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Most Memorable Quotes from SXSW 2011


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My collection of memorable quotes from SXSW 2011. I couldn't attend all the sessions so if you think there is another quote that should be mentioned here, let me know!

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Most Memorable Quotes from SXSW 2011

  2. 2. “The reason were at SXSW, and the reason everyone else is here, is that its the most concentrated influx of exciting, fun, early adopter, tech people who are willing to try out anything at least once.” Seth Priebatsch@princess_misia
  3. 3. “The environment here (SXSW) is great because it is an environment that is dominated by nobody. The result is that you really get a lot cooking. I like that.” Barry Diller@princess_misia
  4. 4. “To succeed you need passion and a relentless will to chase the big idea, while having fun.” Tim O’Reilly@princess_misia
  5. 5. “Ronald Reagan is the ‘father of FourSquare’ because when the Navy put up the GPS system, he chose to keep it open to the public.” Tim O’Reilly@princess_misia
  6. 6. “I just want to live longer than Ray Kurzweil. I figure if he’s right, I’ll live forever, and if he’s wrong, it will be funny.” Tim O’Reilly@princess_misia
  7. 7. “When the Wall Street Journal and the Washington post start referring to people who dont use Facebook as Facebook refusionists, thats when we start to realize how much we cant be disconnected from these networks.”@princess_misia Genevieve Bell
  8. 8. “It was Sumner Redstone who created the ‘content is king’ thing because he had content and he wanted to be a king.” Barry Diller@princess_misia
  9. 9. “We need an unambiguous rule that no one will step between the publisher and the consumer.” Barry Diller@princess_misia
  10. 10. “Dont invest in chasing crowds. Invest in ideas.” Barry Diller@princess_misia
  11. 11. “One of the reasons why I believe in God is that there is no other explanation for Apples continuous survival than the existence of God.” Guy Kawasaki@princess_misia
  12. 12. “The ultimate response to ‘Thank You’ is ‘I know you would do the same for me’. Let people know that they owe you.” Guy Kawasaki@princess_misia
  13. 13. “You have to trust others before they trust you.” Guy Kawasaki@princess_misia
  14. 14. “You want the likability of Virgin, trustworthiness of Zappos and a product of Apple.” Guy Kawasaki@princess_misia
  15. 15. “The reason people love their parents is because they loved you first. Brands should consider the metaphor and give to their customers before asking things from them.” Gary Vaynerchuk@princess_misia
  16. 16. “Social media isn’t a fad because it is inherently human. Lots of companies are going to fail because they want to monetize first and offer value second.” Gary Vaynerchuk@princess_misia
  17. 17. “If content is king, context is God.” Gary Vaynerchuk@princess_misia
  18. 18. “Content calendars are like going to a cocktail party with a script.” Gary Vaynerchuk@princess_misia
  19. 19. “The mobile phone really acts as a cursor that connects the physical and digital worlds together.” Marissa Meyer@princess_misia
  20. 20. "Your campaign is not a booty call, it’s a long term relationship.” Felicia Day@princess_misia
  21. 21. "I believe strongly in being able to keep the Internet an open platform. The Internet is a beautiful place. Were living in the sundance of our time” Felicia Day@princess_misia
  22. 22. “Its not how big your fan base is that counts, it is how resonant you are with your fan base.” Felicia Day@princess_misia
  23. 23. “Mainstream is nothing anymore. Mainstream is whatever you are interested in.” Felicia Day@princess_misia
  24. 24. “It’s possible that in the future we might have to legislate what percent of a person’s body has to be organic to be a sentient being.” Shane Kempton@princess_misia
  25. 25. “Linux users are the flagellant monks among us.” Shane Kempton@princess_misia
  26. 26. “Apple has always tried to create an emotional response. They’ve designed the software to make you feel a certain way. They use terms like ‘magical’ and ‘beautiful.’ The way Apple goes about controlling its ecosystem feels very much like the way the church controlled content.” Shane Kempton@princess_misia
  27. 27. “An Open Internet: The Last, Best Hope for Independent Producers.” Al Franken@princess_misia
  28. 28. “Entrepreneurs come from nowhere and change lives everywhere.” Al Franken@princess_misia
  29. 29. “It’s one Internet, folks. The news system now incorporates the people formerly known as the audience. Twitter and Facebook are hugely powerful as distributors of news.” Jay Rosen@princess_misia
  30. 30. “Bloggers are closer to Tom Paine than Bob Woodward is.” Jay Rosen@princess_misia
  31. 31. “When you can take an idea and put it out there and have people connect with it, respond to it or interact with it, and make it better, I think thats sort of the magic of the collective conscience of what we call the internets.” Ashton Kutcher@princess_misia
  32. 32. “Engagement is really what makes people lifelong donors.” Leo Ramirez@princess_misia
  33. 33. “Giving doesnt just feel good, it is a really good business strategy.” Blake Mycoskie@princess_misia
  34. 34. “When you incorporate giving into your business, you attract and maintain the most amazing employees in the world.” Blake Mycoskie@princess_misia
  35. 35. “When you incorporate giving into your business in an authentic and transparent way, your customers become your best marketers.” Blake Mycoskie@princess_misia
  36. 36. “The next 12 months for TV interfaces: way more personalization. Although the barriers are who shares who’s data with who. We’ll see it at the app and platform level. Across multiple devices. But (the questions remains) can TV be made more relative to the household based on all of the data?” David Maher Roberts@princess_misia
  37. 37. “What makes the world work, what makes things better, is passionate virtuosity.” Bruce Sterling@princess_misia
  38. 38. “Facebook and Wikileaks have more political clout than State Department and Pentagon combined.” Bruce Sterling@princess_misia
  39. 39. “A futurist is criticizing what is not yet invented.” Bruce Sterling@princess_misia
  40. 40. “People under 25 are the victims of a decaying status quo. Its a gerontocracy.” Bruce Sterling@princess_misia
  41. 41. “Be realistic. Demand impossible.” Bruce Sterling@princess_misia
  42. 42. THANK YOU! Marta Majewska Porter Novelli @princess_misia@princess_misia