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Princess Yacht Club magazine - Yacht Brokerage Yacht Charter - October 2011 issue


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Princess Yacht Club magazine presents Luxury Princess Yachts for Brokerage and Charter. All clients using our yachting solutions get their Princess yacht listings printed in our monthly magazine. As well, it includes articles about social media marketing strategies applied to the yachting. October 2011 issue
Luxury Princess yachts brokerage and charter worldwide. Editor The Yachting Network - Olivier Baelde

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Princess Yacht Club magazine - Yacht Brokerage Yacht Charter - October 2011 issue

  1. 1. YACHT BROKERAGE YACHT CHARTER DOCKS & SLIPS LATEST YACHT LISTINGS NEW LUXURY YACHTS LISTINGS MARKETING YOUR INVENTORY PRINCESS YACHT CLUB | ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 YACHT BROKERAGE 5 digital marketing commandments for luxury brands YACHT CHARTER What to include in your social marketing strategy YACHTING & SOCIAL NETWORKS STRATEGY Finding the right marketing mix Yacht brokerage listings BOAT SHOWS Fall Boat Shows ag e Calendar r ke Yacht BroFOCUS Marketing for the yachting industry 1.99£
  2. 2. M o s t a d v a n c e d m a r k e t i n g LONgITUDE64
  3. 3. p l a t f o r m f o r t h e y a c h t i n g Docks & SLIPS SOLUTIONS yacht brokerage solutions yacht charter solutions monthly magazine web: email: skype: longitude64 facebook: twitter:
  4. 4. contents LONGITUDE64 EDITOR’S LETTER 8 EDITOR LETTER Welcome to the Princess Yacht Club magazine 14 Online marketing 5 digital marketing commandments for luxury brands 16 LONGITUDE 64 A new approach to yacht brokerage and yacht charter marketing 20 SOCIAL Marketing Mix What to include in your social marketing strategy 24 BOAT SHOWS CALENDAR Boat show events taking place in october 2011 26 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Establishing an efficient social media marketing strategy becomes now a reality for yacht brokerage and yacht charter companies. 32 SOCIAL NETWORKS Advantages of using APIs integration to post automatically to social networks. 34 YACHT BROKERAGE LISTINGS Princess Yacht brokerage listings for the month of october 2011 presented by brokerage Yacht companies using our yacht brokerage solution Brokerage FEATURES and Charter Marketing 46 YACHT CHARTER MARKETINGPRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 Inbound marketing strategy for luxury charter yachts 48 YACHT BROKERAGE SOLUTION Presentation of the yacht brokerage solution for joomla. Features and advantages 55 Find Prospects Using social media to find prospects.04
  5. 5. 57 Online PR 56 Understanding online PR and how to use it to create brand awareness58 YACHT CHARTER SOLUTIION Presentation of the yacht charter solution for joomla. Features and advantages62 DOCKS & SLIPS SOLUTION Presentation of the docks & slips solution for joomla. Features and advantages 68 YACHT DESIGN NEWS Yacht design news for66 NEWS AROUND THE WORLD Yachting events around the world october 2011 10 Cover Story %O FF Longitude 64 - The Yacht- ing Network offers powerful GRAB features to yacht brokerage and yacht charter companies looking for a turnkey solu- yearly tion in order to improve their Subscription inbound marketing activities and social networks integra- Today !! tion .
  6. 6. THE YACHTING NETWORK Most Advanced Marketing Services for the YachtingContactsCH - Crans Montana: +41 (0)27 483 12 20UK - London: +44 (0)20 7078-4226USA - Miami: +1 (305) 394-9652email:
  7. 7. Social Media MarketingSocial Networks IntegrationSuperyachts MarketingDedicated SuperyachtsReservation SitesYacht Brokerage SolutionsYacht Charter SolutionsCorporate MagazinesCreation
  8. 8. EDITOR’S LETTER OLIVIER BAELDE by Editor PRINCESS YACHT CLUB PUBLISHER/EDITOR Welcome Olivier Baelde Marketing solutions Magazines are available in ADVERTISING MGR printed and electronic ver- for yacht broker- James Blackburn sions. age , yacht charter companies and real The Yachting Network plat- SALES MGR estate agencies form coupled to our yacht- Ian Foster ing solutions provide an specializing in the exclusive set of features rental and sale of to yacht brokerage and MARKETING MGR docks and slips are yacht charter companies Clive Coleman allowing them to market our primary focus. worldwide on different me- dias their yachts for sale or PR MGR charter fleet. Web Solutions Antoine Bonvin We developed over the last We continuously work on 24 months an online plat- improving our platform to form using the latest tech- SUBSCRIPTIONS MGR provide advanced features nologies in terms of web Danielle Chiocci not available in third party design, database architec- listings websites. ture, cloud hosting. SOCIAL NETWORKS MGR Furtermore, a very pow- Sven Nicklasson erful social network inte- Mobile Solutions The release of our iphone gration though APIs al- and ipad apps are sched- lows the brokerage and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT uled for december 2011. It charter companies using MGR will add even more reach our yachting solutions to Glen Coburn to our solutions. gain maximum exposure on a worldwide basis with Join us a minimum of efforts onPRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 their side. Olivier Baelde Publisher, Editor Then, our montlhy maga- Crans Montana, zines generated through Switzerland an InDesign CS5 workflow All correspondence should integration allows to gen- be addressed to erate on a monthly basis 88-90 Hatton Garden magazines for every sites London, EC1N 8PN composing The Yachting United Kingdom Network. 8
  9. 9. PRINCESS YACHTS 45, 2003, 295.000 €Nautic AvenuePatrick BaertFrance (+33) ((0)9) 54 22 80 56Visit for full details - Web id: 14
  10. 10. PRINCESS YACHTS V50, 2004 358.000 €Nautic AvenueCedric DIBIANCAFrance (+33) ((0)9) 54 22 80 56Visit for full details - Web id: 17
  11. 11. PRINCESS YACHTS V50, 2004, Provence Côte d’Azur France, 358.000 € Super V50 ,état neuf, peut servi seulement 210h. bateau a voir.Specs: LOA:15 metres Beam:4 metres - VOLVO 715hp - DieselWeb id: 17 - Price: 358.000 € Tax Paid
