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Travellive Credentials


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Information, advertisement rates about Travellive magazine

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Travellive Credentials

  1. 1. T he world knows about renowned magazines, which are published in different languages such as Traveller Conde Nast, Travel Leisue … Understanding the demand and developing tendency in Vietnam, the special bilingual, Vietnamese – English publi- cation, TRAVELLIVE, has been operated since September 2003 – pioneering in promoting tourism, a potential service sec- tor, attracting foreign invest- ment and encouraging domestic investment. For nearly 8 years of opera- tion, TRAVELLIVE is known as a leading magazine in this field. The publication is the first choice for investors of hotels, resorts and restaurants, tour- ism real estate, airlines, tourist agents, luxurious brand names, high ranking entertaining services and international pay- ment service… Readers will find in TRAVEL- LIVE the most stylish and abundant entertaining activi- ties, explorations and ways toVEDANA LAGOON RESORT & SPA enjoy the life.
  2. 2. 1. Travellive organized an auction to raise a fund for poor children. 2-3. Honeymoon and wedding perfect 2009-2010 3 at Fortuna hotel and Sofitel Plaza 4. Collective wedding photographing on Millennium Thang Long HanoiIn September 2003, Du lich - Song (Travel Saigon – Phan Thiet – Nha Trang – Saigon TRAVELLIVE always cares and sponsors for– Live) in Vietnamese was first published designed and equipped with high grade community activities, including:monthly with 76 pages, printed in 4 colours. facilities as a mobile five-star hotel with the Nha Trang Beach Festival, Da Lat flower capacity of 700 guests/departure. festival, Hue festival, Miss Universe 2008,...In October 2006, Du lich - Song was and many other renowned golf tournaments.replaced by the new issue, TRAVELLIVE, In January 2007, TRAVELLIVE increased Honeymoon and Wedding Perfect exhibitionpublished in Vietnamese – English with to 150 pages/publication with innovated is an annual event held by TRAVELLIVE and100 pages. content and forms, providing information on big hotels. Tourism and Entertainment. In September, 2010, Travellive organized anIn December 2006, TRAVELLIVE signed a auction and achieved 500 million VND tocontract to provide 20,000 publications for In October 2010, Air Mekong airline chosethe 5-star Express, a train transporting from TRAVELLIVE as its inflight magazine. raise a fund for poor children.
  3. 3. TRAVELLIVE readers include tourists, business-men, managers, investors…and those, who areactive, independent, high income, like to discoverand enjoy the life.READERSForeign readers:+ High income international tourists coming toVietnam+ Foreigners living/working in VietnamVietnamese readers+ High income Vietnamese (who can afford to usehigh grade tourism services)+ High academic standard Vietnamese who like totravel and discover culture+ Vietnamese tourists+ Vietnamese businessmen (who often take busi-ness trip and use tourism services)Age:From 22 - 28 years old: 30 %From 28 – 45 years old: 60%Others: 10% EMERAUDE CLASSIC CRUISE
  4. 4. DISTRIBUTION FORM: DISTRIBUTION: 45% INFORMATION OF SALE Distributed by National Newspapers Distribution Company Distributed by FAHASA Book Distribution Corporation Travellive copies are available at upper class waiting room of Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat airport Distributed by Nguyen Van Cu bookshop system Travellive copies are available at KFC stores, Pho 24 restaurants and Highland coffees nationwide… Distributed by Phuong Nam bookshop system Travellive copies are available at 500 luxurious hotels and resorts in Vietnam Distributed by Van Lang bookshop Travellive copies are available at high grade restaurants, spas, golfs and cruises Distributed by Nhan Van bookshop Distributed by Citimart supermarkets (HCM)
  5. 5. S ince October 2010, Travellive has officially coorperated with AirMekong airline to serve passengers. Everyday, AirMekong offers 34 domestic flights to 8 destinations Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh – Danang – Dalat – Buon Me Thuot – Pleiku – Con Dao – Phu Quoc. Each passenger will be provided 01 Travellive publication free in the back of front seat.AIR MEKONG
  6. 6. Number of pages :......150 pages, printed in 4 colorsSize:............................21cm x 29cmType of paper:............Couche 230 (for cover page) / Couche 100 (inside pages)Periodity:....................Monthly, in the 15thCirculation: ................50,000 copies/monthDistribution:...............NationwidePrice:..........................30,000 VND netOrganizations in charge: ...The Gioi Publishing House VITA
