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Planning Model Mlm


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A Church Council document showing key elements of the Planning Process underway at our Church. We now have a Mission Statement and Vision Statement and are working on Goals to make this happen.

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Planning Model Mlm

  1. 1. Key Elements of The Planning Process Who we are, who/what God has called us to be and Mission who God has called us to serve. What we believe in, how we will live the Mission Values everyday, how we will be Disciples of Christ. What we want it to be like at PUMC and in our Vision lives when we are truly living the Mission. What our plan must be to STRATEGY: make the Mission and Vision real for PUMC – how we Goals execute on our Mission and Vision in the next few years Objectives 1 PUMC Church Council 02/13/09 Friday, February 13, 2009
  2. 2. Strategic Planning is a Spiritual Discipline that Links Each Activity and Program to the Mission and Vision How the Mission and Vision flow down into the work of the Council, Committees and other groups at PUMC: PUMC Mission PUMC Vision Church Council Goals for High-level 2009 - 2010 Plans Church Council SMART Objectives for 2009 and 2010 SMART Objectives at the Detailed Growth Finance Etc. Committee and Group Education Plans Level 2 PUMC Church Council 02/13/09 Friday, February 13, 2009
  3. 3. Questions to Guide Us Now that we have a Mission and Vision for our Church, what is God calling PUMC GOALS us to DO? • What must we do in order to make the Mission real? • What bold actions, moved by the Spirit, will we commit to take? • What is the Lord asking us to do to fulfill our Mission? PUMC OBJECTIVES • How will the Council achieve these goals? What specifically will we do? • What are our specific commitments and plans? • What will we individually and collectively commit to do to help make PUMC the embodiment of our Mission and Vision? • How will we know when we ARE at this place? PUMC COMMITEEE/GROUP OBJECTIVES • What will each Committee and Group do? • How will their work and their plans align with the Mission and Vision and with the Church Council objectives and goals? • How will we see and feel the Mission and Vision come alive in the work of our Congregation? • What are the goals of each Committee and Group and how will we know that our individual and collective work has helped bring us closer to our Mission and Vision? 3 PUMC Church Council 02/13/09 Friday, February 13, 2009
  4. 4. STEP 1: What are our goals for the next two years? Hint—if they don’t make us uncomfortable, we’re not listening hard enough! OUR EXERCISE FOR THIS EVENING 1. Referring to the “Sources” handout and your understanding of the Mission and Vision, write down what you believe should be the top 3 goals for PUMC to accomplish in 2009-2010 – write one per “stickie” 2. Place your stickie on one of the 3 flip chart pages (let’s try to distribute them more or less evenly) 3. Gather around one of the three flip charts and work as a group to sort the suggestions into “themes” or categories 4. Label the themes/categories represented on your chart 5. Briefly share these categories with the full group 4 PUMC Church Council 02/13/09 Friday, February 13, 2009
  5. 5. S.M.A.R.T. Goals (a Church Version) Specific: clearly state our desired outcomes,  milestones, and target dates for completion Measurable: can be assessed, either  quantitatively or qualitatively Achievable through faith: Push us to depend  on God’s power, not only our own resources Relevant: address important actions that will  help to accomplish our Mission and Vision Tested through prayer: given prayerful  consideration by each of us 5 5 PUMC Church Council 02/13/09 Friday, February 13, 2009