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA 5 digital marketing commandments for luxury brands Just like the luxury Lately people are talking about luxury brands and digital marketing. “Is Digi- democratic media in the world. “ products and services themselves, the quality of luxury digital marketing 0 You shall democratize but relies on ideation andPRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 tal Killing the Luxury Brand?” Invari- ably, these discussions evaluate the not downgrade execution. A dress is not dangers of leveraging a wholly demo- inherently luxurious; cratic platform in order to promote Luxury brands obsess over losing ex- the difference lies in its a wholly exclusive industry. But, as clusivity in the digital space, but this usual, the discussion misses the point. concern puts the cart in front of the design and high-quality horse. A luxury brand generates ex- manufacture. The same is The question is not if luxury brands clusivity by cultivating a block of con- true of digital marketing can safely leverage digital media. The sumers who wish they could buy the question is how. With that in mind, brand’s products, but cannot afford media. ” here are five commandments for mar- them. Simply, if luxury brands want keting luxury brands using the most to remain luxurious, they have to en- 12
  13. 13. gage not only their paying customers, but also people whowant but can’t have. 0 You shall honor digital mediaThis is where the democratizing power of social and new If luxury brands indeed fear brand dilution, they must firstmedia comes into play. Social media enables luxury brands stop diluting the quality of their digital media. Luxury cli-to build tremendous clout among the aspirational set. In ents may say, “But it’s just a behind-the-scenes video forsome cases, social media may be the only place aspiring Facebook and YouTube! Do we really need to spend thatconsumers can reach the brand at all. This, in turn, builds much on production?” The answer is always “yes.” Digitaltremendous prestige among the affluent set. luxury marketing is only as luxurious as the brands are will- ing to make it.In order to democratize without downgrading, luxurybrands must maintain the digital conversation by engag- Just like the luxury products and services themselves, theing more aspirational consumers and including them in a quality of luxury digital marketing relies on ideation andcontrolled brand dialogue. On the other hand, the brand execution. A dress is not inherently luxurious; the differ-must prevent brand downgrading by embracing clever- ence lies in its design and high-quality manufacture. Theness and avoiding mimicry, by ensuring innovation and same is true of digital marketing media.not stealing from their traditional campaigns, and by treat-ing digital media like the marketing powerhouse that it is. Luxury brands must decide whether their digital market- ing is luxurious or commonplace, and they must commitAll the while, luxury brands must strive toward the high- to making their digital messaging more beautiful, more in-est creativity, elegance and production quality. Only in this novative and more elegant than anything else out there.way can luxury brands both cultivate desire and maintain Only then can they preserve their up-market brand values.exclusivity, and thus, grow in the digital world safely. 0 You shall not steal from old media0 You shall not kill the conversation The primary reason luxury brands fail at social and newLuxury brands worry that if they allow interactivity or user- media is because they haven’t bothered to understand it.generated content, if they initiate a conversation between Luxury brands take media developed and produced for tra-brand and buyer, they will lose control of the brand image. ditional deployment and force it onto their social and newThis is simply not true. media platforms.There are many ways to encourage interactivity while stillmaintaining control of the brand. Look at Burberry’s“Art of the Trench,” a photo-sharing destination that primar- PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011ily features Burberry-commissioned, high-end photogra-phy of models in the brand’s seminal trench coats.What’s more, it also allows consumers inside access if theyupload their own pictures (which are vetted and selectedby the brand). Therefore, Burberry successfully reaches asignificant audience while maintaining brand control.Luxury brands must learn that they can create digital cam-paigns with embedded brand control. Killing the conversa-tion outright is not the answer. 13
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA For instance, they digitize a traditional strategy. Establishing an efficient TV spot by compressing and upload- ing to YouTube, or they post a print ad to Facebook. This blanket strategy weakens the “There is a sense of urgency asso- ciated with digital platforms,” , but luxury brands must be careful not to embrace a platform just because it’s hot. Only those platforms that spring “ SOCIAL MEDIA marketing strategy becomes now a reality for yacht brokerage and yacht perception of luxury brands. Just as directly from a core brand ideal or one wouldn’t put a 30-second static customer need can succeed without charter companies. When print ad on TV, so should one avoid diluting the brand itself. establishing the company stealing traditional media by hawking marketing strategy, it in the digital space. Having a marketing strategy is good, several key indicators but having a marketing strategy that must be closely watched.PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 Luxury digital media requires a devel- works is great! Using social media re- opment, production and deployment quires a careful thought process, stra- As well, deciding the strategy specific to its digital chan- tegic planning and flawless execution. direction of the data nels. Nothing less will do. 0 Observe and analyze your flow between the 0 You shall not covet the marketing strategy company and third party neighbour’s media channels sites can become costly Very often, businesses jump on to in terms of advertising Just because one luxury brand is suc- Facebook and Twitter without even cessfully utilizing a particular digital analyzing what they need out of these budget without bringing approach does not mean another social networks. They claim that since long term traffic. ” luxury brand should follow the same their competitors are using social me- 14
