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  1. 1. HOME WELCOME VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM GET MONEY Subscribe to RSSBLOGGING MONEY BUY’S OUR DOG FOODby Priscilla Dea | on October 17, 2012 0 TweetANYTHING FOR SAM AND SADIEI can leave the house for five minutes and they act like I’ve been gone a whole week. Those ofyou that have dogs you know what I mean. Their love is unconditional. There is nothing myloyal companion won’t do for me. They make me laugh at any given moment and they cuddlewith me when I’m sad or having a bad day. They give me plenty of kisses. Have you ever had aBoxer give you one of those big wet sloppy kisses? Ok, I hear some of you out there going“UGH”. I don’t mind at all.I love the way they wiggle their tails and do their boxer dance. They willdefend me if they feel for an instant I’m in danger. They guard their car and protect my littleones. Boxers are so great with children. What more could you ask for. I was raised with Boxersand their love limitless. That is why I will do anything and everything keep my Sam and Sadiehealthy and happy. converted by
  2. 2. THE ROAD LESS TRAVELEDIs dinner ready yet? Sam and Sadie Brother and SisterLOVE AT FIRST SIGHTThe first time I saw Sam he was in the middle with five of his brothers and sisters nursing, he wasthe largest of their litter. Sam was three times and I’m not kidding, three times the size of theother puppies. His head was l huge and his feet were large. I knew he was the one for me. I lovebig dogs. The bigger the better. When they were through nursing Brooklyn, his mom let me Ipick him up. She didn’t even growl or anything like some mothers do protecting their pups. Iheld him on my shoulder you know like you do a baby and he scooted up to my ear grabbedhold and began nibbling. I asked him “Are you choosing me and “Sam” just came out of mymouth. The name “Sam” just seemed to fit. His breeder allowed me to take him home on mytwo days off which were Sunday and Monday. And yes I let him sleep with me. After all he was ababy and I didn’t want him to be or lonely or afraid.GETTING TO KNOW YOUI bought the puppy nursing bottles and puppy formula and fed him when ever he was hungry,which happened to be all day and all night long. I didn’t mind. His well being was my onlyconcern. He was four weeks old at the time. When he turned six weeks I brought him home forgood. I was thrilled. To have this beautiful Boxer with such a great personality home with me atlast, I knew I would take him every where with me. I wanted him to get used to being loved andtouched. It was important for him to get used to being around people. He had to be socializedearly because I knew Sam was always going to be by my side. He was such a cute little guyeveryone wanted to touch and love him. I must say this was one of the best decisions I evermade. He is so well mannered. To this day at 125 lbs Sam is the most gentle loving Boxer. Heloves women especially and will flirt with them at the drop of a hat. I love that about him.OUT GROWING MY CRX (TIME FOR THE ELEMENT)When I first brought Sam home I had a Honda CRX. Sam was out growning my little car, and Imean fast. I loved that car. Boy was she fast. Even though she was perfect for me, she wasn’tperfect for Sam. His legs were growing so long, so fast I knew I was going to have to buy him alarger car, eventually. He would sit in the front seat next to me with his feet touching the floor,my baby didn’t look comfortable at all. He was a year old then and it was time to go shopping.So one Sunday we went up to the Honda dealership. What else could I do?Easy decisionI saw this women driving down Las Vegas Blvd. in a car that to me looked like a big toaster onwheels, which I thought was really cute. What I really loved was the rubber floor. No carpeting.It was perfect for when I would eventually bring Sadie home. I didn’t want to worry aboutaccidents in the car. Just spray, wipe it up, you’re good to go and no puppy smells. Well, I askedthe sales lady if she would be so kind as to sit in the back seat while Sam road shot gun, sheagreed. How could she not. She fell in love with Sam too. I loved the car the moment I droveher and have her to this day. She turns on a dime, easy to park and she sleeps three. converted by
  3. 3. Maintenance has been to a minimum. I have no idea why Honda discontinued this line. What theheck were they thinking. It’s Sam’s car and he knows it. All I have to say is “car” and Sam andSadie jumps in and makes themselves at home.ON THE ROAD AGAINI took the back seats out. I haven’t seen them in 4 years. They have the whole back end tothemselves. Their bedding, food cooler and water bowls. We have taken two trips in the lastyear. Austin Texas and Sacramento Ca. They love hotels. I supply the room service. My babiesare so well trained that I can leave the suicide and back hatch open and they will not jump outof the car. I trained them off leach and they stay by my side. Any dog will follow your commandon leach. What choice do they have. What