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10 Ways to Use Promotional Gifts in the New Year | Personalized promotional gifts are a great way that you can build your brand, while giving customers something that they can actually use. Do not make the mistake of giving your customers another mug or box of chocolates, give them something that they can use throughout the New Year such as personalized USB flash drives.

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10 Ways to Use Promotional Gifts in the New Year

  1. 1. * 10 Ways to Use Promotional Gifts in the New Year
  2. 2. * Promotional gifts are a great way to grow your business and build strong relationships with partners and vendors. * Start off the New Year right by incorporating gifts into your business plan. * Promotional usb flash drives are great marketing tools that expand your brand’s reach. * How to Use Promotional Gifts in the New Year
  3. 3. 1. Thank the executives and account managers for each of your vendors with personalized gifts. 2. Consider gifts of leather or stainless steel, which create an expensive look for your gifts. 3. Gifts should be items that will be used regularly, such as USB drives. This allows executives to remember your brand with every use. * Show Appreciation for Executives
  4. 4. 4. Promotional gifts should be fun so that people are excited to receive them. 5. Choose gifts that are unique, like USB drives that are masked as blush brushes. 6. The more one-of-a-kind the gift, the more likely it will be kept as a reminder of your company’s generosity. * Choose Promotional Gifts that are Fun and Useful
  5. 5. 7. Be sure to include your brand information and a contact website or phone number on your corporate gifts. 8. USB drives that double as business cards can serve as a constant reminder of your brand. 9. When possible, include your brand logo on your promotional USB drives to help vendors and partners remember you. * Include Your Brand Logo and Contact Information
  6. 6. 10. Make sure you choose promotional items that are tailored to each vendor. Don’t give the same gift to everyone on your list. Promotional gifts offer you a great opportunity to strengthen ties with existing customers and attract new ones. Use these tips to improve your brand’s image with promotional gifts in the New Year * Expand Your Brand in the New Year with Promotional Gifts
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