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About butler

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  1. 1. Basic Roles in Valet Service in the Philippines Hospitality Industry
  2. 2. • “Butler” is a servant in a wealthy , large household. • “Servant” is an older English term for “Domestic workers”. • A “Domestic worker” is some who works within the employer’s household and perform an variety of household services for an individual or a family such as: *Providing care for children and elderly *Cleaning and household maintenance, known as housekeeping.
  3. 3. • Valet or varlet is a “French Term” which means “male servants”. • “Housekeeper” is for “Woman”. • In modern usage, the Hotel Valet/ Butler is an employee who performs personal services for guests. • Butler is also known as “Personal Assistant of Guest” or (P.A) • Butler is usually in a five star hotel.
  4. 4. Butler most likely to wear business attire or suit designed by establishment as their uniform
  5. 5. Butler Service is a personalized service given to guest who request for special service to attend his needs. Valet is also used for people performing specific services: • Parking Valet • Car Valet • Valet
  6. 6. History • Throughout the history , the word “Butler” has been associated with the service. • Butler is someone who provides services.
  7. 7. By: Princess Mae G. Sumandal