I want to know is will they obey off leach. I haveeven have them trained not to chase rabbits. I’m always complimented on their good behavior.The most essential thing for any dog (beside love of course) is training. I don’t care what thebreed. Don’t think you can’t train your dog your self. You can. Especially when you bring themhome as puppies. It’s time consuming but worth every minute. “You train your dog or yourdog will train you”.I often take them to elder care facilities to visit for the day. They love it andthe patients love them. Sam and Sadie make me so proud!BE BRAVE, TAKE YOUR NEXT STEPWhy Empower Network? Here’s why! I personally love the Empower Network Softwareprogram and I know you will too because it is so easy to use. You can write articles and profitfrom them just like me. Really. So if you are some one out there who wants or needs to makemoney from home, maybe you don’t want to place your children in day care while you’re atwork. Maybe finding a job has been difficult for you like it was for me. Or maybe you are lookingfor a quick way to make money or at least make more money faster then you would waiting onyour employer or company to decide to give you a raise. What if you are a care giver to afamily member and you can’t leave them. What do you do then? There are hundreds ofreasons why this program will work for you or anyone else needing a way out of financialdistress. This is just the program to teach you how to make money quickly from home.And like me maybe just maybe you are sick and tired of being broke, never having enoughmoney to survive let alone pay all your bills from month to month. Here you will determine yourworth. You will determine just how much money you need, how much you want. It doesn’t getany better than that.IT’S YOUR DECISION NOWSo how would you like to share your stories and get paid. Here is what I do. I write and postblogs on any subject I want on any given day. Then I share them on social media. People readthem and if they click any of the banners, watch our video, you can decide right then and thereto change your financial circumstances. It’s your choice. I’m actually teaching people how to dothis so if you’re interested click any of these banners. You can write your story in this blogformat and get paid. You will be using the “Empower Network” blogging format thoughbecause it ranks high in the search engines. You just write an article on the subject of yourchoice and then add “buy this blogging system writing articles”. Here are the blogs I’ve writtenso far. Click HERE.PRISCILLA DEA’PS: For those of you spending your precious time reading my blog I thank you. I reallyappreciate it. Share it with your family and friends. You never know, they might want to joinyour team. Come on in, click here. Type in your email address. Watch the video, Sign upand increase your income! You won’t regret it. If I can do this, you can do you can do thistoo.JOIN A WINING TEAMBe blessed and Prosper, PriscillaReally, seriously (CLICK HERE) TAKE YOUR SHOT!This entry was posted in Empower NetworkTags: Fast ways to make., how to get money fast, How to make fast money, how tomake money fast, How to make quick money, make money at home, make moneyfast, making money at home, making money from home, quick ways to make money converted by
  4. 4. This entry was posted in Empower NetworkTags: Fast ways to make money, how to get money fast, How to make fast money,How to make quick money, make money at home, make money fast, making moneyat home, making money from home, quick ways to make money« Previous Post Next Post » About The Author: Priscilla Dea I have alw ays w anted my ow n business. A business that gave me the freedom to live my life on my terms. Thats hard to do w hen youre punching someone elses clock. Along the w ay I w ant to encourage and help others fulfill their dream of being an entrepruer. The secrete is to know exactly w hat you w ant and hanging in there to w atch it grow , w atch your bank account grow and still be happy. W ho says money cant bring you happiness. Now that I have the perfect vehicle theres no stopping me. The skys the limit.Related PostsVIDEO BLOG YOUR BUSINESSFOLLOW THE 8 CORE STEPS TO SUCCESSJOIN THE RIGHT TEAM0 comments Sign in 2 people listening + Follow Post comment as...Sort: Newest | Oldest Powered by Livefyre Company: Products: Support: converted by
  5. 5. The Vision, The Corporate Team World class training, from people who Got Issues? Contact us. You can Badass Compensation walk their talk, real people getting put in a support ticket here, and we’ll Want to work for us? results in their marketing, now, and answer your questions, live : Get Money Here. you can click here for proof. Simply Call: 1-888-262-1934Copyright © 2010-2012 Empower Network. Income Disclaimer | Terms & Conditions | Refund | Privacy | Contact Us | Support Desk | Member Login ShareIf you have any billing questions please contact our billing support team. Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm (EST) at: 1-888-262-1934 converted by