  15. 15. dia so they have no other choice but to adopt social media. no single criteria based on which you can determine theSooner than later, such businesses are caught off-guard success/ failure of your social media strategy.and their social media ambitions reach a tame end. 0 Refine your marketing strategyIt is important for businesses to analyze how social me-dia can help them. They need to observe how people use The real beauty of social media lies in its dynamism. Socialsocial media and how their competitors are leveraging it. media is changing all the time. For example, if you loggedAnalyze your business needs and how various social net- in to your business’ Facebook profile, after a long gap, youworks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others can fulfill would have realized that it’s now a Fan Page. Therefore, it’sthese needs. important to continuously refine your social media strat- egy and adopt a flexible approach with the changing social0 What’s your social marketing strategy’s media scenario.action plan? Does your business have a social media strategy thatOnce you’ve determined what you want out of social me- works? If so, what are the most important criteria for devel-dia, the next important question is how you get it. Busi- oping such a marketing strategy? How does your businessnesses need to come up with an action plan with realistic measure its social media ROI? Do you think it is difficult totargets and feasible time/ cost estimates. If your action track the business value of social media?plan takes forever to achieve or if it requires you to invest afortune, there’s a strong case to revisit your action plan. In All good questions which need to be asked on a regularsuch cases, it’s best to start with concrete short-term goals basis.such as I want to have 2,000 Facebook Friends in the first 3months or I want to close 5 deals with my Twitter followersthis month etc.0 Execute your marketing strategyA marketing strategy is only as good as those who see itthrough. Once you have a social media marketing strategyin place, it’s important to focus on getting the executionright. Very often, businesses need to take a call on whetherthey can execute their social media strategy themselves ordo they need to hire specialist social media experts? Whenin doubt, seek help from an expert. PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 20110 Evaluate your marketing strategyMost business follow a simple rule when it comes to adopt-ing new technologies or paradigms – If it boosts my busi-ness’ ROI, it’s worth the investment. Social Media is no ex-ception to this rule. Unless, businesses see value additionfrom social media, they are not going to take the plunge.Therefore, it’s important for businesses to evaluate the im-pact of their social media efforts.Evaluating social media ROI is easier said than done. There’s 15
  16. 16. LONGITUDE 64 OLIVIER BAELDE by Editor “Longitude 64 - The Yachting Network” A new approach to yacht brokerage and yacht charter marketing: integration with social networks W elcome to the Longitude 64 monthly magazine. The pri- mary purpose of this maga- zine is to present yachts for brokerage and yachts for charter from clients using our yachting solutions. In order to provide them with a competitive advantage, we decided to integrate our online platform called The Yacht- ing Network with the Adobe inDesign workflow. The end result being that all the listings from clients using our online yachting solutions are as well included in our monthly magazines. It brings them maximum exposure as well as brand recognition. We believe that there is still a need for a printed W version to allow readers to be able our clients listings. e believe that a tight inte- to read offline while traveling for ex- gration between the web T ample. Furthermore, it allows our cli- he architecture of our platform sites of our clients running ents to reach potential buyers who now comes full circle. We are one of our yachting solutions and are not always willing to stay a long able to provide to all clients social networks and coupled with a time in front of a computer screen in using our yachting and real estate printed version will bring them a very order to review luxury yachts for sale solutions an integrated platform able powerful platform to increase the vis-PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 or charter. A printed version still has to deliver online and offline visibility ibility of their listings. its charm and provides added value to through very efficient web services. U our clients. nlike third party listing sites F urthemore, our complete inte- specializing in yachting, cli- w We hope you will enjoy gration to over 15 social net- ents list their yachts only once reading every month our works through APIs allows clients on their websites in our yachting so- magazines. In the following using our solutions to post automati- lutions and then syndication takes months, every site part of The Yacht- cally listings updates on their social place. It insures that their domain ing Network will be integrated in the media accounts without extra work. name and web site is the place where Adobe Indesign workflow in order to all listings are managed, indexed first generate monthly magazines adding by search engines and where all in- again some exposure and visibility to bound traffic goes back to when syn- 16
  17. 17. Tdicated to other sites. he Docks & Slips Solution for geting the yachting and luxury mar- joomla was designed to answer kets.O Y ver time, this strategy will the needs of real estate agen- acht Listings are as well dis- bring continuous lead gen- cies specializing in the sale and rental tributed in RSS feed format to eration at a fraction of the of yacht slips. It provides extensive different subscribers and feed-cost spent on multiple third party features not found in the competition. burner. XML feeds are syndicated tolisting sites where listings are lost in The Docks & Slips solution includes generic third party web sites like Olx,the crowd. Vast, Oodle. It helps in increas- The Yachting Network has local web- ing backlinks to the client’sT he Yacht Brokerage So- website. lutions for joomla was sites in all european countries. The A designed to answer print version of our magazine brings dditional XML feedsthe needs of yacht brokerage additional readers and visibility to our following the openma-or dealership companies. It rine standard (www. clients. Complete integration in socialprovides extensive features generate filesnot found in the competition. networks maximizes the exposure of compatible with The YachtThe Yacht Brokerage solution yacht listings. Soon to be released, Market, Boatshop24, Boat 24,includes lead request man- mobile apps will close the circle of a Jameslist... completing a veryagement to store all yacht powerful array of syndicationrequests. 360 inbound marketing strategy. tools. PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011T he Yacht charter reservation So- lead request management to store all lutions for joomla was designed yacht slips requests. to answer the needs of yacht Pcharter companies. It provides exten- owerful and integrated APIs:sive features not found in the compe- Powerful & Integrated Syndica-tition. The Yacht Charter Reservation tion Services: Our Solution offerssolution includes reservation requests a very powerful synchronization tooland quotes management as well as in order to increase instantly the vis-online availability calendars. ibility of the listings in the Longitude 64 Yachting Network composed of over 15 web sites (and growing) tar- 17
