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Ways of brewing your coffee shop marketing


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Ways of brewing your coffee shop marketing

  1. 1. 5 Ways toBrew YourCoffee ShopMarketing Source | @printrunner
  2. 2. Why market your coffee shop?To turn this…
  3. 3. Why market your coffee shop? …into this! Source
  4. 4. But…how?!? Source
  5. 5. 1. Allow Wi-Fi access to customers Source Source
  6. 6. Display these at points of purchase… Get them to order first! Source
  7. 7. …or on windows! Source
  8. 8. 2. Get your shop!
  9. 9. Aside from the usual suspects… Connect with your crowd LinkedIn in real-time Company with Twitter Page Facebook Page Syndicate blog content (if you have) with FeedburnerRead “The Ultimate Social Media Guide to Small Business Success.”
  10. 10. Go with Foursquare Social proofs!Customer-driven content
  11. 11. They even offer window clings.Learn how to how marketing campaigns using Foursquare here and here.
  12. 12. See it in action! Source
  13. 13. 3. Print materialsNothing beats traditional, “touch-and-feel” marketing.
  14. 14. Business cards More than just your contact info.(Buy your professional business cards here!)
  15. 15. Brochures
  16. 16. FlyersAdding value to flyers; more than just promotional tools
  17. 17. Where to distribute these?
  18. 18. Expos and conferences Great place to meet up with people in the industry and network. Get lots of freebies and marketing tools from other businesses. Stack up the competition by reading their booklets and brochures.Join the Specialty Coffee Association of America.
  19. 19. Before/after meetingsTIP: Don’t give out your business cards if they didn’t ask for it.
  20. 20. 4. Fill up a shelf with books for customers to read and browse A good alternative to coffee books. Encourages them to return and continue the book. SourceRefer to “4 Insightful Ideas for Bookstore Marketing” for inspiration.
  21. 21. 5. Customer engagement SourceWake up your customers with more than just caffeine!
  22. 22. Create a rewards system… Source
  23. 23. …like a business card jar! Place at high- converting places, i.e. cashierProvide incentive;“Why should I dropmy card there?” Source
  24. 24. You can also repurpose the cardsTake all these andother importantdetails on thecard…
  25. 25. … and list them down!
  26. 26. Upload list to mailing client…Some of the best and cheapest (if not free) e-mail marketing clients around.
  27. 27. …to send them newsletters. These help keep your business in the minds of people for branding purposes. Inform of promos or sale Social media profiles Chance for other to sign up (if sent to others)
  28. 28. Any more ideas?The floor is now yours! Make comments, suggestions, and violent reactions below! OR Download the file here: