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Mundra port-location advantage an clearance

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  1. 1. Group MembersPrincy PhilipNeelam ChhipaManjula NaickerSwati KamthePrema ShettyAmarpali
  2. 2. Mundra Port Then and NowMundra Port – Then and Now Mundra Port – 1993 Mundra Port – 2008
  3. 3. Introduction• Largest private port in the country• Formed in 2003 in Kutch, Gujarat• Awarded the “Private Port of the Year 2009” of the Annual Maritime Gateway Awards• Has diversified into various cargoes• 2010-11 port handled over 52 millon tons of cargo
  4. 4. • Fulfills versatile functions such as Berth facility for – Cargo ships – Cargo handling – Warehousing and Storage• The world’s largest coal-handling port
  5. 5. • Striving towards becoming the most environmentally friendly or best Green Port of Asia by following strict norms for environmental protection.• Future plans to expand Mundra Port area and increase facilities include building terminals at Dahej, Gujarat and Murmagoa, Goa
  6. 6. Location Advantages
  7. 7. Advantage - Logistical Closest ports to the huge hinterland of northern and central India Excellent in-land connectivity Has associate facilities
  8. 8. Mundra Port Connectivity
  9. 9. Rail Connectivity Mundra Airport: Air ConnectivitySPM : Pipeline Connectivity Road Connectivity
  10. 10. Project Clearances• The MOEF had issued the clearance under the Environmental Impact Assessment and Coastal Regulation Zone for the proposed water front development project at Mundra, District Kachchh by M/s Mundra Port & SEZ Limited vide letter No.10-47/2008-IAIII dated 12th January, 2009.
  11. 11. • The clearances were issued based on the recommendations made by Gujarat State Coastal Zone Management Authority/Gujarat Environment Department vide their letter No.ENV10/2008/843-P, dated 13th April, 2008• was for foreshore facilities and other permissible activities for the north, west, south and east port.
  12. 12. • In the clearance letter, it was clearly mentioned at Specific Conditions General Conditions• Environmental clearance• As per the clearance letter from Civil Aviation Department dated 30th October, 2008• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification, 2006.
  13. 13. • The township named as “Samundra Township” which has been cleared under EIA Notification by SEIAA on 20th February, 2010• Hospital “Sterling” has been constructed within 20metres.
  14. 14. Computer Applications
  15. 15. IT Support-SAP ERP• Mundra Port uses ERP and SAP to run their business operations successfully.• In addition to ERP they have other business applications• Advantages : Provide real time information Improved decision making
  16. 16. Benefits of SAP & ERP• Caters to the operations of Finance, Costing, Materials & Inventory Management, Maintenance, Quality, Sales, etc.• Improve alignment of strategies and operations• Improve productivity and insight• Reduce costs through increased flexibility• Optimize IT spending• Support changing industry requirements
  17. 17. APMS• Adani Port Management System• Implemented as Single Window port operation software• Tracks port operations in real time• Competitive operational costs• Covers o Dry Bulk o Liquid Bulk o General Cargo operations
  18. 18. NAVIS• Standard Terminal Operating System• Used at Adani Mundra Container Terminal• World wide standard terminal operating system• Operational efficiency• Customer Service• Provides greater velocity tracking, Managing and optimizing assets in Logistics Operations
  19. 19. KARTOS• Car Terminal Operating System• Used at Adani Automobile Terminal• It streamlines the process flow of various activities like: o Vessel Operation o Yard Operation o Documentation o Yard Planning and o Billing
  20. 20. • Advantages: o Improved throughput o Efficient resource management o Meet delivery timelines
  21. 21. Thank You