  18. 18. PRINCESS YACHTS P67, 2006 Poole, 990.000 €Carine YachtsAndrew NobleUnited Kingdom (+44) (01202) 901-721Visit for full details - Web id: 7
  19. 19. PRINCESS YACHTS P67, 2006, Finland, 990.000 € Princess P67 (2007) with MAN1100 (1100hp each) is a fantastic example of the much sought after model of oneof the most prestigious examples of Princess Yachts, renowned for its timeless ele-gance and stylish design. She is in fantastic condition with only 300 hours! Please donot hesitate to enquire with us for further information or indeed to arrange a view-ing.Specs: LOA:68 feet Beam:17 feet Draft:4 feet - MAN 1100hp - DieselWeb id: 7 - Price: 990.000 € Tax Not Paid
  20. 20. LONGITUDE 64 OLIVIER BAELDE by Editor “What to include in your social media marketing strategy” A well planned and executed social media marketing (SMM) strategy takes you where your users and buyers are. It lets you share the voice of your or- ganization, get real time feedback for your products, create an instant buzz for your new product offerings, build customer loyalty, and reach an informed target audience. The great thing about a well carried out SMM strategy is that it requires very little financial investment from your side. 0 What to include in your social media marketing strategy An effective SMM strategy will le- book, the social networking website for networking within the industry or verage all quality online social hubs has around 500 million active users, of with vendors. where users and customers meet which around 50% log in every day for and converse. A good SMM portfolio commenting or browsing. A Facebook Blogs, Microblogging includes a presence on diverse and fan page thus makes a lot of sense to multimedia social sites. Let’s take a reach an active online audience. On engadget_logoBlogs give you a wide look at the key elements of a good the other hand, Twitter has real time platform to talk about key issues.PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 SMM strategy. updates and news-worthy tweets Blogs are also a great way of bring- that even search engines show in ing traffic to your main website. For Social Networking Sites their search results. The tweets about an effective blog, you need to post your products are quickly read and re- fresh and relevant content frequently, Social Networking SitesThere are vari- sponded to by other users. A Twitter monitor and respond to comments, ous social networking sites where you account to respond to and create a create internal links, and build a com- can create profiles to connect with buzz about your product is therefore munity of loyal readers. Microblog- your target audience directly. Create essential. Linkedin is accessed by a va- ging through sites like Twitter also a Facebook fan page. Create tweets riety of professionals and businesses lets you send short, crisp updates. and retweets on Twitter. Create your looking to connect and research for Some famous company blogs are organization’s profile on Linkedin. Ac- work and business. Hence, a Linkedin, googleblog. cording to statistics released by Face- account for your organization is great, &20
  21. 21. Duo processor. and would use in their business. Ifdefault.aspx. If you want blogs related your organization has conductedto SEO, you can check out searchen- Photosharing, Slide Sharing any good-to-know research, you, share the findings online. You can alsoor Photo Sharing Sites Like FlickrSharing share your presentations, slides, and relevant and interesting images with reports through websites like Slide- Online Videos your user base also helps in creat- share and Scribd.Online VideosWebsites like A well planned and executed social PodcastingYoutube have created awhole new arena for multi- media marketing (SMM) strategy itunes_podcast_iconAs permedia interaction. Sharing takes you where your users and buy-, “Podcasting isand viewing videos is now, ers are. It lets you share the voice the method of broadcastingnot just an activity enjoyed audio files over the internet of your organization, get real timeby individuals for their own which can be downloaded andpleasure, but also a great feedback for your products, create listened to via your computerway for an organization to an instant buzz for your new product and/or portable music player.share information about its offerings, build customer loyalty, and The reason why podcasting isproducts. Organizations have linked directly with the namefound sharing interesting and reach an informed target audience. iPod is due to strictly to the fa-related videos on Youtube to miliarity of origin of the word PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011be a great way of ensuring continual, ing pleasant, long-term associations. wherein people first began down-sustained interest of the target audi- The images can be about widely an- loading music audio files to listen toence. You can upload interviews of ticipated events like a product launch, them on their iPods.“. Podcasting canyour top management, share presen- celebrity associations, or the organi- help you reach more users to promotetations, or even share videos of social zation’s internal events. Websites like your products and services. Many us-or business events in your organiza- Flickr have an active user base and ers find podcasts a great way of stay-tion. When Intel uploaded fun and can be leveraged for this purpose. ing in touch with new developmentsdigitally enhanced videos of its Con- while on the move. Websites like Blipsumer Electronics Show exhibit, it not Slide sharing, on the other hand, di- let you conveniently share your pod-only created a buzz but also ensured rectly appeals to the user’s needs by casts. Other famous podcast sites areusers got to know about its new Core sharing information that they need & Apple’s Itunes Podcast. 21
