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Playing around with effects


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Playing around with effects

  1. 1. Playing around with different effects By Priscilla & Chloe
  2. 2. -In after effects you can gain access to preset effects. (These are a wide range of effects such as “Shatter” and “Dissolve”). - Due to the variety of effects we were able to pick from the different effects. Our aim by exploring these effects, was to find a suitable effect which reflected our narrative whilst reinforcing the Horror genre. -From this we choose the shatter effect to symbolise Flora’s insanity. -Overall through the effects on Adobe After Effects we were able to make have more choice. This was not available on Premier thus why we had to seek over sources in terms of the text.
  3. 3. - Using Web 2.0 we converted a YouTube URL into an online YouTube url to mp3 converter. The development of Web 2.0, has made editing (and the postproduction process) easier in a sense that the internet allows everyone to gain access to different sounds. Music and sound can be used whilst editing, to evoke a reaction and create suspense within our trailer. - Whilst researching into real life media products we came across an A grade trailer which also used such editing technique. We thought this was effective due to the fact that it was unexpecting at the end, which put us as an audience on edge. -We came up with the idea of using static sound to symbolise Flora’s insanity. Instead of using a shattered effect. -The use of static sound, is a way of reinforcing our narrative which is symbolic of the distortedness which had occurred in the “Black” family which we explore.
  4. 4. - We will be changing the colour of this text, as it doesn’t connote the Horror we wanted to create as the red doesn’t look dark and “bloody” which are conventions used within the Horror genre. -This is the image we created in Photoshop for the ending title of our trailer. We decided to use Photoshop due to the fact that we wanted to link our ancillary texts. For example they all use red and present our main protagonist Flora. -We had to use Photoshop because the shattered text we wanted to use was unavailable on Adobe Premier After Effects, hence why we wanted to create it.
  5. 5. - These are a few effects that we experimented with on Adobe After Effects. Which include “Block dissolve”. This was used in creating the split effect which can be seen at the end of our trailer. (Split lines through text).
  6. 6. -This was the outcome when we used “Block dissolve” on text. However after we used such effect we found it did not add anything nor did it reinforce the Horror genre, this meant that we had to experiment with other effects in the programme. -After creating such effect we showed it those within our target audience to see whether or not the effect used was suitable. It was evident from the respondent that we needed to change it as a way of improving our product (trailer), as well as the audience diving into our narrative.
  7. 7. -Again we experimented using font on Premier to see how that played out. As you can see here this is a huge contrast in terms of the effectiveness of the text, in comparison to text created using After Effects. -This meant we had to go back into After Effects where we found the correct text for our product. (We will be showing evidence of this soon on our blogs).
  8. 8. • Originally we had a plan white text using Premier, however it wasn’t as effective as we had hoped. Therefore we decided to use Adobe After Effects which had a wider variety of fonts. We choose to use “Block dissolve” because reinforced the Horror genre due to the “splitness” the font connotes. This links to our Narrative in the sense that our audience identifies with Flora’s sinister behaviour, as well as the dysfunctional attributes of her family.