  7. 7. TRAVEL you have never imagined CULTURE SHOPPING HITECH TRAVELWith rich experiences before… Let’s explore Articles of experts, re- Travelling is a good Hitech products for trav-after journeys, Travellive with TRAVELLIVE… searchers of culture, his- chance not only to go elling, cameras, cars….reporters will take you to STRANGE TOUR tory, archaeology, arts, sightseeing but also tofascinating attractions in Have you ever taken part ancient architectures,… shop and get the most WHAT & WHEREthe country and all over in an underwater wed- unique products. TRAV- With short but originalthe world. ding in Nha Trang bay, FASHION ELLIVE offers updated information, What & flown the balloon, Zen Fashion tendency, col- information of outstand- Where section, whichDISCOVERY in the mountain or hang lections of swimsuits, ing brand names all over provides details, pro-Life holds a variety of on rough limestones in bikini, picnic clothes,…. the world such as Louis grams of shopping,secrets and values, which Ha Long bay…? These Vuitton – Macr Jacobs – entertaining and relaxing unique tours are only Bubberry – Rado – Mo- services, is interested by available in Strange tour biado – Somsonite,… massive readers section ANA MANDARA HUẾ RESORT & SPA
  8. 8. BAR/PUB/RESTAURANT FOOD & WINE resorts, newly opened or property manager information aboutYou will find luxurious Delicious food, culture of resorts in Vietnam. and new projects, payment cards forrestaurants with various red wine accompanying with the tourists, transportationcuisines from countries REAL ESTATE latest news about real and procedure forall around the world GOLF & SPA Real estate and tourism estate market in the immigration,…)like India, France, Italy, High grade relaxing properties are more month. Where to go – What’s on?Brazil, Vietnam…and the services listed with and more developed, Special promotionmost exceptional bars/ addresses in Vietnam attracting both domestic OTHER Tourist news, VITA’spubs in Hanoi and Ho and international newsChi Minh city. HOTELS & RESORTS investors. Each SECTIONS Opulent domestic and publication introduces international hotels and a writing of an expert Q & A Travel Travel Note (necessary FUSION MAIA - BEACH VILLA SOFITEL LEGEND METROPOLE - LE SPA
  9. 9. January:The year of the cat TheFebruary: schedule mayValentine & 8/3 be changedMarch: dependingUsual issue on specificApril: situationsYachtingMay:Summer vacation -Sea travel Yearly event held by TRAVELLIVEJune: Honeymoon &Camera Wedding Perfect exhibitionJuly:Hotel & Resort October: HighlandsAugust:Bar, Pub, Club & November:Restaurant Mid- Spa & Hot SpringAutumn festival December:September: Christmas and NewHoneymoon Year
  10. 10. Contents Area Size Price (excluding VAT) 1st cover page or 4th double cover page 42 x 29 cm 5,500 USD 4th cover page (The 4th cover page was sold out until Dec 2011) 21 x 29 cm 4,500 USD 2nd - 3rd cover page (The 3rd cover page was sold out until Dec 2011) 21 x 29 cm 3,800 USD Special Special page next to 2nd cover page (page 3) 21 x 29 cm 3,500 USD pages Special page next to 3rd cover page 21 x 29 cm 2,500 USD 5 special pages ahead of contents 21 x 29 cm 2,500 USD Special inside pages printed in both sides: - Page: C230, printed in 4 colors 27x29 cm 4,000 USD Area Size Price (excluding VAT) Double page 42 x 29 cm 2,800 USD Full page 21 x 29 cm 1,900 USD A half of page 21 x 14,5 cm Inside 29 x 10,5 cm 1,200 USD pages A third of page 21 x 9,7 cm 29 x 7 cm 850 USD A quarter of page 10,5 x 14,5 cm 21 x 7,25 cm 29 x 5 cm 600 USD An eight of page 21 x 3,7 cm 6,75 x 10,5 cm 350 USD Small box (only applicable for advertsing more than 3 editions) 4 x 5 cm 150 USD (maximum 400 words and photos) 21 x 29 cm 1,000 USD PR pages Single page Double page (maximum 800 words and photos) 42 x 29 cm 1,500 USD Advertisement insert on the first cover page The maximum area of the advertisement insert occupies 30% of the coverAdvertisement page’s area without hiding the logo of Travellive. The maximum thickness is 2mm.insert The advertisement insert is provided by customers 4,800 USD The maximum dimension are 20x27 cm, the maximum thickness is 1mm The advertisement insert is provided by customers 3,500 USD
  11. 11. CONTACTHOA & LE Communications an exclusive representativefor TRAVELLIVE in termsof commerce, advertisement –marketing – publication.Please visit thewebsite: vntravellive.comor contact:HA NOI OFFICE3rd floor, 59 Tho Nhuom,Hoan KiemTel: 04. 3936 8349Fax : 04 . 3936 8350HCM OFFICE2nd floor, 142 Vo Van Tan,Ward 6, Dist. 3.Tel: 08. 3930 9641Fax: 08. 3930 9642FOR ADVERTISINGHotline: 0989246411Mr: SUBASHSales & Marketing ManagerEmail: