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KISS & keep your clients happy


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a quick guide to a good online presence

Published in: Technology, Design
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KISS & keep your clients happy

  1. 1. KISS & keep your clients happy a quick guide to a good online presence
  2. 2. a quick word about me ✪ webdesigner happily freelancing since 2000 ✪ member of the WSG (web standards group) ✪ course leader & tutor: ‘design for the web - webstandards‘ adult course at Tower Hamlets College (Poplar)
  3. 3. now to you ~ curious... who is online? static website? managed website? illustration: Alessandro Gottardo // everyone using social media? any favourites? Having fun? Seeing results?
  4. 4. Why should your business be online? changing times...
  5. 5. the good old days... ☞ physical location ☞ letters & phone ☞ print-based promotion ☞ customer service Why should your business be online? changing times...
  6. 6. © Bobby Pfeiffer, 3/2010 - via Flickr now and onwards... ✪ location & website ✪ letters / phone / email ✪ digital promotion + ✪ customer service Why should your business be online? changing times...
  7. 7. What makes a good website? ✪ good content: informative ~ up to date & updated regularly ✪ ease of use: intuitive navigation ~ easy access to content ✪ inclusive design: accessible on range of device, to all users ✪ visual appeal: memorable presentation of brand
  8. 8. started small with unique product strong branding - cute & personal professional service & communication high quality product promotion via online communities UK based, online printing business now, international success
  9. 9. “ Print is simple and wonderful. We love it. We're a new kind of online printing business MOO was born out of a love of beautiful, high-quality print. [...] We're only young, but when we grow up we want to be the best printer on the internet.
  10. 10. clear, simple and minimal branding
  11. 11. effective interface with all controls in designated screen area
  12. 12. clear and effective prompting (call to action)
  13. 13. featured products
  14. 14. email from: Little MOO | Print Robot Hello Prisca. We've met before, I'm Little MOO, the piece of software that manages your order with I hope you've now received - and are happy with your most recent purchase with us. If it hasn't arrived yet please don't worry, you can check-up on your order here: [...] Thank you for your help, Little MOO ✪ using simple & personal tone, consistent with website copy ✪ fast and clear feedback on order, inc. direct links to relevant pages ✪ personification of automated reply / confirmation
  15. 15. it’s not what you think :) KISSKISS
  16. 16. KISSKISS ✗✗
  17. 17. KISS Keep it simple, stupid. design principle Keep it short & simple. Keep it simple & straightforward. KISS
  18. 18. KISSKISS RSS photo image logo link audio video email IM SMS news
  19. 19. KISS ✪ write for the web ✪ write often & regularly ✪ write for your audience ✪ start with a strong opening - be direct & straight to the point ✪ short sentences & well structured text Language ✪ write transcripts for audio & video content illustration: One Little Bird //
  20. 20. KISS ✪ embrace all individuals & their differences ✪ use images to support content ✪ keep it short, sweet & personal ✪ make it easy for people to contact you ✪ be prompt and polite in all your communication Engage all visitors ✪ offer alternative content as needed
  21. 21. KISS ✪ present up to date content using social media portals Dynamic Content ✪ use commenting to engage with your clients ✪ offer customer support via various channels ✪ make use of multiple media types to promote your message ✪ offer related & relevant content
  22. 22. KISS Keep it simple, stupid. design principle Keep it short & simple. Keep it simple & straightforward. KISS
  23. 23. #1 - free option / open source Getting online. What are your options? #2 - managed option / commercial #3 - custom option / bespoke solution
  24. 24. What are your options? #1 free option / open source ✔ free to set up and use ✔ no domain name/hosting costs ✔ quick & easy ✗ limited/restricted upload ✗ limited styling ✗ advertising shown ➜ ➜ ➜
  25. 25. What are your options? #2 managed option / commercial ✔ custom functions available ✔ more control over design ✔ technical support included ✗ control limited by package ✗ reliant on available templates ✗ certain restrictions remain ➜ ➜ ➜
  26. 26. What are your options? #3 custom / bespoke solution ✔ complete control over design ✔ expert guidance ✔ tailored solution ✗ higher initial cost ✗ longer timescale ✗ finding the right designer
  27. 27. Briefing your webdesigner... most understandable yet dreaded question you can ask: How much for a website? most honest and correct yet dreaded answer you will get: It depends... ??? ?!?
  28. 28. What exactly are you looking for? a modest hut? a majestic castle? photo from / photo from / Kevin Connors
  29. 29. comic by Jerry King, via
  30. 30. Questions you will be asked: about you and your business: how long? how big? how successful? ? about your clients: who? characteristics/personas? ? about your budget: how much? planned cost? ? £££ about your website: existing site? if yes - what works? what doesn’t? ? if no - main aim? who is the competition?
  31. 31. don’t be offended or shy ~ be open and direct ;) ✪ only after the initial meeting ~ ask for a briefing document: outlining the project details, including pricing break down. ✪ answering these questions will make the project work a lot more efficient and produce the best end result. ✪ ask away! ask about anything you are not clear about - there are no stupid or silly questions :) © Kirk Pearson, via Flickr
  32. 32. Design talk & why team work rocks. ✪ you & your designer/s are most creative and productive as team. ✪ communication is key. ✪ give feedback promptly and clearly. ✪ constructive criticism is welcome ~ silence or dismissive comments are not. ✪ be clear in your direction and consider each other’s input. ✪ trust in each other’s expertise is the best catapult for productive project progress.
  33. 33. illustration: Borja Bonaque // Any questions?
  34. 34. Thank you for listening :) Prisca Schmarsow @prisca_eyedea