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45 Quotes from Cannes Lions 2011


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45 Quotes from Cannes Lions 2011

  1. 45 QUOTES FROMCANNES LIONS 2011 Marta Majewska @princess_misia
  2. Failure is not theend of the road, itsa step forward.Robert Redford
  3. A good story is somethingyou didn’t know. Somethingthat hits your gut, your heartand therefore your emotions.Robert Redford
  4. To be trusted, you need toprove integrity. It startswith authenticity andquality.Robert Redford
  5. A trusted brand providesauthenticity in anenvironment where it’shard to know whats realor not.Robert Redford
  6. By taking risks youexplore new territorywhich in turn leads toopportunities.Robert Redford
  7. Just because somethinghas been invented, itdoesn’t mean you have touse it.Robert Redford
  8. The only thing that reallysucceeds is change.Robert Redford
  9. Nobody votes for a newidea. If you believe insomething, you’re going tohave to do it yourself.Robert Redford
  10. Big ideas are alwaysreally simple, wellthought through, butsimple.Paul Bulcke, Nestlé
  11. Authenticity is a bit likepornography, you knowit when you see it.Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post
  12. Banners are for theplanet of the apes.Content is for humans.Tim Armstrong, AOL
  13. 83% of consumers useless than 30 sites amonth. As a brand, youhave to think about howto become 1 of those 30.Tim Armstrong, AOL
  14. Local is driving humanbehavior. Think about itwhen creating a globalstrategy.Tim Armstrong, AOL
  15. Today we are putting inplace the new patternsfor publishing. Thepeople that come after uswill follow those patterns.Tim Armstrong, AOL
  16. Do not translate texts,translate your brand tothe local level.Tim Armstrong, AOL
  17. Everyone is excitedabout digital. Its likeviagra for thepublishing industry.Tim Armstrong, AOL
  18. Stop thinking aboutads and start creatingsnackable’ content.Christian Haas, Goodby
  19. In the creativeindustry, we need toguard against fear.James Murdoch
  20. All revolutions areevolutionary innature.Eric Schmidt, Google
  21. Best piece ofadvice Ive everhad is try to say‘yes’.Eric Schmidt, Google
  22. In two years,information willdouble every 11hours.Eric Schmidt, Google
  23. Internet is not athreat to TV, itsan opportunity.Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner
  24. TV is not anappointmentanymore, its alibrary.Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner
  25. I give printed mediano more than 20years.Piers Morgan
  26. Nothing is sustainablein the long term if youdon’t monetize it.Paul Polman, Unilever
  27. Today its not aboutcreating fantasiesanymore, its aboutcreating the reality.Jim Farley, Ford Motor Company
  28. Give up control of thebrand to the peopleformerly known ascustomers.Jim Farley, Ford Motor Company
  29. Technology turnedeveryone into aproduction company.Jim Farley, Ford Motor Company
  30. The era of co-creationand customer-centricityall began with... theBlair Witch Project.Jim Farley, Ford Motor Company
  31. Don’t see yourself as abrand, see yourself asa part of a
  32. Five years from nowpeople are going toexperience inception ofideas in real time on
  33. It is more painful torestrain creativitythan to release it.Sir Ken Robinson
  34. Great leaders know theirjob is to create the rightconditions. Not commandand control.Sir Ken Robinson
  35. Real innovation andcreativity quite oftenhappen within tightrestraints.Sir Ken Robinson
  36. A lot of people who aresuccessful say they’ve beenvery lucky. Luck is veryambiguous. When peoplesucceed, in my experience, it’sbecause they have selfconfidence, persistence, andovercome obstacles.Sir Ken Robinson
  37. Agencies need tostart acting more liketech startups.Rei Inamoto
  38. Social has to bebaked in at the coreof anything you do.Carolyn Everson, Facebook
  39. Analytical thinking isno longer enough.Think to create value.Edward de Bono
  40. We do not thinkpossibilities enough.Edward de Bono
  41. Our biggest problemis not climate change.It is poor thinking.Edward de Bono
  42. Consumers ownthe brand and theperception of thebrand is reality.Paul Edwards, General Motors
  43. The 3 Cs of moderncreativity are Community,Crowdsourcing and Co-creation.Jon Wilkins, Naked
  44. Good technology isno excuse for a badidea.Jess Greenwood, Contagious
  45. Data is the new oil.Its only useful whenits refined!Jess Greenwood, Contagious
  46. We should step awayfrom the 360degreemarketing and replace itwith the 365 daysmarketing.Jess Greenwood, Contagious