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10 Ways You Can Use USBs During the Holidays


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This presentation covers 10 different ways that USB drives can be used during the holiday season. Flash drives can be given as gifts to friends and family, they make perfect stocking stuffers& can even be loaded with online gift certificates& links

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10 Ways You Can Use USBs During the Holidays

  1. 1. 10 Ways You Can Use USB Drives During the Holidays
  2. 2. Applications for flash drives during the holiday season include: • Giving USBs as gifts • Sharing With Family and Friends • Business Applications • Seasonal Fun
  3. 3. FLASH DRIVES as GIFTS • Personalized Presents for Extended Family and Friends USBs can be customized with family or business names or images, and are cost effective gifts for large groups. • Load Online Gift Certificates E-Cards can be underwhelming in presentation, but can be spruced up by being loaded onto a flash drive. • Perfect Stocking Stuffer The compact size of a USB drive fits perfectly in a holiday stocking!
  4. 4. FAMILY USES for THUMB DRIVES Videos • Sharing Family Photos and Load media content onto USBs for easy sharing with relatives and family friends. • Sharing Wish Lists Load drives with the entire family’s gift lists. • Sharing Recipes, Meal Plans, Holiday Agendas and Event Info Make sure that everyone is on the same page by distributing important information.
  5. 5. BUSINESS APPLICATIONS • Corporate Gifts Pass out branded USB drives as easy seasonal presents for your clients. • Taking Work With You While Traveling Get access to important documents while away from the office or using different computers.
  6. 6. FUN APPLICATIONS! • Holiday Ornaments and Decorations USBs can easily be hung from trees, ornamented, and given as whimsical gifts. • E-Christmas Cards As an alternative to traditional paper cards, flash drives can be loaded with seasonal greetings in multiple media formats.
  7. 7. HOLIDAY USB USES: • • • • • • • • • • 1) Personalized Presents 2) Load E-Gifts 3) Stocking Stuffers 4) Photos and Videos 5) Wish Lists 6) Family Plans 7) Corporate Gifts 8) Transporting Work 9) Ornaments 10) E-Cards
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