say to me and my four brothers. Same thing with our blogs. Ofcourse we want our content to be compelling but be want our blog to look pretty too, youknow inviting. As we girls know, if we walk past a shoe display in the mall and see a pair of shoeswe just have to have them! We’re going to spend some money that day! And that’s what wewant. We want our traffic to see what we have to offer. We already know we have the bestproduct on the market. Now all we have to do is let each and every future member know thattoo. A good looking Blog is a good way to start.BE BRAVE, TAKE YOUR NEXT STEPWhy Empower Network? Here’s why! I personally love the Empower Network Softwareprogram and I know you will too because it is so easy to use. You can write articles and profitfrom them just like me. Really. So if you are some one out there who wants or needs to makemoney from home, maybe you don’t want to place your children in day care while you’re atwork. Maybe finding a job has been difficult for you like it was for me. Or maybe you are lookingfor a quick way to make money or at least make more money faster then you would waiting onyour employer or company to decide to give you a raise. What if you are a care giver to afamily member and you can’t leave them. What do you do then? There are hundreds ofreasons why this program will work for you or anyone else needing a way out of financialdistress. This is just the program to teach you how to make money quickly from home.And like me maybe just maybe you are sick and tired of being broke, never having enoughmoney to survive let alone pay all your bills from month to month. Here you will determine yourworth. You will determine just how much money you need, how much you want. It doesn’t getany better than that.IT’S YOUR DECISION NOWSo how would you like to share your stories and get paid. Here is what I do. I write and postblogs on any subject I want on any given day. Then I share them on social media. People readthem and if they click any of the banners, watch our video, you can decide right then and thereto change your financial circumstances. It’s your choice. I’m actually teaching people how to dothis so if you’re interested click any of these banners. You can write your story in this blogformat and get paid. You will be using the “Empower Network” blogging format thoughbecause it ranks high in the search engines. You just write an article on the subject of yourchoice and then add “buy this blogging system writing articles”. Here are the blogs I’ve writtenso far. Click HERE.PRISCILLA DEA’PS: For those of you spending your precious time reading my blog I thank you. I reallyappreciate it. Share it with your family and friends. You never know, they might want to joinyour team. Come on click here. Type in your email address. Watch the video, Sign upand increase your income! You won’t regret it. If I can do this, you can do you can do thistoo.JOIN A WINING TEAMBe blessed and Prosper, Priscilla converted by
  3. 3. Really, seriously (CLICK HERE): TAKE YOUR SHOT!This entry was posted in Empower NetworkTags: Fast ways to make., how to get money fast, How to make fast money, how tomake money fast, How to make quick money, make money at home, make moneyfast, making money at home, making money from home, quick ways to make money« Previous Post Next Post » About The Author: Priscilla Dea I have alw ays w anted my ow n business. A business that gave me the freedom to live my life on my terms. Thats hard to do w hen youre punching someone elses clock. Along the w ay I w ant to encourage and help others fulfill their dream of being an entrepruer. The secrete is to know exactly w hat you w ant and hanging in there to w atch it grow , w atch your bank account grow and still be happy. W ho says money cant bring you happiness. Now that I have the perfect vehicle theres no stopping me. The skys the limit.Related PostsI TALKED TO MY HERO DAVID SHARPE TODAY! HOW BLESSED AM I !!THIS IS WHAT EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE LOOKS LIKE!BLOG-SHARE-GET PAID0 comments Sign in 2 people listening + Follow Post comment as...Sort: Newest | Oldest Powered by Livefyre Company: Products: Support: converted by
  4. 4. The Vision, The Corporate Team World class training, from people who Got Issues? Contact us. You can Badass Compensation walk their talk, real people getting put in a support ticket here, and we’ll Want to work for us? results in their marketing, now, and answer your questions, live : Get Money Here. you can click here for proof. Simply Call: 1-888-262-1934Copyright © 2010-2012 Empower Network. Income Disclaimer | Terms & Conditions | Refund | Privacy | Contact Us | Support Desk | Member Login ShareIf you have any billing questions please contact our billing support team. Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm (EST) at: 1-888-262-1934 converted by