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Printing Companies


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Highly recognized printing company in Australia providing online printing services at cheap and affordable prices. Get quote for custom printing, business card printing etc

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Printing Companies

  1. 1. Business Cards Printing Using Online Printing Services Online Printing Services have come a very long way in the last couple of years. The technology available to print anything from an online business – from leaflets and posters to business cards and flyers – has developed at an almost incremental rate. These days, business cards printing done online bring about the exact same results you would have got five years ago, if you had gone into the best high street printing shop in the country and asked for your cards to be designed and run off by their top employee. As the technology required to perform online printing services well has become more advanced and more widely available, the cost of professional standard printing has dropped. These days a company can pretty much order its business cards directly on a website, have proof copies mocked up and sent over and get the finished article confirmed and back within days of starting the process. Most business cards printing services on the Internet employ excellent design teams, who are able to offer suggestions or full designs where companies do not have their own ideas fully formed. There are some catch all design tips that companies using online printing services can use to make the process even quicker and even easier. For a start: keep it simple. Do not include any information other than the following: company name, person’s name, person’s email and phone number, and if necessary the person’s position. Absolutely nothing else needs to be on any kind of business card, no matter what kind of business your company is in. Next: if you are using an online Business Cards printing service to make your cards, be sure to get a proper colour sample sent to you. It is very difficult to tell what colour a physical ink will look like printed on card, from a sample on a computer screen. Ask your online printing services partner to send you an actual hard copy sample, so you know that what you get in the final analysis is what you thought you would be getting.
  2. 2. Never use more than a couple of colours in your business cards unless you really have to. The more colours you ask your online business cards printing service to include the more confusing the overall design will be. The best business cards have one colour other than black, grey or white on them. Ask the employees at your online printing services partner what colours they would use, what kind of card and so on. These people do this for a living – you are only doing it because you have to. Get the advice of the people that do it every day and your finished business cards will look perfect. Finally: order more than you think you will need, because you will always need more than you have. And ordering in bulk from an online business cards printing service will get you much better discounts. Go big, save money and never run out of cards.