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At Mcard Under Your Skin Lo

  1. 1. Tommy's Window Slideshow ♫ Turn on your speakers! Let each slide play through by itself without clicking. Only click to advance to the next slide when this arrow appears: An ATM card under your skin! Racing Towards The Mark c c Copyright © 2007 Tommy's Window. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. c R adio F requency ID entification tags aren't just for goods in Supermarkets and Malls anymore! Applied Digital Solutions (ADS) of Palm Beach, Florida, is hoping that Americans can be persuaded to implant RFID chips under their skin to identify themselves when going to a cash machine or in place of using a credit card.
  3. 3. The surgical is performed with procedure, which local anesthetic, ADS Chief Executive Scott Silverman, in a speech at the ID World 2003 conference in Paris, said his company embeds a 12-by-2.1mm RFID tag in the flesh of a human arm. had developed a "VeriPay" RFID technology and was hoping to find partners in financial services firms. c
  4. 4. Matthew Cossolotto, a spokesman for ADS who says he's been "chipped," “ If you lose the RFID key fob or if it's stolen, someone else could use it and have access to your important accounts,” Cossolotto said. "VeriPay solves that problem. It's subdermal and very difficult to lose. You don't leave it sitting in the back seat of the taxi." argues that competing proposals to embed RFID tags in key fobs or cards were flawed. c
  5. 5. RFID tags are minuscule microchips, which some manufacturers have managed to shrink to half the size of a grain of sand. Most RFID tags have no batteries. They use the power from the initial radio signal to transmit their response. They listen for a radio query and respond by transmitting a unique ID code, typically a 64-bit identifier yielding about 18 thousand trillion possible values. c
  6. 6. MasterCard has been testing an RFID technology called PayPass. It looks like any other credit card but is outfitted with an RFID tag that lets it be read by a receiver instead of scanned through a magnetic stripe. "We're certainly looking at designs like key fobs,” MasterCard Vice President Art Kranzley told USA Today. "It could be in a pen or a pair of earrings. Ultimately, it could be embedded in anything -- someday, maybe even under the skin." [ ADS is running a special promotion urging Americans to "get chipped.“ The first 100,000 people to sign up will receive a $50 discount. ] c … to bring an ID system to a global level that will destroy the need to carry ID documents and credit cards.” - Conrad K. Chase, director of the Baja Beach Club, Barcelona “ The objective of this technology is…
  7. 7. MasterCard is to introduce credit cards directly aimed at children, “ Supporters regard the cards as the natural step in an increasingly cashless society. encouraging them to go into debt and consume products without the use of cash. They argue that the prepayment cards will familiarize children with plastic without spending too much,” the London Times says. c
  8. 8. Phil Davies, the director of business development at MasterCard Europe, defended the cards, saying: “ Parents can control the amount of money their son or daughter spends on the card by limiting the amount of money placed on the card.” So in effect it is exactly the same as an adult credit card, except the controlling of the amount of money in adult life is carried out by the bankers who profit from the cashless society. c
  9. 9. A cashless society would mean… … total control over everyone, as people would be forced to pay for everything electronically. Every purchase would be traceable, and the ability to buy or sell could be halted immediately at any given moment. c
  10. 10. Implantable microchips are very cool; We have previously seen how the concept is being seized upon and marketed to young people as cool. Cashless Coke vending machines, for example, integrated with wireless technology, are cool. you can use them to get into night‑clubs and pay for drinks, and according to some they are the new body art. c
  11. 11. Proponents of micro chipping humans say there are other selling points: Passports could be done away with, and people could carry their medical records with them wherever they go, in case of accident. "Even more frightening is that the microchip can be used to modify [human] behavior." c
  12. 12. School children are also being encouraged to … are being biometrically scanned Amusement park goers… upon entry for payment and identification purposes. thumb scan for their lunches. c
  13. 13. You can only spend as much as the controlling authority wishes. But they are admittedly a device of control. c The benefits of it are presented with reasonable and logical persuasions, so that you will voluntarily surrender ‘freedoms & liberties’ in exchange for the assurance of ‘safety & security’. Ultimately it will become a compulsory compliance to the ‘New World Order’.
  14. 14. We are constantly being told that the future is cashless; there are cashless lanes at the supermarket that move quicker and more efficiently, and with technology such as RFID we will receive a superior service… … at the price of being tracked, traced, and having our personal data recorded at all times. c Designed first by the Israeli spy-masters of the Mossad, Gen-Etics is launching the new "Sky-Eye" chips in Milan, Italy. The company told the Times that it has already stitched the $7,500 gadget into 45 of the world's richest people. Microchips of the Rich and Famous : a new technology, reported by the Times of London, is a low-power chip that sucks electrical energy from the body itself and--according to the Gen-Etics corporation that makes the things--can be detected by Global Positioning System satellites circling the globe.
  15. 15. The cashless society is on the way, leading inevitably to the Mark of the Beast, without which people won't be able to buy or sell (Revelation 13:17) . The world has been expecting a global currency for over half a century now, and it is finally arriving, but not in the way it was expected. c 6 6 6
  16. 16. And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six (666) . Revelation 13:17 This prophetic vision from the Holy Bible -- Written 2,000 years ago– is now being fulfilled! c
  17. 17. [ This presentation is a compilation of recent articles and news clips ] Don’t You Get Sucked Into the Trap! 6 6 6 Feel free to share with those you feel may be interested! To download the song “Watch out for 666” & for more PowerPoint shows visit: Watch Out For ! ‘Reader’s Corner’ For timely and pertinent articles on this theme click this link: