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Exhibition Stand Design | Lead Generation


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Priority Exhibitions puts lead generation at the heart of its design process.

What this means is that every exhibition stand that they custom design and build has been created to drive footfall and increase visitor dwell time, with the sole purpose of amplifying lead generation for their clients.

This case study demonstrates how Priority Exhibitions' exhibition stand design process has been applied to generate leads for its client Nederman, an eco-extraction business.

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Exhibition Stand Design | Lead Generation

  1. 1. There is more to an event than the exhibition The exhibition is just the….
  2. 2. An event is a community
  3. 3. A community which exists online, in print and face to face A community that exists online and offline, and is influenced by peers and trade journalists
  4. 4. Exhibitions are for generatingleads andwinning business
  5. 5. FormFollowsFunction.So exhibition stand design should facilitatelead generation by harnessing the community bothonline and in the exhibition hall
  6. 6. Let’s look at a case study: our client Nederman
  7. 7. Think about milestones (pre/during/ post) “We thought about how to maximise attention” Pre event During event Post event
  8. 8. Create content…and created content that gotpeople talking
  9. 9. Used augmented reality to demonstrate the product, attract visitors and increase dwell time
  10. 10. • Launched Nederman system at event to delegates and journalists – Interviews arranged with media
  11. 11. Identified the #RWMwithCIWM hashtagUsed Twitter to attract audience
  12. 12. Maximise existing communities Took advantage of existing RWM and MRW Linked In groups
  13. 13. All this activity centred around award winning stand design
  14. 14. Monitor conversationsTwitter and LinkedIn conversationsmonitored using search and social mediamonitoring
  15. 15. Drive traffic to your website Traffic was driven to the Nederman website
  16. 16. The impact was measured•Exhibition presence generated strong sales leads for Nederman•Augmented reality increased on stand visitors and dwell time,compared to last year’s event•Media interviews were set up with all the key trade media•Press coverage was secured in the leading Recycling trade titleMRW reaching an audience of over 10,000•Over 2,000 people saw online content via Twitter and LinkedIn
  17. 17. We were run off our feet and wonbusiness as a result of the leadsgenerated at the show.Mark Hodgens, Managing Director, Nederman Ltd
  18. 18. Not the end, thebeginning for you…To maximise your event contact us on:(0)24 7684 @priorityexh