Simple and stylish wedding invite


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Printproject offers business card printing services including business card & wedding card designs, flyer printing, and leaflet printing starting from only $25.

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Simple and stylish wedding invite

  1. 1. Simple and stylish wedding inviteWedding invites should look elegant, and also be formal in termsof language. Only then will they match the occasion. Your weddingday is one you will remember throughout your life, so you need tobe careful when you order your wedding invites UK. In case youhave a theme in mind for your wedding, you can match yourwedding cards accordingly.Usually a phrase like “we request the honors of your presence atour marriage” is used. You can use phrases like “come laugh,celebrate, dine, and dance at our wedding” to make it seem lessformal.If both sets of parents are funding the wedding, their names need tobe included on the wedding invites UK. In case the bride’s parentsare hosting the wedding, the invitation can be on their behalf, butthe groom’s parents’ names can be mentioned.If you wish to be creative, use words that your friends and familyassociate with you. For instance, if you are fond of music, and planto have a band play at your wedding, you can mention “join us asthe food of love, music is played at our wedding.”You will naturally need to include details regarding the venue,date, and so on. In case you plan to have a dress code, mentionthat. A beach wedding could specify casual wear in the weddinginvites UK.If you are having a destination wedding, you may only need invitesto be printed for the reception. Keep your wedding invites UKsimple and stylish, so that the focus in on the occasion, not on theinvite. Minimalist designs which are classic, look attractive.You can choose from a classic, contemporary, modern, or vintagestyle for your wedding invites UK. An appropriate motif like
  2. 2. entwined rings, hearts, or flowers will look appealing. Payattention to the kind of paper available. Ask the printing companyfor samples of paper in advance. Pick one that you like, andproofread the information you want printed.Include an RSVP card with the wedding invite, so that you knowhow many invitees you can expect to attend. This will help youplan with the caterer, for food and drink estimates.A day wedding can have an invite in pastel colors, while gold andsilver may look better for a wedding in the evening. You will alsoneed place name cards, thank you cards, and envelopes. You canuse the same design for all of these, so that you get a consistentlook.Ordering all these items from the same printing company will saveyou money. You can customize design templates which areavailable with the company. Plan your wedding invites with thecompany for best results.About The Company:Printproject online shop for wedding stationery/ businessCards/ letterheads/ flyers/ greeting cards.Email - - 02890 489800Fax - 02890 489819Website-