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Marcus Evans complaints have a number of events you can attend in order to learn how to handle complaints better and more efficiently.

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marcus evans complaints

  1. 1. 5 steps to resolving a customer complaint2011Rajiv DaveSEO Outsourcing India4/1/2011rightcenter<br />5 steps to resolving a customer complaint<br />In business, people make mistakes. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes can have a direct effect on the customer. The frustrating thing is that sometimes, these mistakes are not your fault and are out of your control. <br />Inevitably, if something has a negative effect on the customer, they will complain.<br />Marcus Evans complaints have a number of events you can attend in order to learn how to handle complaints better and more efficiently.<br />Although complaint is usually a dreaded word in business, it should be seen as an opportunity to change things. I will show you, in 5 easy steps, the way to resolve a complaint and keep your customers happy.<br />Let them have their say<br />I’m sure you’ve all dealt with angry customers in one way or another. If you’re dealing with an angry customer over the phone, they might even be rude and shout at you. If this happens, you must remember that thing customer is upset for a reason. Whether or not it’s your fault, it is your job to resolve the situation. Allow the customer to have their full say. Let them finish and don’t interrupt them.<br />Make a note of the complaint in full<br />If it’s a large complaint, the chances are that it will be on-going. If you have to deal with it again at a later date or pass it on to someone else, it’s important that you have every last detail of the situation. The last thing you need is to make the customer unhappy by not having all the information. <br />Be assertive<br />There are 4 types of communication styles. Passive, passive aggressive, aggressive and assertive. Assertiveness is all about being direct, honest and making strong decisions. If you follow the other two points, you improve your ability to be assertive about the complaint.<br />Take ownership<br />From my experience as a customer, the most frustrating thing about making a complaint is being passed around different departments. If there are things you don’t know, put the customer on hold or agree to call them back, and find out what you need to know from the relevant department. Always try to deal with the complaint yourself. <br />Keep the customer informed<br />How many of you have had an issue with a company only to not hear from them for months? It’s easy to make a note to make regular updates to the customer, keeping them involved in the situation. Always make them aware of a new development, no matter how small, and take as many contact details from them as possible.<br />If you follow these steps, you have a good chance of resolving the issue and having a happy customer. Everyone makes mistakes, and your customers understand that. It’s how you react to them that will set you apart from the rest.<br />Marcus Evans complaints provide a range of events dedicated to helping your business dealing with complaints. Whether It’s a phone complaint, in letter form or e-mail, Marcus Evans complaints provides you with the information you need to become better at dealing with it. For any further information on the subject, Marcus Evans complaints has a website with more information.<br />