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Make it Pretty


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Make it Pretty

  1. 1. Make it Pretty using branding principles to communicate your personal value and beauty to the world you’re worthwhile! @lasertron
  2. 2. We know why businesses do it. making a lasting impression :: creating a “customer experience” :: enhance product value :: reinforce company messages theworld caresaboutyou! @lasertron
  3. 3. (You already know all this stuff.) consider the unboxing process :: pretty packaging :: extra-thoughtful presents :: trying yourbest isenough. @lasertron
  4. 4. But I don’t own a business. Who cares? you matter to the world :: people notice small gestures :: self- indulgence is self-respect everybody is proud ofyou! @lasertron
  5. 5. Make it with care. there are sneaky, hidden opportunities every day to give yourself some credit youareenough! @lasertron
  6. 6. fold hot laundry :: use cloth napkins :: wrap a gift :: use bookplates :: buy something handmade :: learn how to tie a perfect bow :: participate willingly :: thank a busboy :: send a telegram ( :: make life easier for someone :: tie a bow around a vase :: have a nice pen :: redecorate one tabletop :: treasure your possessions :: wear the “nice” dress :: tell someone they inspire you :: share what you bake :: dress for yourself :: get out and go! who’s stoppingyou? @lasertron
  7. 7. Pick one thing! don’t sweat the rest. (don’t sweat anything.) youhavepermission! @lasertron
  8. 8. My one thing: “look your best every day.” (your best try is good enough for the world!) people will start to expect it! observe beauty @lasertron
  9. 9. So, just pick one thing! tell the world, “i took the time because you matter.” be proud to contribute joy and beauty. celebrate yourself! @lasertron
  10. 10. Make it emotional. i want my brand experience to evoke emotion in my customers i want my everyday interactions to evoke emotion in others you’re amiracle! @lasertron
  11. 11. Give things away, take what is free. humans are unpredictible, spontaneous, and they contribute fun and interesting things. styleis a giftto yourself! @lasertron
  12. 12. Make it unique. a look at some of my favorite secret sources for the supplies I use every day to make it pretty youcanlearnhow todo anything. @lasertron
  13. 13. packaging, ribbon, and boxes thegadgeteer pens, gifts, table linens food packaging party planning supplies & favors unique office products from other countries korean stationery and office supplies respect yourtalent byusing it! @lasertron
  14. 14. Do you want a challenge? take a risk this week :: wear your favorite outfit :: throw out something that doesn’t make you feel good :: invite someone you admire to lunch :: make a handmade gift no onewhojudges youmatters. @lasertron
  15. 15. That’s all. thanks for caring. youare importantto everyone. @lasertron