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  1. 1. HOME WELCOME VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM GET MONEY Subscribe to RSSEMPOWERED WOMEN DON’T GET ITby Priscilla Dea | on October 19, 2012 0 TweetIT MAY BE A NEW DAY BUT IT’S A SAD DAYI was walking through a parking lot today and as passed which was obviously a female’s car, theframe of her license plate read ” You act like calling me a B**** is a bad thing. ”WELL YEA IT’SA BAD THING”. I actually said to myself out loud as I walked to my car. “What in the world areyou thinking”? I couldn’t believe my eyes. To drive around with a label like that on your car. Ican’t tell you how this disturbs me. Back in the day, if anyone referred to you in those termsthey would be picking their teeth up off the floor. or worse. To me calling any woman a b**** isintended to make them feel like they are absolutely nothing. Less the you, less than me less thananything. I personally don’t know any woman who wouldl stand for anyone calling her this wordman or woman.THE FIRST TIMEI wonder who was the the first man to call his woman, any woman this disgusting word? I oftenwonder how it made “HER” feel inside as a human being. It made her feel like “crap” that’s whatit made her feel. The way it was intended! TO PUT HER IN HER PLACE” which was below hermale counter part. To hurt her, to crush her spirit. Young women today choose to wear it as a“BADGE OF HONOR” I don’t get it and trust me the majority of women living on this planet don’tget it either. THE ROAD LESS TRAVELEDTHE GIFTDo these women call them selves “TURNING LEMONS INTO LEMON AID” by excepting thatterminology as something that they should be proud of. Now I realize it’s a new day. And I knowthat things have changed a lot. How people talk to each other, treat each other. But somethings should never change like self respect, dignity and pride in one self. What’s happened tothat? What has happened to a woman putting herself on a pedestal. What has happened to awoman loving herself! Believing that she is “GOD’S GIFT TO MAN” but more importantly“God’s GIFT TO HERSELF” Loving yourself is a learned behavior. It doesn’t justhappen out of the blue! Something to think about converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. Just so you know I’m not bashing men. There are some wonderful men on this planet. I knowmen who would never, ever hurt a woman, or disrespect her in any way.. Men that really lovewomen are my kind of guys. I love men like that. The sad thing is I hear young girls and grownwomen refer to each other and not to mention themselves in such a nasty way. Maybe this blogwill give them something to think about.THE RUMBLE FOR MY MOM!When I was a senior in high school. This girl and I mean a “BIG” girl called my mother the “B”word. She didn’t even know my mother, she didn’t even know me. I had never even met herbefore this day. Now you have to know this girl weighed about 150 to 170 lbs. I weighed 96 lbs.I suppose she thought I was afraid of her.”NOT”. We were in the ladies room. I don’t evenremember how the confrontation even began but I do remember jumping on this girl andbeating the crap out of her. Knocking her into a stall and stuffing her head in a toilet whileflushing . Yea’ I was a real scrapper back then. Not too mention I was raised with four brothers. Iwas suspended from school and terrified to go home because I knew my mother was going tokill me. I had never been in trouble in school before. Boy was I wrong. When I told her whathappened she said, “I only have one question, Baby” Did you woop her? I said yes, Mommie Idid”. And you know what my mommie did? She smiled, gave me a big hug and a kiss like onlyyour mother can and we watched “Soaps” together every day for the next two weeks I wasbared from school. It was the best time I ever spent with my “Mom”. And you know what. Everyone in my school knew better than to ever call me or my Mom anything other our names.Mommie doesn’t remember me any more but I remember how she raised me and I’m proud tosay my daughter makes me proud every day of my life.THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURTNow I know that there are women out there who can’t wait to tell me what a “square” I am,and that things are different now. “WELL IN THIS CASE LADIES, THEY SHOULDN’T BE” Selfrespect is something you give yourself. A woman, a real woman never, ever gives her selfrespect away. I feel sorry for young girls today! It is time for all females step up and leave thisnegataive behavior behind in the dark ages where it belongs. So what can be done to turn thisaround? First of all it starts at home. A young man will treat any woman, his girlfriend, his wifethe way he see’s his father treat his mother. As far as mothers and fathers go we have to teachour daughters how special they are and that they should never except this type of behaviorfrom any one, man or woman, ever.A NEW BEGINNING!I know young people learn a lot of who they think they should be on radio, movies andespecially music videos released on the air waves. Not only are they disgusting and setting ourgirls up to have to deal with disrespect on a regular basis. They are actually making girls thinkthat this is who they are or who they should be. They are not! The bottom line is how do youas an individual feel about yourself. If you have low self esteem you will except just aboutanything. So mom’s and dad’s watch how you treat each other, how you talk to each other infront of your children. That’s a beginning. But most of all tell them that you are not raising aB****! You are raising an “EXTRAORDINARY” young woman! I know a young mother who hastwo young sons. The oldest called a girl he knew from school the “B” word”. When his motherfound out she had a fit. She told him you don’t ever refer to any female in that term. Then shemade him sit down and write this young girl a letter of apology. This little guy had never evenheard the word in his home. So both his mother and father were very upset about the incident.Not to mention that he was grounded weeks and weeks. He learned his lesson.I have been wanting to say this for a long time. Empower Network has given me to platform toget this off my chest. See what you can do with your own blog. It’s s good thing. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
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