  22. 22. LONGITUDE 64 0 Points to consider before formulating a social media marketing strategy The sites mentioned above are very useful and can change the path of your organization towards tremen- dous success. However, if done with- out proper planning these same sites and strategies can backfire as well. The most important thing for you to do before you begin charting out an SMM strategy, is that you first need to fully understand the status quo of content. ence: your organization’s online presence. l Find out if you have an active Here are a few things to consider presence in target markets. l Check where your target before you formulate a social media l Rate yourself vis-à-vis your audience generally interact more. marketing strategy: competitors in the online l Check what keywords they are environment. Find out what your using. Analyze your online presence: competitors are doing better than l Find out what they need, andPRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 you, and also what you are doing where their interests lie. l Use metrics to find out more better. about your online presence. You l Check your status on social Identify and analyze what you need to ask questions like: What networking sites. Do you have a want from your SMM strategy: is the total count of visitors on my presence already that needs to site? Where do they come from? be optimized? Or, do you need to l Check the enthusiasm and How many of them are directed start from scratch? commitment of your top by search engines? management and marketing l Find out how often your website department for having a gets linked by other sites. Analyze your position dedicated SMM strategy. In l Check how often you post fresh case the commitment seems Define and analyze your target audi- inadequate, discuss and educate22
  23. 23. till you get a dedicated and sional interaction:Monitor your prog- If you suspect trolls or deliberate informed agreement. ress closely misinformation, one way of ensuringl Assign responsibility to the more transparency is by creating a correct department, whether it is A query, tweet, or a comment re- Login requirement for posting com- PR, marketing, communications, quiring clarification on the Facebook ments on your blog. or other. Create a team with well page, blog, or other portals must be defined goals regarding your replied to within 24 hours. Start your journey now! SMM strategy. This may mean creating micro- The most important thing for you to Remember, the beginning may goals like number of be slow. It takes time to en- blog posts per week, do before you begin charting out an gage your audience and build time duration set for SMM strategy, is that you first need to loyalty. Keep your interactions responding etc. fully understand the status quo of your transparent, fair, and timely.l Study the existing sites organization’s online presence and find out where With a continual engagement you need to focus your in diverse social media tolls, attention the most. you will be soon rewardedl Create measurable target goals of with a vibrant, online community for what you want to achieve from Blog posts, tweets must be of high your organization. your SMM strategy. quality and value and/or knowledge enhancing. The content in your posts PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 20110 Monitoring your social should be good enough to get linkedmedia strategy by other sites.For your SMM strategy to pay you Blog posts must be frequent enoughlong-term dividends, you need to to sustain interest.make sure you have practices andchecks in place that ensure efficient In case of critical comments, it’s betterexecution and a quick response. to respond to them immediately and fairly. Negative comments need notThe following measures will help you always be deleted or removed.ensure responsiveness and profes- 23
  24. 24. SHOWS 13 20 27 29PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 27 Fort Lauderdale 13 Annapolis 20 Long Beach 29 Hamburg October 27 - 31 October 13 - 16 October 20 - 23 October 29 - Nov 624
  25. 25. SHOWS Boat Shows October 2011 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show A wide variety of boats and sea vessels will be on display includ- ing runabouts, sportfishers, high performance boats, center consoles, cabin cruisers, flats boats, skiffs, express cruisers, sailing yachts, motor yachts, bowriders, catamarans, ski boats, jet boats, trawlers, inflatables, canoes, and extraordinary superyachts. October 27 - 31, 2011Annapolis Long Beach “One of the West Coast’s largest in-Now in its 40th year, the United water/outdoor boat shows featuringStates Powerboat Show, October PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 hundreds of motor yachts, cruisers,13-16, 2011, attracts over 40,000attendees. The show, the nation’s old- sailboats, fishing boats, performance sportboats, family trailerables, ski Hamburgest and largest in-water powerboat Hamburg Fall Boat Show boats, pontoons, inflatables and per-exhibition. October 29 - Nov 6, 2011 sonal watercraft.”October 13 - 16, 2011 October 20 - 23, 2011 25
  26. 26. SOCIAL NETWORKS Yachting & Social Common Mistakes companies Make With Strategy: Some of the most common mistakes companies make with so- cial media revolve around Networks Strategy making decisions that While it’s useful to get into the details and tactics of social aren’t consistent with hav- ing good business sense. media, a solid marketing strategy should work no matter the Because social media tools medium. The smartest companies will focus on strategy because are free, some companies in the world of Web 2.0, the tools are constantly changing. tend to take the wrong ap- proach: use all tools to see what sticks. Here are some of the most common mis- takes to avoid with social media strategy: 0 Not developing a social media strat- egy Because social media is the hottest trend in marketing, companies assume that all they have to do is set up a Twitter account and a Face- book fan page. This is the equivalent of pulling ran- dom magazines out of off the rack and purchasing full page color ad in each one, then