How Can You Save Paper at School? Teacher Edition Part 2


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Paper is clearly important to the education process. By printing responsibly, students, teachers, and schools could easily save paper. I asked a few teachers about ways to be more responsible with paper use at school and this is what they suggested.

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How Can You Save Paper at School? Teacher Edition Part 2

  1. 1. How Can You Save Paper at School? Teacher Edition Part 2 Brought to you by PrintEco
  2. 2. I asked teachers the question: What Are Some Ways Schools, Teachers, and Students Can Be More Responsible with Paper? Here’s what they said…
  3. 3. Harry Potter and the Half-Sheet of Paper “Our copiers allow for double sided printing, which saves paper.” “Another way I try to save paper is expanding margins to fit more stuff on one sheet of paper, or use a half sheet of paper for small quizzes rather than wasting a full sheet of paper.” Amanda, a high school science teacher
  4. 4. Get Smart “In  my  department,  we  have   really  tried  to  u5lize  Google  Docs   and  our  students'  Chromebooks  to   avoid  using  paper.  We  project   documents  onto  our  SmartBoards   instead  of  handing  copies  to  every   student.”     Kelly, a high school Spanish teacher
  5. 5. The Sixth Sense “Prin5ng  both  sides,  6  slides  a   page,  that  was  what  I  did  for  all  my   PowerPoint  slides.”    “Also,  teachers  would  ask   students  if  they  wanted  a  copy  of   answer  sheets  before  they  printed   them  off.”       Joe, a high school math teacher
  6. 6. Terminator: Rise of the Machines “The  primary  way  that  I  see   teachers  of  nearly  all  subjects   saving  paper  is  incorpora5ng  the   use  of  1:1  Devices  such  as  Google   Chromebooks  and/or  Apple  iPads   in  the  classroom.”    “Teachers  can  use  these   devices  to  electronically  distribute   worksheets,  study  guides,  and   countless  other  materials  that   formerly  required  prin5ng.”     Chris, a high school choir teacher
  7. 7. The Social Network “I  think  that  technology  has  made  it   very  easy  for  us  to  share  certain   documents  with  students  electronically  so   we  don’t  have  to  print  off  30+  copies  to   find  25  of  them  in  the  recycle  bin.”    “Certain  educa5onal  websites  like   Schoology  allow  teachers  to  set  up  class   "blogs"/  Facebook-­‐esque  sites  where  you   can  upload  documents  and  have  students   begin  a  conversa5on  about  said   document  online.    “I  also  know  of  many  teachers  who   scan  their  old  worksheets  or  materials   and  share  the  materials  with  students   using  Google  Drive,  which  is  accessible  to   everyone.”     Mary, a high school English teacher
  8. 8. A high school history teacher Dead Paper Society “I  think  schools  can  purchase  books   so  that  teachers  do  not  have  to  make   copies.    I  am  not  sure  how  to  prevent   wastefulness,  unless  you  ra5on  the   paper.    Schools  have  tried  to  put  in   teacher  codes  to  track  paper  use  but  I   don't  think  that  worked.”    “As  a  teacher  I  believed  that  the   informa5on  I  was  giving  my  students  was   more  important  than  saving  paper.    I  did   make  lots  of  copies  but  I  always  believed   it  was  for  the  greater  good  of  my   students’  educa5on.    I  suppose  teachers   can  give  online  tests  and  quizzes.    It   would  save  paper  and  be  faster  but  that   would  be  hard  to  get  used  to.”    
  9. 9. X-Men Origins: ReCyclops “The  school  I  work  at  has   invested  in  the  technology  to   make  our  school  more  paperless.   Most  classrooms  have  smart   boards  and  many  have  the  use  of   iPads  and  iTouches.  We  have  carts   with  laptops  and  notebooks  for   students  to  type  up  schoolwork   and  e-­‐mail  it  to  their  teachers.”    “A  solid  recycling  program  is   something  all  schools  can  do.    Our   school  has  a  recycling  club  that   collects  the  recycling  bins  from   classrooms  every  week.”     Michael, a high school special education teacher
  10. 10. Papel Libre  “I  think  that  technology  is  one  of   the  best  ways  that  students  and  staff   can  be  more  responsible  with  paper.”      “I  know  for  me  personally,  I  have   started  displaying  informa5on  on   PowerPoints  and  having  students   write  the  informa5on  instead  of   passing  out  individual  sheets  (i.e.  oral   ques5on  study  guides).  I  can  show   this  mul5ple  5mes  and  I  don't  waste   the  paper  on  students  who  wouldn't   use  it  anyway.”     Maggie, a high school Spanish teacher
  11. 11. A+ Thank You, Teachers!