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King Henry VIII


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King Henry VIII

  1. 1. King Henry viii
  2. 2. Henry vii was the first Tudor King The Tudor period was about 500 years ago. It lasted from 1485-1603. Henry Tudor or Henry vii was the first Tudor king. Henry viii was his son. King Henry Tudor (vii)
  3. 3. Henry viii King Henry viii was born on 28 June 1491 He was heir to the throne when his older brother Prince Arthur died on 2 April 1502. He became king when his father died on 21 April 1509 . He died in 28 January 1547. Prince Arthur
  4. 4. Henry viii was popular when he was young. Henry viii was tall , handsome and jovial . He loved dancing , music and company. Henry was spoilt and very proud . He was good at sports and liked to show off. He was clever and could read and write in more than one language (English, Spanish and French).
  5. 5. Henry was a very lazy king. In Tudor times the monarch made all the decisions and laws . Henry told his ministers what he wanted and left the hard work for them. Henry did nothing for him self –he even had servants to dress him. King Henry viii
  6. 6. Every one was afraid from the old king Henry. As Henry grew up he became ill and fat and has a fierce temper. The sources on his leg went bad and started to smell. He was sly and cruel . He had many people executed for disagreeing with him.
  7. 7. Henry viii had six wives There are four main reasons why Henry married six times. Divorced ,beheaded ,died ,divorced , beheaded ,survived. 1)Because he was in love. 2)Because he was lonely. 3)To stay friends with other countries. 4)To have a son.
  8. 8. Henry's wives
  9. 9. Henry’s first wife Queen Catherine of Aragon was Queen Catherine of Aragon was Born in December 16,1485. She married Henry from 1509-1533. She died on January 7,1536 Queen Catherine of Aragon
  10. 10. Catherine of Aragon Catherine of Aragon was a Spanish princess who had been married to Henry's brother Arthur in 1509. They had been married for six months.
  11. 11. Henry married Catherine Henry liked Catherine too so when Arthur died Henry married her.
  12. 12. Catherine brought Henry a girl. Henry and Catherine were married for many years and they had lots of children but only one lived ,a girl ,Mary.
  13. 13. Henry divorced Catherine Henry wanted to have a son and Catharine was getting to have more children.
  14. 14. Henry divorced Catherine. Henry was a catholic and needed a permission from the pope to get divorced But when he asked for permission the pope said no. Henry was furious .He liked to have his own way so he divorced Catherine anyway. Soon afterwards Henry made him self the head of church in England.
  15. 15. Henry’s second wife was Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn was Born in:1501 Married Henry :January 1533 Executed: May,1536 Children: Elizabeth 1
  16. 16. Anne Boleyn married Henry Anne Boleyn was one of Catherine’s lady in waiting (a companion). Henry fell in love with Anne before he divorce Catherine . When he divorced Catherine he married Anne Boleyn.
  17. 17. Anne brought Henry a girl Anne had a baby a baby but it was another girl Queen Elizabeth 1.
  18. 18. Henry get bored with Anne Henry soon get bored with Anne especially as had not give him a son.
  19. 19. Anne Boleyn was beheaded Anne wasn’t popular with the people of • England Henry wanted any way to get rid of her so he and his ministers accused Anne of plotting against him .She was found guilty and beheaded. Elizabeth was only to Years old when Her mother was executed.
  20. 20. Henry’s third wife was Jane Seymour. Born:1508 Married:1536-1537 Died :October,24,1537 Children: king Edward 1
  21. 21. Jane Seymour brought Henry a boy. Henry and Jane Seymour were married 11 days after Anne was executed. She had a baby boy called Edward 1-at last Henry had a son. But Jane died leaving Henry so sad. King Edward 1
  22. 22. Henry’s Problem. France and Spain were a catholic countries and did not like the way Henry treated Catherine and the pope .They were planning to attack England. One of Henry’s advisers Thomas Cromwell told Henry that he needed to make a friendship with a protestant country in case he needed help in a war. Henry married a German woman to make a friendship with Germany.
  23. 23. Henry’s fourth wife was Anne of Cleves . Born: September 22,1515 Married : 6,January,1540 Divorced:9,July,1540 Died:July,16,1557,London.
  24. 24. Henry divorced Anne. When Henry agreed to marry Anne , he had never met her but he had seen her portrait. When they did meet they didn't like each other he said that she is ugly and she said that he was fat .They didn’t even speak the same language. The danger of the war passed and Henry didn’t need Anne any more so he divorced her.
  25. 25. Henry’s fifth wife was Catherine Howard Born: 1521 Married: 28 July 1540 Executed: 13 February 1542 Anne Boleyn’s Cousin Young and Beautiful. No Children
  26. 26. Catherine Howard was executed. Henry fell in love with Catherine a beautiful woman at court .She was very young and liked having a good time . Henry asked her to marry him. She couldn’t say no. After marriage Henry found that Catherine was still seeing an old boy friend were charged for treason and executed.
  27. 27. Henry’s sixth wife was Catherine Parr Born: 1512 Married: 12 July 1543 Widowed: 28 January 1547 Died: 5 September 1548 No children
  28. 28. Catherine Parr was with Henry until he died . A year later ,Henry married Catherine Parr. She was intelligent and sensible . She persuaded Henry to be nice to his daughters Mary and Elizabeth . She nursed him when he was ill . When Henry died she married some one else.
  29. 29. Henry’s Children Queen Mary 1 Queen Elizabeth 1 King Edward
  30. 30. Queen Mary 1 Born: February ,18,1516 . Married: Philip II of Spain Died: November,17,1588 James Palace. Full name: Mary Tudor.
  31. 31. Queen Elizabeth 1 Born: September 7,1533 Ruled:17,november 1588 Died :March,24,1603 Full name: Elizabeth 1
  32. 32. King Edward 1 Born:October,12,1537 Crowned:20 February at the age of nine. Died: July 6 1553 .
  33. 33. Thank you Made by: Hams Yasser Class 6