throwing together a quick and dirty PowerPoint flyer to run. Just like any other communication me- dium, social media requiresPRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 a well-thought out market- ing strategy plan. utmost importance. Furthermore, because they can sell anything. Social media may 0 Perfecting a social it takes time to build social media accounts, seem free, but the hidden time costs to media strategy every minute you waste by not being there build relationships Social media is not a Even though a social me- is followers you could be losing. quick way to make more sales; in fact, so- dia strategy is important, cial media actually adds cycle time to the don’t wait for the strategy 0 Gathering followers rather sales process. Just like any other process, a to set up your company’s than building a network company must consider how much of its accounts. Reserving your There are no shortcuts in social media, and resources to invest. company’s name on various the bottom line is companies have to build social media sites is of the relationships with their customers before26
  27. 27. Every social media user has a very clear idea of what tures pertaining to your business activity.“ social media means to them, and how they want to be approached by companies on social media. Most companies don’t realize that the way they approach 0 Facebook On Facebook for example, the new graph API allows to post update statuses about listings, upload images in albums , post social media sends its own message to consumers.” events in calendar.. As well, you can use the facebook user authentication to login into 0 Putting all eggs in one basket your site and read or contribute to your It’s exciting to see extraordinary results on content. The advantage is that you can at one form of social media, and tempting to the same time know more about this per- invest all your resources into what’s work- son and propose a subscription to your ing. Try to resist. With the speed at which newsletter. When he connects to your site technology changes, social media is start- with his facebook’s user id , you will be able ing to look similar to the fashion cycle: one then to send messages directly through day you’re in, the next day you’re out. Tools the facebook graph API. It will allow you to fall in and out of fashion all the time keep this user informed about your com- – remember Friendster, and more recently, pany activities automatically through your PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 MySpace? Companies that build a large eq- website. It provides an extra level of pos- uity on one tool will find themselves with sibilities since you no longer need a user nothing if the tool loses popularity. to subscribe to your newsletter. While you manage your own facebook groups , you While having a social network presence can post automatically news to the groups through Facebook, Twitter and other social and invite all new friends automatically to networks proves mandatory nowadays, a join the groups through the APIs. new concept tested by our yachting solu- tions is to benefit from Facebook groups 0 Friends and Followers and social activity by bringing back “friends By inviting your “friends and followers” to and followers“ to the company’s website in visit and connect to your site using their order to propose targeted services and fea- 27
  28. 28. SOCIAL NETWORKS facebook user id , you give them the possibility to share information and recom- mend other users to con- nect with you. On the new site www., we are cur- rently experimenting with several new functionalities of the Graph API. Integrating your site more tighly with external social networks will allow you to communicate faster new information to be given to followers and groups. You will be able to provide a constant flow of informa- tion and news through automated tasks. When us- ers visit your website, your can control the information on a regular basis for example a new yacht tional tone and respond to other partici- given to them as well as listing or price reduction offer, you keep the pants in the conversation. Automated ac- getting their feedback on flow going. counts or accounts that are updated with a specific polls or through a stream of links do not produce results. comment system. 0 Common Mistakes Companies You can inform your Make With Messaging 0 Controlling the message groups, friends and follow- Every social media user has a very clear Social media is not about controlling a mes- ers that the newsletters idea of what social media means to them, sage. In fact, the very nature of social media generated every month is and how they want to be approached by is such that no one person or organization available on your website. companies on social media. Most com- can control the message. Because social The important point in panies don’t realize that the way they ap- media is a medium to share information this social network integra- proach social media sends its own message through a network, companies must re- tion with your website is to consumers. Here are some of the most alize that once they put the message outPRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 to keep the channels open common mistakes companies make with there, they have no control anymore. Users and regularly communicate messaging: can choose to edit the message, inject their to provide new information own opinions into the message, share the and news. 0 Creating impersonal accounts message, or ignore the message. Further- Readers will be more Users don’t follow companies; they follow more, companies can’t even control where likely to visit your site on engaging people who work at companies. the message starts: a user can also create a regular basis if they get Unless the tool is meant specifically for a message about a company without hav- weekly news from your site. companies to use (i.e.: Facebook fan pages), ing any affiliation to them. Because of the This could be fastidious if every account should be an actual person nature of social media, companies that try you had to do it manually , who has a name and a title that clearly sig- to control the message will have difficulty but by creating automated nifies him or her as a face of the company. reaping any of the benefits of the medium. tasks to post automatically This person should write with a conversa-28
