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Lesson plan av_aids NURSING EDUCATION

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Lesson plan av_aids NURSING EDUCATION

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION NAME OF STUDENT : K. S. Nitu GROUP : M. Sc. 1st Year ROLL NO. : 403 DATE :21 Oct.2013 SUBJECT : Nursing Education TOPIC : Introduction to AV Aids PLACE : Lecture Hall DURATION : 1 hour AV AIDS : OHP, Pamphlet, Chartboard PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE teaching & learning method : Students have previous knowledge regarding
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES GENERAL OBJECTIVES: The students will be able to understand about the AV-Aids, its purposes, characteristics, types, principles used, advantages & limitations. And also commonly used AV Aids. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: The students will be able to: Define AV-Aids & describe its meaning. State purposes of AV Aids. Explain its characteristics, classification of AV aids. Explain the principles used in AV Aids. Explain advantages & limitations of AV Aids. Enumerate the common AV Aids used for teaching.
  3. 3. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES CONTENT The Student will be able to: AV AIDS (min.) INTRODUCTION: AV Aids are vitals weapons in the teaching learning process & health education program. Define AV-Aids. TIME EVALUATION 1 Lecture method 3 PAMPHLET DEFINITION: Acc. to Kinder S James Audio-visual aids are any device which can be used to make the learning experience more concrete, more realistic & more dynamic. METHOD OF TEACHING Lecture cum discussion method What do you mean by AV Aids? Acc. to Burton Audio-visual aids are those sensory objects or images which initiate or stimulate & reinforce learning. Explain the meaning of AV aids. PURPOSES OF AV AIDS:  Antidote to the disease of verbal instructions  Best motivation  Clear images  Variety of stimulation  Opportunity to handle  Capture attention  Realism 2 4 PAMPHLET State the purposes of AV Aids. MEANING OF AV AIDS: The AV aids are sensory devices & provide sensory experience to the learner i.e. the learner can see & hear simultaneously. At times the learner can also taste, smell, & touch, e.g. objects related to diet in nutrition class. Lecture cum discussion method Lecture cum discussion method Describe the understand by AV Aids? What are the purposes of AV Aids?
  4. 4.  Meeting individual differences  Reinforcement to learner  Positive transfer of learning Explain the characteristics of AV Aids. CLASSIFICATION OF AV AIDS: These are classified in different ways as below 1. Projected AV Aids: These aids require projection & consist of: Hardware: i.e. some kind of machines e.g. OHP, film projector, slide projector etc. Software: i.e. the material which is projected by projecting machine, e.g. transparencies, film strips, slides, CD, DVDs etc. 2. Non Projected AV Aids: These are further classified as: Graphic aids: includes graphs, charts, diagrams, flashcards, flannel, posters, flipcharts, maps, pictures, photographs, cartoons, comics etc. Three-dimensional aids: The 3-dimensional aids include objects, specimen, models, puppets etc. Display boards: include black board, white board, 8 12 Lecture cum discussion method PAMPHLET Describe the classification of AV Aids. CHARACTERSTICS OF AV AIDS: They should be meaningful & purposeful They should be accurate in every aspect They should be simple They should be cheap They should be large enough to be properly seen by students for whom they are meant. They should be up-to-date. They should motivate students. What are the characteristics of AV Aids? Lecture cum discussion method What are the classifications of AV Aids?
  5. 5. bulletin board, magnetic board etc. Print material: The print material includes pamphlets, booklets, leaflets etc. Audio aids: The audio aids include radio, recording, television etc. Activity Aids: include dramatics, demonstrations, field trips, teaching machine etc. Lecture cum discussion method State the principles used in each are of AV aids PRINCIPLES USED IN EACH AREA: 1. Principles of Selection: They should suit the age level, grade level & other characteristics of the learners. It should be interesting & motivating 2. Principles of Preparation: As for as possible locally available material should be used. The teachers themselves should prepare some of aids. 3. Principles of Handling: Arrangement of keeping aids safely & also to PAMPHLET Common classification: 1. Audio aids/ Auditory Aids: The audio materials are those which can be heard. They include radio, tape recorder, microphones etc. 2. Visual Aids: The visual aids those which can be seen. They include graphic aids, 3-dimensional aids, display boards etc. 3. Audio-Visual Aids: The audio-visual aids are those which can be heard & seen simultaneously. They include all those AV aids which are included under projected & activity aids. 12 Lecture cum discussion method What are the principles used in AV aids?
  6. 6. facilitate their lending to the teachers for use. 4. Principles of Presentation: Teacher should carefully visualize the use aids before presentation The aid should be displayed properly. 5. Principles of Response: Teacher guide the students to respond activity to the AV stimuli. 6. Principles of Evaluation: Continuous evaluation is necessary. ADVANTAGES OF AV AIDS: Explain the advantages of AV Aids. 12 Lecture cum discussion method Effective perceptual & conceptual learning Capturing & sustain attention of students More permanent learning Saving energy & time Provide near reality experience Meet individual demands Education of masses Other Advantages:  Capturing & sustaining attention of students PAMPHLET AV AIDS HELPFUL IN What are the advantages of AV Aids?
  7. 7.  Arousing interest & motivating the students to learn.  Provide opportunities for students to learn.  Substitute experience which cannot be attained in reality. LIMITATIONS OF AV AIDS:  In effectiveness of the aids.  Financial hurdles.  Absence of electricity  Improper section of aids. Enlist the commonly used AV aids in teaching. COMMON AV AIDS USED IN TEACHING:  Chalkboard/Blackboard  Charts  Model  OHP  Flash cards  Pamphlets/Leaflets  Tape recorder  Posters  Graphs What are the limitations of AV aids? Lecture cum discussion method What are the commonly used AV aids? 5 PAMPHLET Explain the limitations of AV aids. Lecture cum discussion method 2
  8. 8. SUMMARY: Today we are discussed about the definition of AV aids, its meaning & purposes. We also discussed about characteristics, classification, principles used, advantages & limitations of AV aids. And also commonly used AV aids in teaching. CONCLUSION: Hope, you might understand the definition, meaning, purposes, characteristics, classification, principles used, advantages, limitations & commonly used AV Aids in teaching.
  9. 9. BIBLIOGRAPHY:  Basvanthappa BT; “Nursing Education”; Published by Jaypee Publishers; edition 1st; Page preferred 422 448  Neeraja KP; “Textbook of Nusring Communication & Education Technology for Nurses”; Published by Jaypee Publisher; edition 1st; Page preferred 430 438 http:/ http:/  
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