  29. 29. There are so many ways to use social media to communicate draw the line with abusing permission? Un-“ with the customer, and as social media goes mainstream fortunately, this question is similar to asking companies are finding new ways every day. All of these where comedians draw the line with poten- purposes for communication fall into three main tially offensive jokes. The truth is that different users have different levels of tolerance. Just like functions: public relations and marketing, sales, and a comedian might experiment with messaging customer services.” based on the feedback he or she is receiving from the audience, your company must experi-0 Not controlling the message ment with the right level of communication, erring on theWhile companies should be careful about trying to exer- side of unobtrusive.cise too much control over the message, there is also theopposite end of the spectrum to avoid. Companies often 0 Strategy definitioncite “control over message” as a reason not to participate in The framework for developing a social media strategysocial media, but the truth is that companies have lost con- consists of three potential functions: public relations andtrol of the message whether they participate or not. This is marketing, sales, and customer services. Social media canbecause, as mentioned earlier, users can create a message be used to further goals within just one of these threeand drive the conversation surrounding that message. functions, two these functions, or a company could use So how can companies exercise some control over a social media to satisfy the needs of all three of these func- PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011message and still reap the benefits of social media (rapid tions. These three functions feed each other in a cycle, anddiffusion of information through people sharing messages companies can create a fairly comprehensive social mediawith their networks)? The answer is that companies need to strategy by taking each into consideration.participate in the conversation. Responding to complaintsand stressing the benefits and what the company does 0 Find your audiencewell; these are all ways for companies to control the end- Very few social media tools will work for every company;consumer’s perception of its services. however, if your company is just starting out with social media, you can find plenty of people by sticking to the big-0 Abusing permission gest social media sites. Generally, the strategy for finding anAbusing permission is a fast way for companies to lose audience is looking for groups of people with similar inter-credibility, damage relationships, and generally make a ests to keywords that make sense for your company.bad name for themselves in social media. So where do you 29
  31. 31. WORLD NEWS PRincess yacht club Yacht Brokerage Yacht Charter PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 31
  32. 32. SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media Establishing an efficient Marketing and “ SOCIAL MEDIA marketing strategy becomes now a reality for yacht Yachting brokerage and yacht charter companies. When establishing the company marketing strategy, The most costly decision a market- it does not appear anymore as a cost several key indicators ing or sales manager will take when effective solution in a long term strat- must be closely watched.PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 implementing a marketing strategy egyh. All third party listings sites rely will be to rely entirely on third party on traffic to their sites in order to be As well, deciding the websites to acquire new contacts and able to charge yacht brokerage and direction of the data promote the yacht listings. This deci- yacht charter firms. Thus, they will sion is mostly taken due to the ap- most of the time prevent this traffic flow between the parent easy setup and maintenance to leave their site unless it goes to a company and third party third party listing sites seem to pro- paid advertisement. The data flow of sites can become costly vide. However, when analyzing care- the listings between the company’s in terms of advertising fully the features provided, as well website and the outside world must as the possibility to create inbound be carefully evaluated. The success in budget without bringing traffic to the company’s website or establishing a long term approach is long term traffic. ” expand the reach to social networks, to consider, as the central point, the32
  33. 33. company’s website. ie the single point of entry for all list- reach potentials clients through all available social medias.ings should be your website. Then, syndication to third In a long term strategy, all inbound traffic must go back toparty listings websites specializing in the yachting and your site. This way, if you decide to stop listing on a particu-to social network will take place. This data flow will allow lar third party listings website, most of the traffic will stillyou to generate inbound traffic back to your site and not flow to your site through the other channels. On the otherto other sites. You will have the control over the data pro- hand, if you stricly list on third party sites, the day you stopvided to the external sites. Contacts and leads coming to paying them, you “disappear“ from the internet world...your site once will most likely come back to your site ona regular basis. A powerful outbound strategy for the list- 0 Social media is onlineings is to target all available social network and document Social media is something that takes place online. It is aor images sharing sites. Through APIs, you can automate type of communication that takes place outside of in-per-the posting of listings information and brochure to a large son meetings, phone calls, or foot traffic. That means socialarray of sites which are not used by third party listings media is location-independent, which makes it a valuablewebsites to avoid loosing traffic.Nowadays, you can maxi- part of any company’s business strategy.mize your exposure on social networks relatively easily byselecting a yachting solution already integrating the APIs 0 Social media is user-generatedto post automatically. Content used to be something that very few people cre- ated. Reporters, TV anchors, movie directors, authors, radio0 Social networks integration DJs, and magazine editors created content, and everyone else consumed it. Now, everyone is a publisher, and theFurthermore, third party listings websites will not have any people who use the content are also the ones who createincentives to integrate your listings with social networks it.or other sites in order to keep the traffic on their site. Youmust put in place a well tought-out strategy which will syn- 0 Social media is highly accessible and scal-dicate listings to generic listings sites. (Olx, Oddle, Vast...), ablethird party listings sites specializing in yachting through Social media is highly accessible and scalable to the public,the initiative for example: It allows you to which means that social media has lots of users and offersgenerate a standard xml feed and post it to several sites plenty of opportunity for companies. Because social mediathrough a subscription. Then, post the listings to your face- is easy to access, the tools for social media are easy andbook and twitter account. intuitive enough for the common person to use. Even if you don’t use social media now, there’s no reason not to0 XML feeds jump in!We went further in the integration of our yachting solu- PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011tions with a large array of APIs. Clients using our yachtingsolutions have their listings posted automatically to Flickr,Picasa, Wordpress, Blogger, Olx, Oddle, Vast, Openmarine.Then, PDF brochures generated are posted to Issuu, Scribd,Slideshare, Docstoc expanding the reach and search en-gines indexing. And a new service launched this month isthrough the magazines listing all the yachts from our cli-ents and generated in 3 versions: print on demand version,electronic version and ipad version. The goal in creatingyour marketing strategy is not to get linked to a single thirdparty listings website where they will dictate their market-ing strategy to you and make it very difficult for you to 33
  34. 34. PRINCESS YACHT CLUB Index EDITOR’S LETTER MOTOR YACHTS BROKERAGE Contents PRInCess YACHts 23M, 2006, 1.495.000 € 35 PRInCess YACHts 45, 2003, 295.000 € 36 PRInCess YACHts 460, 2000, 250.000 € 37 PRInCess YACHts 57, 2004, £490,000 38 PRInCess YACHts 60, 1996, £250,000 39 PRInCess YACHts P50, 2009, 699.000 € 40 PRInCess YACHts P67, 2006, 990.000 € 41 PRInCess YACHts PRInCess 35, 1987, 87.000 € 42 PRInCess YACHts PRInCess 415, 1990, 87.900 € 43 PRInCess 46 RIVIeRA, 1993, 110.000 € 44 PRInCess YACHts V46, 2003, 295.000 € 45 PRInCess YACHts V50, 2004, 358.000 € 46 PRInCess YACHts V53, 2008, 589.995 € 47 PRInCess YACHts V65, 2002, 795.000 € 48PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 34
  35. 35. BROKERAGE P R I N C E S S Y A C H T S 2 3 M , 2 0 0 6 , 1 . 4 9 5 . 0 0 0  € Poole, DOR, United KingdomPRINCESS YACHTS 23M, 2006, Spain, 1.495.000  € Princess Yacht 23m (2006 model) with twin CaterpillarC-30 (1570hp) engines. This Princess 23m has a British Flag and is owned by an Isle of Man Company. Shewas Launched in April 2006 and is Full MCA Coded for charter up to 12 persons. An and efficient V hull to-gether with draft reducing propeller tunnels make this boat achieves a max speed of up to 37 knots. Cruis-ing range of around 500nm at 25 knots. Very High specification including flybridge crane, tender, Jet Skiand all usual bbq and fridge choices on board. This boat is also fitted with very efficient hydraulic bow andstern thrusters. Beautiful, spacious and enormously capable make the Princess 23M a pleasure all round. PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011The perfect social and family yacht with the option to continue with it´s fantastic mooring in Puerto Banus.Recently had new carpets and relaquered wood through... - Specs: LOA:23 metres Beam:5 metres Draft:1metres - CATERPILLAR 1570hp - DieselWeb id: 15 - Price: 1.495.000 € Tax Not Paid Carine Yachts Andrew Noble United Kingdom (+44) (01202) 901-721 Visit for full details - Web id: 15 35
  36. 36. BROKERAGE P R I N C E S S Y A C H T S 4 5 , 2 0 0 3 , 2 9 5 . 0 0 0  € Fréjus, PR, France PRINCESS YACHTS 45, 2003, Provence Côte dAzur France, 295.000 € Bateau bein entretenu, stocké à sec 10 mois sur 12 - Specs: LOA:13 metres Beam:3 metres Draft:1 metres - VOLVO 480hp - Diesel Web id: 22 - Price: 295.000 € Tax PaidPRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 Nautic Avenue Patrick Baert France (+33) ((0)9) 54 22 80 5636 Visit for full details - Web id: 22
  37. 37. BROKERAGE P R I N C E S S Y A C H T S 4 6 0 , 2 0 0 0 , 2 5 0 . 0 0 0  € Poole, DOR, United KingdomPRINCESS YACHTS 460, 2000, Marbella, Spain, 250.000 € Princess 460 flybridge yacht (2000 model) equippedwith twin Volvo diesel engines (430hp). Ideal entry level or family flybridge boat. Spanish flag, tax paid. -Specs: LOA:14 metres Beam:4 metres - VOLVO 430hp - DieselWeb id: 10 - Price: 250.000 € Tax Paid PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 Carine Yachts Andrew Noble United Kingdom (+44) (01202) 901-721 Visit for full details - Web id: 10 37
  38. 38. BROKERAGE PRINCESS YACHTS 57, 2004, £490,000 Poole, DOR, United Kingdom PRINCESS YACHTS 57, 2004, Palma, Spain, £490,000 Princess 57 (2004 Model) with Volvo D12-715 EVC (715 Hp). This magnificent example has full service history and many additional extras within the specification. In very good condition, regularly maintained and low hours (390), she really is a vessel not to be missed. Benefitting from an upgraded 13.5 kw 150 Hz generator, reverse cycle air conditioning and much more, she is fully equipped. Please contact a member of our team at us for further information or indeed to arrange a viewing. - Specs: LOA:17 metres Beam:4 metres Draft:1 metres - VOLVO 715hp - DieselPRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 Web id: 16 - Price: £490,000 Tax Paid Carine Yachts Andrew Noble United Kingdom (+44) (01202) 901-72138 Visit for full details - Web id: 16
  39. 39. BROKERAGE PRINCESS YACHTS 60, 1996, £250,000 Poole, DOR, United KingdomPRINCESS YACHTS 60, 1996, Balearic Islands, Spain, £250,000 Princess 60 (1996 model) with twin MAN dieselengines (680Hp) She is a great example of one of Princess Internationals Ship Yards most popular models.Highly recommended and with the possibility of staying on her present mooring. Please do not hesitateto contact to contact us for more information or to arrange a viewing. - Specs: LOA:66 feet Beam:5 metresDraft:1 feet - MAN 680hp - DieselWeb id: 14 - Price: £250,000 Tax Paid PRINCESSYACHTCLUB • ISSUE OCTOBER 2011 Carine Yachts Andrew Noble United Kingdom (+44) (01202) 901-721 Visit for full details - Web id: 14 39